How to Win Back Your Ex

Have you just been dumped by the one person who was supposedly to care and love you more than anything else in the entire world? Even if it is so, you still have the possibility of winning back your ex and can be happier than the first time around. Yet, you probably need to know just how long you need to wait before you attempt to win back their heart.

First, you need to understand that there is no easy answer to this question. However, it depends on how you view the situation but nothing less than a month is advised. A month long hiatus from any contact with your ex helps to heal wounds and broken hearts. Talking doesn't solve all problems that were in the relationship so don't make this your overall plan.

Instead of trying to talk with your ex during that month that you shouldn't, get a plan going on how you want to win your ex back. The first step is to get help by reading articles intended to assist you devise a plan. Still you have to do more to win them back.

Have you ever watched a movie where the girl is sitting on the couch with pajamas on with bunny slippers and her hair full of rollers? She has a gallon of chocolate ice cream to ease her pain? Well, this isn't the time that you should be doing this. You have a choice to spend your time wallowing in misery, the chances of you winning back your ex is nil. Not only that but wallowing in your misery does nothing for you physically and mentally.

The best thing you or anyone in the situation should do is get out and enjoy life. Call up friends to go with to a movie, the club scene or wherever people normally hang out. You want to show your ex that life does move on without them beside you. All you need is some strength and a bit of independence to do this. Showing them that you can go on without them tells them that they weren't everything in your world. It's a blow right back to their ego. You'll get them to think about why they let you go in the first place and was it the right thing to do.

How much time should you give both of you and get away from each other? To contact them: give it a month. To get them back get contact with them after a month is up. You should start focusing your efforts to win back your ex and get over the pain.

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