Where The Demand For Qualified Pharmacists Is Rising

You walk into the retail store, medical prescription in hand, as you make your way to the pharmacist section. Once you hand your prescription to the pharmacist to be filled, you only have to wait for a little while to be finished. With medication in hand, you walk out to continue on with your day, grateful it took so little time to get what you needed and that your store doesn't have a demand for pharmacists.

This scenario isn't the same everywhere. The longer Americans live, the more society requires to have qualified healthcare professionals. Pharmacist demand is growing in places, such as institutions and combined health care systems that operate both community practices and institutional facilities, according to Pharmacy Manpower Project's Aggregate Demand Index. Medical facilities are needing to fill job openings especially with the increase in use of prescription medication and people seeking information from educated pharmacists.

States Needing Pharmacists

Right now is the best time to get a pharmacist degree especially if you are a college student looking to get a pharmacy education. There are numerous states in need for pharmacists in varying facility locations. New Mexico and Missouri are two states with the highest pharmacy graduate demand. There are many states that have the highest demand for open job positions for pharmacists, and here are the top 10:

• New Mexico
• Missouri
• Arkansas
• Texas
• Kansas
• North Carolina
• West Virginia
• Washington
• Louisiana
• New York

Educational Requirement

More colleges and universities are opening to provide students with a pharmacy education. Some schools offer a Pharm. D. degree to those students wanting to answer the pharmacy graduate demand.

For eligible students interested in the program, they must complete 2 years of study in a specific professional courses — such as chemistry, biology, life sciences or mathematics — before being admitted, the U.S. Bureau of Labor states. Some graduates will seek a fellowship program or residency for a year or two when they complete the 4-year program.

Salary Opportunity

College students can be in a unique position in the job market when they successfully complete the pharmacy program and acquire a degree. Retail stores and pharmacy clinics are placing large bids for competent workers to fill in the pharmacist demand gaps.

Starting salaries can range between $100,000 up to $130,000 annually, with incentive signing and referral bonuses ranging from $20,000 to $30,000, according to Caina Calvin at McClatchy Newspapers. Medical facilities are enticing students, even those just earning their pharmacy degree to make cross-county moves to fill available positions.

Demand Continues

Retail stores and medical facilities will continue to have a demand for pharmacists and as communities grow and age and they will continue to offer competitive salaries to willing graduates. Students who are unsure of which professional career to choose should consider whether or not the pharmacist field would be right for them.

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