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ASVAB Test Preparation Tips: The Two Key Steps to Passing Your ASVAB Test

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, better known as ASVAB, is a multiple choice test anyone who would like to join the military has to take. And here's the thing... the ASVAB Test is seriously tough. Yet if you want to join the military, whether it's the Army, the Navy or the Marines, you won't get around it. Not only that, but the better you do, the better your chances that you get the assignment you want. So what to do? You just have to find a way to ace your ASVAB test.

And there is really only one way to pass the ASVAB test, and it involves these two key components:

1) Get that info into your head 2) Be able to retrieve it during the test

Let's take a look at each of them in turn.

1) Get the info into your head

In order to ace the ASVAB exam, you must get the information they're testing into your head. That will take lots of studying -- and practice. Sorry, there really are no short-cuts.

But you also want to make sure that you're not studying harder than necessary, or worse, wasting your time. You do that by making sure you're doing the following:

Get the correct information!

If you study without clear direction, you may end up spending a lot of time, and maybe even money, yet you may still flunk the test. You need materials that are up to date and help you learn the kinds of things you're need to know come test-taking time.

How to study

Once you have the correct information, you need to study. People differ in how they like to study, but here are some general guidelines:

Schedule lots of short study periods and take breaks between them

Schedule half hour or one hour segments and then do something else. You might even take a nap, go for a walk, or something else that might be relaxing.

Your brain needs time to process the information you just added.

Schedule practice time as well as review time

Once you have studied something, you need to practice and review it, repeatedly. You want your brain to realize that this info is important and to keep it handy so you'll be able to retrieve it when you take your ASVAB test.

2) Be able to retrieve the information during the test

Part two is to do well during the test. All the studying in the world won't help you unless you're able to retrieve what you studied while you're taking the test.

So how can you improve your chances that the information will be there when you need it?

Here's the number one rule: Stay Calm

I know, this may be easier said than done. But if you want to ace the test, you must stay calm. That's because if you get stressed, your stress hormones will keep your brain from operating effectively, and you'll have trouble accessing the information you have stored in it.

But how do you stay calm in view of the importance of this test?

Think about it: you know what you know. Your job is to answer as many questions as possible with the information you actually have. Chances are that if you do that you'll be fine.

What if you discover that there are questions about things you didn't study?

Here's the scoop on that: Any information you missed when you were studying is not available to you during the test. Just accept it and move on to the info you do know. And remind yourself of the following:

No amount of stressing will make that information miraculously appear in your brain. It's not going to happen.

This means that being stressed during the test will serve no useful purpose at all. None!

So take a deep breath and go back to focusing on the questions you can answer. That's your job. And one question at a time, you'll make it all the way through.

Here's the key to passing the exam:

If you study the right material, and then stay calm during your test, chances are excellent that you'll pass the ASVAB test.

So how do you figure out WHAT to study?

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Marketing For Schools - How To Build Your Schools Image

Few would welcome a formal 'market' in public services, least of all a key service like yours, education. Independent education operates in a real market - as we have seen with the demise of several schools in tough times. They have a real fight to attract fee-paying students. But even in publicly funded education there is a market. Parents, and increasingly students, have a choice-- and they exercise it too. Welcome to the world of marketing for schools!

Schools have impacts on related local markets too. Just take a look at housing for example. If you move to a new town or city and you want to know where the 'best' schools are, ask the local estate agents-- they would always tell you!

How did they form a view? Because every school emits marketing messages, whether for good or bad. The messages can be overt, as in school brochures, or subliminal, as in attitudes perceived by onlookers.

This external perception directly impacts a school's capability (or not) to draw in students and therefore funding. Because we all want to work for a winning team it also affects a school's ability to attract and retain skilled resources, which in turn influence academic results, which affect your ability to attract students ... and so on!

It is easy to make the mistake of thinking that what we know to be true is the same 'truth' that others perceive. This is not so. It is perception that make a differences to those with influence over a school-- parents, potential parents and students, LEA officers, community leaders and so on.

Public perception of a school can be profoundly weakened by events that take just moments to undermine what has taken months or years to create. Hopefully few experience a continual stream of problems like the school in BBC's Waterloo Road! But it can happen. Not everything goes as hoped.

Let's look at a real life story. When a new principal took charge of a very large community college not far from where I'm sitting, it had a substandard local reputation. He examined the application forms for the intake two years previously. He was shocked to find the school was first selection in only 46 % of cases, despite having no local competitors. A pupil would have to travel at least 10 miles to find another secondary school. As the marketing people express it they were 'voting with their feet'. He took positive action to address this. As a result, now his school, with over 2,500 students, is over-subscribed. It has not taken place by chance.

A school's perception by the public can be regulated, changed or boosted in many ways. A significant part of this can be achieved by what companies call 'marketing communications'. This is definitely not the 'spin' with which we are all so heartily disenthralled. No, the communications must be underpinned with substance or you will be caught out and worse yet will follow.

Sustained progress in perception depends on many elements. A school is no different from any other organisation in this regard.

Can communications with the school's stakeholders-- and there are many-- be improved? Do your staff members give out good news about the school? Are they provided with the good news to talk to others about? Is it possible to enrich the national curriculum with your own angle in some way and thereby add value to a scholar's experience? Can the skills and experience of the schoolteachers be delivered in new and exciting ways that make the school stand out from the crowd? How do you find out what the parents need from the school so that they sing your praises too?

Each and every school needs a marketing plan to address these points. These are just some of the features that need to go in!

Carefully developed, confirmed by some simple research, with meaningful discussion and engagement of school staff and others, a School Marketing Plan makes a real and positive contribution to a school's success. It delivers a common purpose in which all school members can be engaged.

It brings together a range of actions that otherwise risk being missed or, sometimes worse, take place in an uncoordinated and conflicting manner. Invariably a piecemeal approach of this nature results in a mix of subliminal marketing messages-- often diluting the main message or worse, being seen as confused and negative in nature. It is a key element when you plan to build a successful school.

Constructing a School Marketing Plan may not be easy first time round but specialist guidance and templates are available to simplify the task-- even for those who have never done it before. A structured approach identifies clearly what the objectives are. It allows staff and others to see their role in fulfilling the plan. These proven tools can be used again and again to ensure the school's plan remains relative and supportive, no matter how the education environment changes.

To read more about how and why marketing can benefit your school visit right now. You'll find information and tools to help you on your way as you explore the site. Discover what's special about marketing your school, and how you can do it better. Call in to

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You Can Learn To Speak French

If you are interested in French culture, you will want to learn to speak French. Although you can find gadgets and online services that will translate French into your native language for you, there's no substitute for being able to conduct an actual conversation in the language.

