How Can After School Programs Help Children As Well As Parents

There are many reasons for signing up one's children in after school programs, and one of those reasons is to keep their children active while they, the parents, are working. Many mother and fathers today are forced to work very long hours at their jobs and an after school program may be their best option while they are not home with their boy or girl. Also, mothers and fathers can not align their itinerary with the schedules of their boy or girls. Whatever reason preventing the mom or dads from being with their children, after school programs are available to fill in the gap exposed between mom or dad and boy or girl itineraries. After school programs are predominantly effective in that they keep the child busy and out of trouble. There is a total window of opportunity for trouble to loom from the time a youngster leaves his or her last classroom until he or she retires at night.

A very vital reason to contemplate after school programs for your boy or girl is that is has a remarkable effect on a their self-esteem. Being part of a team or group endeavoring toward a common purpose has an incredible positive effect on anyone including children. A boy or girl can feel wanted, and important taking part in an after school program that involves working together and thus generate self-assurance and a sense of worth.

For many years and even decades, sports have become a very popular after school program for youngsters. Sports help acquire team play and co-operation with other teammates in addition to develop a sense of healthy competition that will help the youngster compete in today's ever changing world. Here again, we can see how these programs help boys or girls learn reciprocity with other boys or girls.

Another type of after school program for boys or girls is clubs. After school programs that are club oriented are: debating clubs, chess clubs, photography clubs and more. Many children shy away from sports, and this after school club program might be the best possibility for the child. These types of after school programs are more individual oriented and focus on the youngster's intellect.

Another type of after school program recently being made available is Robotics for kids. I don't know of any other program that offers both education and fun in the way that robotics does. Kids just love assembling what looks like a toy then programming it to operate in a range of ways.

Whatever after school program or programs you choose, you're bound to create a positive impact on your child as well as give yourself a break.

John Chartrand, founder of Ottawa Robotics Academy in Ottawa, is a certified Ontario teacher with 15 years teaching experience at all grade levels in computer science. If you like this article and would like to read other great articles on after school programs and robotics for kids, please visit:

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