You may be motivated to learn French because you have a new boyfriend or girlfriend from France, and you want to make an effort to communicate better. Schools often require students to learn a new language as a condition for graduation, and French is an ideal choice if you need to fulfill such a requirement. Another popular reason to learn the language is that you are planning to take a vacation in France, or your company requires you to take a business trip there. Learning French will also help you exercise your brain, as you build up your vocabulary and grammar skills.

If you have a new friend or significant other who is a native French speaker, imagine how delighted he or she will be to discover that you are making an effort to speak in French, instead of requiring all conversations and text messages to be in English. Learning to speak someone else's language is an excellent method of solidifying the relationship. He or she may also be encouraged to attain better English skills.

You will miss so much if you take a vacation or a business trip to France without learning to speak their language. Imagine having to type in every phrase you want to say into a translation device, or thumbing through a French phrase book when you want to order a meal or get directions to a landmark in Paris. Take some time to at least learn some basic French phrases so you can get around more smoothly.

Your appreciation of French culture will be enhanced if you manage to learn the language. Instead of reading translations of poetry, plays or novels, you can experience these texts exactly as their authors intended. Translations will never give you the subtle nuances, meaning and wordplay that you will find in the original material.

You can learn to speak French in a variety of ways. If you prefer a structured method, it might be best for you to enroll in a French language class that meets regularly, such as for one hour every day, or a few hours several times per week. Your French instructor will give you assignments and have you practice conversations with your fellow classmates. The school will probably also have a language laboratory, where you can listen to recordings of native French speakers and then repeat what they say to help you improve your accent. You can also find French language learning software to play on your computer or an app for your cell phone. Some people prefer to study independently, using recordings that they can listen to while they commute, along with books and study guides that they follow at their own pace. Another option is to hire a private tutor, who can give you focused attention and help you practice your conversational skills.

Although it may take you a few weeks before you get the hang of speaking basic French, you will continue to improve as long as you put in some effort on a regular basis, practicing your reading, writing and conversational skills.

Need an easy-to-follow course that helps you learn to Speak French! Check out my site and find out how you can try it for 6 days without spending a dime.

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Resume Builder Free Online - Helpful To Create A Great Resume Or Useless?

There are a lot of people online that are checking into utilizing a resume builder free online, but many are not sure if it is going to be helpful or useless for building a professional resume. You have to find out the reasons why a resume builder is definitely the most helpful tool to use online for creating your own resume.

The first reason is because you will be provided with all that is required to help you simple build one or more resumes in just a few short minutes. It will no longer take you hours to create your resume because everything is simplified with the resume building software.

A few of the various things you will be given through a resume builder are resume samples, career specific templates, step by step instructions, storage for all your resumes, cover letters, plus more.

All of these things are required for anyone to be able to write a resume that is going to impress the employer you give it to. Finding them in one easy to get to area is going to help you save time.

Saving time is the second reason to utilize a resume builder on the internet. You want to be out looking for and applying to get a job and not stuck at home just trying to figure out how to put your resume together, right?

Of course you do and using a builder online for free is going to allow you to write one resume in a few short minutes. This means that you can get out to apply for jobs immediately and not be stuck at home just trying to write it.

Plus, with help from the resume builder you will be able to create many resumes in a couple of minutes so you can apply for as many jobs as you want to, which will give you the best chance for getting hired for one that you want.

Now, the third reason is help in getting a job. Many people do not realize it, but when you find a good builder online to utilize, they will also provide you with help in getting a job.

Many good builders will give you an area where you can place your resume that employers search to locate suitable employees for their job positions. This could cut back on your job search and could help you get the perfect job for you.

As you can see, using a resume builder free online is definitely going to be helpful for any person creating their own resume. If you are serious about writing a resume that will get you results, then you will take advantage of a resume builder to help you accomplish this so you have the best chance at each job you apply for to be granted an interview.

If you enjoyed this article by Jeff Schuman please visit our resume builder website today where you can take advantage of our online resume builder. You will also be provided with information about how to make a resume.

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Imperative Steps On How To Write A Resume

There are people all around the world that are trying to determine the steps on how to write a resume. You are about to find out the steps for building a resume that is going to impress all employers.

The steps to create a winning resume on your own are not as complicated as they seem. You just need to know which steps are going to really help you write an impressive resume so you are not left wondering if you are building your resume correctly.

The first step you need to take is to get resume help for free on the internet. Many people do not know that there is free help available.

They also do not realize that getting help is going to make writing their resume very simple for them and much less time consuming. You need to know this now because the sooner you get help for writing your resume the sooner you will be out giving it to employers to help you impress them so they will give you an interview.

The best resume help you can get online is by utilizing a free resume builder. You will be provided with access to resume samples if you are just searching for an example to use when you create your resume.

You will also have access to free resume templates that are set up to be job specific so you can create a resume for a particular type of job. Job specific templates can be located and utilized in any good resume builder for jobs such as, teaching, nursing, accountants, managers and a number of others.

Anyone that utilizes the templates has the best chance for writing an impressive resume because you will be able to add in your important information and the template will handle the rest for you, leaving you with a completed professional resume that all employers will be impressed with.

One last reason to utilize a resume builder on the internet is because you will be able to write as many resumes as you require for any type of job in just a few short minutes.

Now, the second step to take is to get yourself ready to begin creating your resume. This means ensuring that all of your information is in order and in one easy area to get to.

That way you can be confident that you are putting in all of the pertinent information for every particular job you want to get. If you are not prepared to write, then you will be wasting a lot of time and you will not have the confidence that your resume is the best it can be.

The last step is to begin writing your resume. This is the step that many people struggle to begin doing because writing anything can be a scary task, but with the right help and you being prepared you will not find it hard to begin creating your own impressive resume.

Now that you have been informed of the steps on how to write a resume, you can get started right away. The sooner you do write your resume utilizing these steps the sooner you can get hired for any job you wish to get.

If you enjoyed this article by Jeff Schuman, don't miss your best chance to check out our resume builder website today. You will be provided with information for how to write a resume, a free online resume builder and resume templates you can use for writing a winning resume of your own.

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What Resume Writing Format Is The Right One To Use For Your Resume?

Writing a resume on your own is a task that can be hard for a number of people, especially when it comes to determining which resume writing format to use. There is a simple way for figuring out which format should be used, but you need to take time now to lear what that way is.

The truth is that the format you need to use will depend on a couple of different things. One of the things is the job type you are going to apply for.

There are a number of employers in many fields that prefer one format be utilized for every resume they receive. You can ask the employer what format they want used, or you can simply find help online.

Help on the internet can come in the form of a resume sample or example that can be used as a reference for creating your resume. Some of the samples are going to be job specific, which means that it is already set up for a particular career field.

That means that the right format will already be in place so you understand exactly what your final resume should look like for the best results for you.

You can also use a resume template that will be job specific so you can be confident that the right format is being utilized in your resume. The template will allow you to simply add in your personal and work information, then from there it will all be put into the right order and in the right place for you.

That makes it very easy for any person, even someone that has never done a resume before to write a professional one that is going to get you the results that you are aiming for, being granted an interview.

One last way to ensure that the right format is utilized is to find and use a resume builder. You can easily find one to use for free that provides you with examples, samples, templates and many other things to help make writing your own resume using the right format simple and less time consuming for you.

As you can see, deciding on the best resume writing format to use is not as difficult as it may seem and it will not be as time consuming as it seems to many people either. There is help on the internet if you are willing to locate it and use it so you can create a professional resume that will help you get the job you want.

Were you able to get the help you required from this article by Jeff Schuman? Don't make the mistake of not visiting our resume builder website today where you can find information about how to do a resume and resources like resume examples and a resume template so you can learn how to build a resume that is impressive.

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Nicaragua's Sandinistas and the Transformation of a Nation

The Sandinistas are members of the Sandinista National Liberation Front, or FSLN. This political party had a huge impact on the history of Nicaragua, and their influence continues to be felt today. The party was named after 1930s resistance leader Augusto Cesar Sandino, because he represented their idealism and resistance to oppression.

The Somoza dynasty ruled Nicaragua for many years and during this time living conditions rapidly deteriorated for many people. While there was industrial growth, there was a widespread lack of jobs and rampant poverty. However, this began to change because of the Sandinistas, who overthrew the Somozas and ran Nicaragua from 1979-1990. This was part of the Junta of National Reconstruction.

During this time, the FSLN devoted themselves to some humanitarian policies including promoting equality for women, redirecting funding towards healthcare and promiting literacy. However, the opposition movement known as Contras formed in 1981 and worked to resist the Junta, oftentimes through violent attacks. The CIA supported the Contras militias to oppose the Sandinista National Liberation front.

The Sandinistas had four fundamental principles: political pluralism, mixed economy, popular participation and mobilization, and international non-alignment. Scholars agree that the group sought to create a revolutionary socialism that was also truly democratic.

The Sandinista rule continued until the 1990s, and during that time, great strides were made. At the beginning, the country had a debt of 1.6 billion dollars in addition to other social problems. For example, 600,000 people were homeless and the economy was devastated. When the new government was created, it founded a council of national reconstruction with five members and a Council of State with representative bodies.

The party's political platform included important issues like nationalization of property owned by the Somozas, land reform and improved housing conditions. Working conditions were also addressed as the FSLN looked to improve them in rural communities as well as cities. Torture, the death penalty and political assassination were outlawed.

The Sandinistas had 100,000 residents work as literacy teachers and managed to bring the illiteracy rate down from over 50% to just 12%. Part of their plan was that if more people were literate, they could participate in elections. This literacy campaign was so successful that UNESCO recognized it with an award.

Another important aspect of the transformation included the addition of special neighborhood groups called Sandinista Defense Committees. These committees worked to ensure local governance including distribution of food, organization of Sandinista rallies, clean-up groups and establishing recreational activities. They also worked to control any looting that potentially took place in neighborhoods.

Even today, the Sandinista National Liberation front is one of the country's leading political parties. In 2011, former FSLN president Daniel Ortega was re-elected. Up until 2006, the opposing party had won elections for 16 years. Every year in July, hundreds gather at Plaza La Fe to celebrate the fall of the Somoza family dictatorship and the rise of the Sandinistas. There is no doubt that the Sandinistas are one of the strongest and most popular political parties in Nicaragua.

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Why Is It Smart To Utilize An Example Of A Resume When Writing Your Own?

Do you need to create a resume of your own in your very near future? Then you need to be made aware of the reasons why it is smart for you to use an example of a resume as you write yours.

There are a number of reasons why utilizing a resume example is the best way to handle creating your resume. Once you find out the reasons you will know why you really do not want to write your resume without using an example.

The following are the main reasons for you to learn about.

1. Understand exactly what to put into a resume - When you do not write many resumes, it can be difficult to remember what exactly should go into it. The example is going to give you the type of information you need to put in it like, your work history, education and other things.

2. Know what format to use - The correct format has to be used when you create a resume or you will wind up providing the employer with the opposite of what they want. This is not going to look good for you and will definitely hurt your chances to get hired.

Using an example will help to ensure you use the right format so you can write a professional resume that is exactly what the employer is looking for.

3. Be aware of what not to put into the resume - An example will also help you understand what information you don't want to put in a resume. You don't want to provide the employer with too much information because they only have a short time to read it; instead, you only want to ensure you are providing relevant information that is going to help you get the interview you want.

4. Saves you a lot of time - When you write a resume using an example you will save yourself a lot of time because you will not have to spend hours trying to figure out what the resume should look like or what to put in it. Instead, you will know all of this from the beginning and it will only take a couple of minutes to create your own resume.

Now that you know why utilizing an example of a resume is the smart way to handle writing a resume of your own, you have no reason not to write your resume now. All you need to do is to locate a good example to use for the type of resume you need and then begin writing. It is as easy as that to build a professional resume that is going to get results.

Did you get the help you have been looking for from this article by Jeff Schuman? Take time now to drop by for a visit to our resume builder website today where you can find information about how to do a resume and resources like resume examples and a resume template so you can learn how to build a resume that is impressive.

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4 Vital Things to Learn About Helicopter Search Training

Vital things you need to know about helicopter search training include the training course, course of study, student assessment, and training for coast guard service men.

Although helicopter search and rescue operations mainly involve individuals who have military backgrounds, they do accept ordinary individuals, too. Recruits are educated in extreme conditions to ensure that they are fully equipped with the best skills for real situations.

Training course

People who dream about becoming search and rescue helicopter pilots must have an associate degree in applied science, that is accessible in many colleges across the United States. The program requires students to complete at least 60 credits. Students can then select helicopter flight as their minor from the university or college which offers this bachelor degree program. Individuals who already have helicopter pilot permit can also take stand-alone programs.

Course of study

College students taking helicopter training will be taught complex mechanics involved in operating and soaring a helicopter, procedures in utilizing the flight devices of the airplane, determining risk reduction methods through fantastic decision-making capabilities, managing resources, and also interpreting the details given by the weather. Stand-alone search and rescue programs provide students the knowledge on search probability theory, accident management, survival and body management, and also use of relief gears. There are three trainings under the search and relief program. The first one is the pararescue jumpers' training, wherein applicants are trained to concentrate on rescue operations and emergency trauma situations. They can work on air, land, and also water. They can also become portion of battle missions wherein they'll rescue seriously injured military men safely and strengthen their conditions until they can be delivered to a fully-equipped hospital. Second is the helicopter rescue swimmers' training, that's mainly comprised of divers and aviation personnel. Lastly, there is aviation survival technicians' training, which involves helicopter relief swimmers.

Student review

There'll be student review procedures done in every program in which the students will be expected to undergo written assessments and also examinations. These will determine the students' degree of knowledge and skills that they have gained from the programs which they enrolled in. One particular test is the check ride. In this particular test, the student will fly the helicopter and carry out the skills he has obtained in conjunction with the knowledge that he has learned. He will show his capacity in undertaking fundamental operations for flying a helicopter, the way to lift up and land, and perform emergency processes, as well as other knowledge he may have in order to demonstrate his capability of operating the aircraft professionally and skillfully. These types of programs also offer oral and practical assessments from the Federal Aviation Administration or simply FAA for those individuals who prefer to attain a personal helicopter license or people who would like to get a certification to become a helicopter flight coach.

Education for coast guard service men

The United States coast guard provides some of their service men certain trainings, including emergency healthcare specialist training, helicopter research training, as well as a course for aviation survival professionals. These will prepare them extensively for relief operations that may involve extreme situations.

A student must be at least 18 years of age to take up these trainings.

Written by Patricia Strasser. Discover more about helicopter training by going to

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Aztec Mythology and The City of Tenochtitlán

In its prime, Tenochtitlan was one of the biggest, richest, and most powerful cities in the world. From its founding in 1325 to its capture by the Spanish in 1521, Tenochtitlan served as the political, economic, and religious nerve center of the Aztec empire. Experts believe that around 200,000 people lived there. It also played an important role in the Aztec cultural identity and mindset, due to its presence in Aztec creation mythology.

The Aztecs believed that they emerged from the earth through seven caves. At that time, they settled in an area called Aztlán. This was the mythical origin place of the people, and its name means "the place of herons." After living in Aztlán, they migrated south looking for a sign indicating where they should resettle.

According to Aztec legend, the Sun God and patron deity of the Aztecs, Huitzilopochtli, led his people out of Aztlán to find a new place to settle and call home. His sister, Malinalxochitl, had come along, but Huitzilopochtli abandoned her along the journey. Angered by Huitzilopochtli's desertion, she later sent her son, Copil, on a mission to exact revenge. Ultimately, Huitzilopochtli killed Copil after a battle and cast his heart into Lake Texcoco. He then ordered the Aztecs to search for the lake containing Copil's heart and build their city atop it. Their sign would be an eagle perched on a cactus, eating a snake.

As Huitzilopochtli guided the Aztecs further south, they eventually came upon a lake with an island. On this island sat an eagle on a cactus, eating a snake. This sight fulfilled the prophecy for the Aztecs, and so they decided to erect a temple there. This structure eventually grew into the entire great city of Tenochtitlán. The image of the eagle and the snake is pictured to this day on the Mexican flag.

According to the known historical data, the Aztecs did migrate from the northernmost part of Mexico to the central plateau. However, the precise location of the area called Aztlán is still unknown. There is also debate as to whether it was a place of paradise or peril, as sources conflict on the subject.

The city of Tenochtitlán was built though the wealth that the Aztecs gained from conquering various civilizations. The name Tenochtitlán comes from the Nahuatl (indigenous language of the Aztecs) words for "rock" and "prickly pear" and means, "among the prickly pears [growing among] rocks."

Construction of the city began almost immediately. All of the structures and important areas were laid out on a grid. The city contained aqueducts, geniously networked streets and canals. In the center of the city lay the Sacred Precinct, and it was where religious ceremonies took place. The Sacred Precinct alone could hold about 8,000 people and it contained aviaries, gardens and zoos.

Aside from the stories about their god Huitzilopochtli and his assistance guiding them south, the Aztecs had many other myths and legends that were integral to their culture. In fact, they recognized over 100 deities and supernatural creatures. Because Tenochtitlán was such an epicenter of Aztec civilization, it is interesting to learn that the site and its founding was central in one of their earliest myths.

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Job Resume Templates For Free - Valuable Resource For Everyone Creating A Resume

Will you soon be creating a resume of your own? Before you begin, it is imperative that you learn about job resume templates for free that are a valuable resource for anyone writing their own resume.

A resume template, for any person that does not know what it is, is basically a pre-existing outline for a resume. You can easily locate templates that are job specific, which means that they have been created as an outline for the exact type of resume that a particular employer wants in a particular career field.

For example, if you will be applying for a teaching job, then you will locate and utilize a teach template for free online. This will allow you to simply add your information into the template and from there the work of putting your information in the right order and the right spots on the resume will be done for you by the template.

Now, the main reason that a template is a valuable resource for anyone that will be writing their own resume is because of the fact that it has already been pre-designed with preset margins, fonts, resume format and many other things that takes the hard work out of the resume writing process.

This means that any person, even a person with no experience can write a resume utilizing a template and end up with an impressive and professional resume by the time you are finished. Plus, instead of it taking you hours to figure out how to write the resume, you will be able to get yours completed in just a few short minutes.

You just need to make sure that you are prepared to begin the writing process, even if you are utilizing a template so you can be sure that all of the pertinent information is provided.

A second reason a template is a valuable resource is because you will have the chance to concentrate on the important information or content of your resume and not need to worry about the style and look of it.

Most employers are not concerned with how a resume looks, but more with the content of that resume. The content is what helps them see if you are the best candidate for their job or not.

Without good content you will never be granted an interview and you definitely will not get the job you want. It is wise to use a template so you can take the time to really concentrate on the information you are giving the employer so you can be confident that the most relevant information to the job is given.

Now that you can see how job resume templates for free can be a valuable resource for anyone creating a resume on their own, you need to decide if you are going to be smart and utilize this resource. Just remember that if you really want to get good results with your resume, then you need to concentrate on the information put in it and not on the outline of it and the templates are the best way to accomplish both goals.

Have you found the help you needed from this article by Jeff Schuman? Make time now to drop by our resume builder website today. You will be provided with information for how to write a resume, a free online resume builder and resume templates you can use for writing a winning resume of your own.

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I Love My Silhouette Cameo

The Silhouette Cameo is a fun tool that can make you a more valuable crafter and also make your buddies jealous of your skills. It functions in conjunction with the Silhouette studio program which allows you to create anything that you are able to consider. It is incredibly user friendly and anybody can easily learn it in simply a couple of moments, but it is not simplistic. It has features that extremely advanced individuals can easily appreciate. This makes the Silhouette a craft tool for all. The reality is that the Silhouette Cameo is not simply for crafters, it is even good for small organizations. Have you ever had to make a sign for your company such as a sign for the door or a sign for the wall? You can do it with the Cameo.

The Cameo functions just like a laser printer. It has a cutting blade as an alternative to ink, so you design a little something in the program afterwards send it to be cut. Then a little blade descends and cuts just where you prefer it to, reproducing the image on the screen.

The greatest thing to cut with it is vinyl which has an adhesive backing on it. When you cut on vinyl, you are able to then peel off the excess vinyl and you've an image or a saying that can be applied to any surface since it's sticky. You are able to decorate the car with your beloved sports group, or stick figures of you as well as the kids. You can easily create garage sale signs. You can place adorable as well as trendy expressions above the door. There is no limit to the opportunities that you can develop with vinyl.

You can easily also cut paper, so for those of you that like to scrapbook, you can take your favorite scrapbook paper and cut out various designs for layering as well as whatever else you are able to envision.

The Silhouette Cameo is a tool that anyone can easily appreciate from old to young, and males ladies as well as children alike. It is tons of fun for the entire household. Whether you make use of it for company or pleasure, you are sure to have years of high quality usage out of this outstanding little machine. I wish you delight in the Silhouette Cameo as much as I delight in mine.

---------------------------------------------------- The Silhouette Cameo is actually an entertaining device that any crafter should have in their collection. The convenience of this exceptional tool is well past its meager price tag. It can easily enhance productivity in the office, make crafting even more relaxing, and bring the whole family all together in a way that no other craft device can. It is enjoyed by all at work and at home.

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Five Interesting Military College Benefits

The allure of the military lies in the fine discipline and honor which comes with defending the nation. Recruits learn self-discipline, academic excellence, social skills, outdoor excitement, and alternative education as component of their college education.

Are you struggling with the decision to join a military college? There are surely marked benefits when you join the army, and the following are but the tip of the iceberg:


One of the main benefits of military schools for girls is the powerful sense of discipline which will be instilled into the college students who will enroll in the academy. A rigid regime and a strict adherence to daily schedules and time charts are things that constitute a large portion of military education. Without this, the daily activities carried out in the school won't be accomplished. There are good points to this because graduates from these schools have a natural tendency to be disciplined in all areas of their lives, and it goes without a flicker of doubt that discipline is an essential part of success.

Educational excellence

The military has a very strong emphasis on academic excellence, and it goes without saying that graduates or students from army schools exhibit a strong sense of educational awareness. Education is much stressed upon in classes, and students are expected to give their books the attention they need in order to succeed in their future jobs, regardless of whether they end up working for the army or not.

Cultural skills

Enrolling in military schools typically means students are required to live on campus, away from the comfortable cocoon of home. This provides an excellent experience for students who're typically holed up in their own homes and who seldom get out in society. Living in on-campus accommodations is a great way for students to mingle around with friends their own age and learn how to conduct themselves in community. Kids also learn how to be independent, and they are also much better equipped to face the difficulties that may present in their future occupations. Respect and tolerance are yet a few more virtues that are emphasized in military schools, and all these will be valuable in many aspects of life.

Outdoor fun

It goes without saying that the outdoor part of being schooled in a military school isn't something that recruits or cadets can avoid. Drills and also fieldwork are but a few of the outdoor activities which students will be expected to be a part of. These are done in order to build up and maintain a preset level of fitness in students, so that they will be well-equipped and trained for the military, should a profession in the army be present. It's also a great way for students to rest and relax after extended hours spent being cooped indoors.

Holistic education

There is no denying that being part of a military school exposes students to a holistic, all-rounder method of education. Students learn to identify their strengths and weaknesses, as well as to build up on their weaknesses whilst enhancing their strong points. This is vital for them to blossom into the promising young men and women they are destined to be, and these abilities will no doubt come in handy one day.

College and also school choices are tough. However, the right choice undoubtedly holds the key to a bright future.

Written by Patricia Strasser. To learn more about military schools for girls, visit

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Important Factors To Consider Before Enrolling Into An Online College

The practical experience of enrolling in online degree programs is disruptive to many people. For those who have never ever done so, it frequently presents issues which are tricky to prevail over; from working in isolation and watching classroom sessions on video to organizing time and participating in internet chats, chasing an online diploma might be an introduction to a new world.

A big aspect of your success in your courses will be influenced by how well you can adjust to them, beginning on the very first day. We will help you to prepare beneath. The following paragraphs will provide several issues to consider about the experience of taking online courses

By familiarizing yourself in advance, you will be able to deal with - and fix - them well before your courses begin.

Communicating With Colleagues Demands Taking Action

At a conventional college, you are going to meet up with your peers in the classroom. The atmosphere makes it simple to set up connections. You may get to know them far better in between classes, and even have lunch break with them on occasion

These kinds of options aren't available when you attend a web-based university. The majority of the work you will do for your courses will be finished on your own, isolated from other people.

Commit the time to reach out to your fellow college students as well as your instructors. The majority of the conversation will be on the internet (discussion boards, email, chat, etc.) or by phone. But take an engaged role toward meeting them.

Courses Are Every Bit As Tough As In Traditional Universities

A lot of aspiring "e-learners" presume that earning their diplomas on the internet is going to be easier than doing thus at a traditional college, Once their courses start, however, they soon find out they were wrong.

The materials taught in web-based classes is usually similar - if not identical - to the material presented in traditional classrooms; the distinction is that students of the former are often able to work at their own pace

The coursework is equally as challenging, and in some instances, even more so.

Homework And Exams Are Taken Care Of On The Web

Most, if not almost all, of your projects and exams will be handled online. Although a few teachers may require you to submit an intermittent test or project in physical form, be prepared to deliver your work by means of email or community forums

A few college students may well find it hard to become familiar with the technological know-how. But the sooner they do so, the much better they will perform in their courses.

Feelings Of Seclusion May Arise

This can be one of the most unforeseen concerns that new e-learners face. Most people assume they will have little difficulty working by themselves. In fact, many relish the autonomy. But with time, being on your own can certainly produce a sense of remoteness. The issue may affect web-based students who reside alone more so than those with spouses and kids, but it could impact anyone.

If you begin to feel separated, take the opportunity to reach out to your peers. A fast telephone call or internet discussion will aid you to get rid of the feelings, and go back to your homework.

Time Management Is Crucial In Order To Succeed

Having the flexibility to work at your own speed is a double-edged blade. If you happen to be highly disciplined, you'll have little difficulty finishing your homework and studying for exams. Alternatively, if you generally discover youself to be procrastinating on your "to do" list, there is a good likelihood you are going to get behind in your studies.

Managing your time properly will be essential to performing well in your classes. Lots of students find that too little self-control in the beginning ensures they are unable to catch up later in the term.

You Have To Be OK With Technology

Previously, we mentioned that most - and likely all - of your work is going to be handled on the internet. You'll make use of various software applications to create, stow, and ultimately deliver your projects. In addition to a word processor and spreadsheet, you may need to learn to create PDF files, podcasts, and PowerPoint demonstrations. You may additionally want to use lesser-known apps, like Blackboard. If you are unable to get around this software, you may have a challenging time in your courses.

The more prepared you are for the experience of pursuing an internet diploma, the better you'll perform. If you happen to be thinking about enrolling for the first time, employ the list above to establish the appropriate expectations.

Learn more about online degree programs and what they could do for you at

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Tips And Techniques To Learn French As An Adult

Learning a new language as an adult is definitely not an easy task, but it has its rewards. With realistic expectations, other language learners to talk to, and plenty of practice, anyone can learn French. Thankfully, a great many resources, both online and in print, are available to help people get there.

French is a very common language, with anywhere from 70 to 100 million native speakers across the globe, depending on who is counting. Even more people speak French as a second language, so knowing the language can definitely help someone communicate. Although most people think of French simply as the language of France, it's also one of the official languages in almost thirty other countries spread across five continents.

The purpose in learning a language can drastically change how each person goes about it. Therefore, one of the first things all potential French speakers should do is decide what their purpose is. For example, someone who simply wants to know how to get around on a vacation in Paris will want to know a few common words and phrases like "where" and "how much." Those who are looking to learn this traveler's French don't need to learn concepts like conjugations, even though others focus on them first.

All types of resources are readily available for adults who want to learn French. Many community colleges and local adult education centers offer classes on evenings and weekends to accommodate typical work schedules. Others choose to buy books and software for information and practice understanding the language, and many supplementary materials are available online for free. These supplementary materials are usually wonderful for looking up information and checking for proper pronunciation.

Talking with others is a very important part of learning any language. This is simple for those who are taking a French class, as well as those who find themselves learning the language while living in a French-speaking community. For everyone else, it is important to find others who know or are also learning the language. Conversing together in French helps each person to understand the language better, speak with more confidence, and even pronounce words more accurately and easily.

Frequent practice is also extremely important. Fluency requires familiarity with the language, not just knowledge of it. Even just 10 minutes a day can do wonders for getting used to the idiosyncrasies of a new language. Of course, it's important to vary the practice and keep from getting bored. Language learners may flip through vocabulary flashcards one night, listen to French music another, and write a letter in French on the third night.

Before beginning a study of French, everyone should try to develop realistic expectations. Without these, people often become disappointed and give up without allowing enough time to see the results. Fluency does not come in one day. In fact, a person could study for a few years and still not be truly fluent. Thankfully, people can communicate even without fluency, and the rewards of learning a new language and culture are huge.

Need an easy-to-follow online course that helps you speak and Learn French effectively! Check out my site and find out how you can try it for 6 days without spending a dime.

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Instructional Design Training: Creating Effective E-Learning

Ask your learners what they think of e-learning and the chances are there will be one word that trips off many of their tongues - boring. Whether you are a seasoned e-learning designer or you are about to embark on creating e-learning for the first time, instructional design training can help you better understand how to develop boredom-busting e-learning first time and every time.

So why is e-learning so frequently boring? Because instructional designers usually focus too much on content. Getting the right content to your learners is, of course, hugely important; but, focusing solely on content may not be your best starting point.

Once you start down the content-driven route, you begin thinking about your e-learning rather like a book.This leads to linear thinking; and, before you know it, your piece of learning looks more like a PowerPoint presentation. Fine if you are standing up in front of a live audience and speaking to them on a specific topic. Not so good if your learners are going to be sat in front of a computer screen reading lots of text and endlessly clicking on a 'next' button.

The conventional response to this problem is to stick with the content-centric approach but to add what most e-learning developers refer to as interactions. These are activities that are placed on individual screens of content for your learners to complete. Things like answering true/false or multiple choice questions; or dragging items across the computer screen.

You will likely be using a software authoring tool to create your e-learning. Most of these authoring tools provide you with the functionality to easily create interactions.

Unfortunately, the number of interactions you can easily add to your e-learning is quite limited. So they quickly become repetitive and boring; and, they still don't deal with the problem of asking learners to read vast amounts of content on screen.

Instead of trying to pretty up a fundamentally flawed, content-centric approach, consider using a scenario-driven approach. Scenarios are a fantastically simple, but effective way to provide a realistic context for learning to happen. For example, if your learners work in an office or the customer service help point in a store, look at using those contexts as the start point for the learning.

Build on your chosen context by developing related challenges that would naturally occur in the context. Then create a series of activities to encourage learners to meet those challenges. After all, your learners spend every day of their working lives meeting challenges and solving problems. Why should their learning be any different? Creating challenges and activities enables your learners to experiment with different ways of dealing with a situation. This provides genuinely effective learning and goes way beyond the tell and test model of most conventional e-learning.

Based on the decisions and actions your learners take, it becomes possible to provide them with extensive, meaningful feedback on their activities. This is where real learning will take place and is how learners begin to understand the consequences of different actions and decisions.

By using the four-pronged approach of context, challenge, activity and feedback, you can create e-learning that is truly effective at improving your learners' knowledge and performance.

Andrew Jackson is co-founder of Pacific Blue, which provides a popular instructional design training programme for individuals and organisations. Learn more or receive regular instructional design hints and tips at:

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Essay Writing Service: Ways To Get Help With Your Academic Essays

If you are in high school, college, or perhaps grad school, you may surely require assistance at some time with your essays along with your essay writing, which is undoubtedly true. With regards to essay writing, there is definitely a great deal to think about. You will need to just be sure you are writing out your arguments in a fashion that is easy to understand, specifically to your professor or your teacher, and you'll want to make certain that you have a distinct concept of what you need to state. In case you are contemplating essay writing services, you should absolutely examine this informative article.

For those of you who may find that you need a little assistance with your essays, there are a variety of options out there in relation to essay writing services. Looking on the web is among the best methods to find a wonderful essay writing service to save you time. Making use of your favorite search engine is a superb approach to finding an essay writing service that'll be able to help you, and that's surely something you will discover to be true.

A great thing to do before going looking for an essay writing service could be to pinpoint exactly what you're in need of relating to essay writing. For instance, do you really need someone to assist you with the writing process? Are you requiring editing or even proofreading of essays you have actually written? Do you want help with writing essays on a specific subject? These are all very good things to identify prior to deciding to actually go looking for an essay writing service, and that is surely something that you will indeed find to be true.

After you have identified what exactly you will require with regards to your essay writing services, you can then look at the different sites of businesses that offer these forms of services. This will assist you to see who is going to have the capacity to meet your very own needs so that you can get assistance with your essays particularly. Regardless if you are in high school, in college, or perhaps grad school, you definitely should make certain that you are able to get the particular kind of help that you need. In regards to giving you help on your essays, every essay writing service is going to offer different things.

Everyone will need a little bit of help with their essays at some stage in their academic career, and in situations such as these, essay writing services will definitely prove useful, which is absolutely something you will discover to be quite true. So that you can succeed and get great grades in your academic career, you wish to ensure that you have the best written essays that you are able to, which is surely something that you will discover to be very true.

If you would like more information when it comes to essay writing services and where you can go to obtain such services, have a look at our very informative website to learn more,

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Six Blunders To Steer Clear Of When Getting Your Internet Diploma

Being successful in pursuit of your online business degree is complicated enough without the extra burden of difficulties you inflict upon yourself. This is especially true if you are employed full-time

But many students create needless hurdles for themselves by making basic errors. Typically, the errors are little, but compound themselves until the person is made to withdraw from his or her courses.

In the area below, we're going to identify six frequent blunders that should be definitely avoided. You will note that they all are simple to make. Regrettably, any single one of them may create serious problems that may jeopardize your ability to earn your online diploma.

#1 - Procrastinating On Assignments

One of the more substantial benefits of taking online classes is the overall flexibility you will have to research, work on projects, and take tests on your own schedule. But this is also among the likely downsides. Many students never manage to get their degrees simply because they don't have the discipline to finish their work.

Set a study schedule for yourself, and stick to it. If needed, put into action a reward system that helps to keep you motivated.

#2 - Failing To Prioritize Organization

A large component of successfully earning an online degree is being prepared to stay structured. Doing this is far more necessary if you have a full-time career and family responsibilities. It's extremely simple to forget deadlines, notes, tasks, and emails exchanged with your teachers and project team members, if you are disorganized.

Focus on your organization. Set up files on your computer - including within your email - using an intuitive identifying convention. That way, you are going to always be able to find the information and facts you require.

#3 - Neglecting To Obtain Financial Aid

Getting a degree on the web is frequently just as costly as getting one from a traditional college; but there are several sources that can help shoulder the financial burden. They are available in quite a few forms, such as scholarships or school funding, grants, loans, and also employer repayments.

A lot of web-based students fail to research their alternatives for financial aid, and wind up investing in their entire educations themselves. Doing so is often needless. From FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to low-interest private loans, there are ways to decrease - or at least delay - the cost of your degree. Spend time to check out your means.

#4 - Overlooking Interaction With Peers

Operating alone, you might neglect to work together with your fellow students. Regrettably, you would pass up the chance to set up valuable interactions that may well grow to be important later on.

This issue happens partly because of the online learning experience; connection requires proactively reaching out to other individuals rather than getting together with them by natural means in the classroom. But another reason it happens is due to apathy.

Email your associates or contact them on the phone. Learn more about them. You may discover that networking now may well pay large dividends later.

#5 - Taking Courses At A Non-Accredited College

Accreditation is an important tool for determining whether a university offers a top quality education. Colleges that have been certified by trustworthy agencies have demonstrated that their curriculum, student assistance, resources, and various other facets of their programs meet particular standards. Companies often depend on accreditation to determine whether or not job candidates' degrees are reliable indicators of their knowledge.

To be certain, there are good colleges which have intentionally eschewed certification so as to preserve full control of their academic programs. However, unless you are certain of the quality of such institutions, it is a very good idea to restrict your choices to those which have been accredited.

#6 - Missing Out On Taking Fully Advantage Of Your Resources

When you enroll into an online education program, you will be required to use the assets that are at your disposal. The dilemma is, are you actually aware of them? Well before your classes start, try to accumulate both general and specialized resources that will prove beneficial. That way, you can steer clear of spending precious time searching for them later.

Plan to experience difficulties when getting your online diploma. There's absolutely no way to avoid them totally. Having said that, becoming familiar with the errors other folks make may reduce the probability that you'll make the same ones.

Learn more about obtaining an online business degree and what it can do for you at

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Instructional Design Training: Using the Virtual Classroom

The world of learning and development is changing and evolving at a breathtaking pace. It's not so long ago that the traditional classroom and e-learning were about the only delivery methods available to most organizations. Today, the range of options has broadened significantly to include mobile learning and the virtual classroom.

Additionally, the way we are thinking about approaching learning is changing, with blended, social and informal models of learning all becoming commonplace. To help you harness the benefits of these new mediums and approaches, there has probably never been a better time to consider taking some instructional design training.

But, if you are thinking about using new mediums for learning, what should you learn about first? In this article, we'll briefly look at one of the most popular of these new ways of learning: using the virtual classroom.

Many organizations looking at introducing virtual learning often focus on the software and the logistics of the medium. They quickly understand the benefits, the cost savings and the convenience. What they frequently tend to overlook is the skill of their trainers to both design and deliver virtual training.

Just because a trainer is superb in a traditional classroom environment, does not guarantee they will be able to transfer their abilities into the virtual classroom. Adapting to an environment where you cannot see your audience for most of the training session, would be a difficult task for even the most experienced trainer. Unless they receive significant help and the opportunity to practice extensively before going live, very skilled classroom trainers frequently struggle with this new environment when they first start using it. As well as overlooking the problems for trainers, many organizations dive into virtual learning without even fully understanding the different types of virtual event that exist.

In the first instance there is the simple web meeting. This is exactly like a face-to-face meeting where participants gather virtually to discuss issues and make decisions. From a learning perspective, this type of event could be used for coaching, mentoring and one-to-one training.

Next, is the most popular and probably most well-known virtual learning event - the webinar. This is more like an online lecture or presentation than anything else. Usually, large numbers of learners can attend this kind of event because they are in 'listen only' mode. There is no expectation that they will participate, although they might be encouraged to ask questions during the event through a chat facility - provided as part of the webinar environment.

Finally, there is the virtual classroom event. This replicates the kind of interactive, real world learning event that attendees are used to when they turn up for a traditional training course.

This is undoubtedly the hardest of all the events to pull off and the one that requires trainers to think differently and practice extensively before taking on the challenge for the first time.

Depending on the software you use to run your virtual classroom, you can split attendees into small groups or pairs and have them work in virtual breakout rooms. You can share virtual whiteboards, demonstrate applications and websites. As well as speaking to the trainer and the group, attendees can use chat functionality to communicate with the trainer, the whole group and privately with each other. They can also indicate their response to particular segments of the class by selecting and sending icons and emoticons to the trainer.

Done properly, the virtual classroom is usually a hit with learners and trainers alike. Done badly or with little preparation or thought, the virtual classroom is a disaster waiting to happen.

Andrew Jackson is co-founder of Pacific Blue, which provides a popular instructional design training programme for individuals and organisations. Learn more or receive regular instructional design hints and tips at:

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What Do You Need To Build A Resume That Stands Out?

Writing a resume that stands out to employers is a goal that anyone needs to ensure they aim for because this is what is going to get you the interview you want. Before you begin writing your resume, you have to find out what is really required to build a resume that will catch the eye of any employer.

There are a number of things that you have to have for building an impressive resume, but the following things are essential because no professional resume should be completed without them.

1. Resume writing help - Any person that is writing a resume on their own has to have help. It does not matter if you are experienced at building a resume or a beginner at it.

Everyone should utilize a free online resume builder for help in writing the most impressive resume you can. A resume builder will give you a lot of help by giving you samples, templates, correct formats, resume storage and a number of other things.

You can do everything you require in one easy area on the internet and then store what you did for easy access in the future. This is going to save time and headaches for you because you will always be aware of where your resume is and can get to it to update it any time you wish to.

2. Your information - Before you can make your resume impressive, you have to first include your personal and work information into it. That means that you really need to get all of the information that is essential to writing your resume in one area that is easy to get to.

Take time to make sure everything is there so you do not have to interrupt your resume writing process once you begin. Plus, having all of your information ready is going to help you make sure that you never leave out any vital information that an employer requires in order to hire you for their job.

3. Information about the job type you will be applying to get - One mistake that many people make when they create a resume on their own is to write a general resume. You do not want to do that because every job is different and this means that every employer is going to want something different.

You want to create your resume with the type of job in mind that you will apply to get with it so you can make sure that you keep your resume on track to let that particular employer see right away why you are the person they are looking for to fill their job position.

These are the things that you really need to build a resume that is going to always stand out with employers. You just need to be sure you use these things so you can build an impressive resume in no time and be out getting the job you need before you know it.

If you enjoyed this article by Jeff Schuman please visit our resume builder website today where you can take advantage of our online resume builder. You will also be provided with information about how to make a resume.

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Why There Is A Need For English Teachers In Korea

For the past few years, there have been massive campaigns and advertisements around the internet seeking English teachers in Korea. Today there are still various opportunities for people who are able to teach English in Korea whether it be online or from Korea. If you are an English speaking teacher, then deciding to spend some time teaching in Korea is a decision you will definitely not regret.

There is a scarcity of English speaking teachers in Korea as for many years most of the lessons that were offered in schools were given using their native languages. When that generation of children, whom had from an early age been exposed to and taught using only their native language of Korean, grew up to become teachers, they could only teach in Korean. Over the years there have been changes in policies and the country has become more international and the need to learn to speak English has greatly increased. There are Koreans who have maybe studied abroad or had special education and are able to speak and even teach English but not enough to fill the demand.

To be able to control and curb this situation, there are various opportunities that are offered to people whether they are Korean or from other ethnicities who are willing to teach English in Korea. If you qualify to teach English in Korea, there are special opportunities and experiences that you are bound to enjoy. Korea is known to be the home of some of the best tourist attraction sites. Due to this, those who secure the opportunities of teaching in Korea will have so much to enjoy: the traveling experience, the beautiful sceneries, the food and so much more. You will be able to travel to different parts of Korea including South Korea, Jeju-do, Gangwong-do among other places that are dotted with various attraction sites.

Koreans are also known to be very friendly people that you are able to easily get along very well with within the short period of your visit. And if you are the kind a person who loves food, then you are bound to get different types of Korean food that you will be sure to enjoy. Even though at first the food might not be what you expect, you will unquestionably enjoy it after the very first days of your stay, once you are acclimated to your location.

Most of the employers offer very good salaries with benefits that may differ from one employer to the other. The salaries may depend on various factors including the type of students that you are handling, the number of English lessons covered, the institution itself, whether room and board is included, amongst others. However, before starting to make arrangements to teach in Korea, you have to ensure that the Korean government and your respective embassy clears you and that you have a work permit as per the laws of Korea. You also need to make sure that you are recruited by a genuine agency that is recognized by both governments so that you are able to enjoy every bit of your stay in Korea without any issues. These agencies may be found on the internet and care should be taken to investigate their experience, references and recommendations.

Always wanted to teach in Korea? Then be sure to visit Travel and Teach Recruiting Inc., a leading ESL recruiting agency that provides free placements for teachers who want to teach english in Korea.

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Research Based Innovation Programme For European Students And Teachers

A Research Based Innovation programme is being held for all students and teachers from within the European community. This programme is known as Comenius Programme.

The group of students that this programme intends to bring together is mainly those who are in the age group of 14 to 19 years and teachers who are having extensive experience in their teaching profession. The European countries that are listed to participate in the Comenius programme are Sweden, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland and Romania.

The Comenius programme has been named after educationist Jan Amos Comenius (1592 - 1670), who was known to be the father of new education. The programme has 2 main goals:

1- The first objective of the programme is to train and educate all European community students & teachers about the cultures, languages and values of Europe. And the second main objective of the programme is

2- To build and help all those attending the programme to become a better citizen of their country and to improve their personality development and discuss matters relating to future employment for students.

The programme also addresses students to give more importance and interest in learning science as it has been seen that students are giving less priority to subjects like science as compared to other subjects.

It is mandatory that students and teachers while traveling to attend the Comenius programme take Visitors Travel Health Insurance which covers hospital expenses, doctor fees, prescription expenses in case of any untoward accident that might occur during their trip. Nobody usually thinks about these additional expenses which might just come as a shock to many travelers during their overseas tour. The insurance premium is very low which works out to just $26 for a one month's cover for a medical insurance cover of $50,000/-. The calculation is based on a traveler whose age is 18 years of age.

If you wish to know more about the Educationist Comenius programme, you can visit their website . You will get an idea about the whole programme and how this programme helps all the European students and teachers in total.

Adele Pitt frequently writes about education programmes around the world. To learn more about Research Based Innovation and Educationist Comenius visit

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Diving Into Dumpsters

I am not an attorney, I am a judgment referral expert. This article is my opinion, and is not legal advice, based on my experience in California. If you ever need a strategy to use or legal advice, please contact an attorney.

Dumpster diving is an old trick used by judgment recovery specialists to discover hints about debtor assets. Some judgment recovery specialists think it's only wise to examine the trash of rich debtors. However, many times rich judgment debtors are more likely to hide, shred, or burn records, than to toss them out. Many times seemingly poor and average judgment debtors toss out the most valuable hints to possible assets.

Diving in dumpsters has some danger, and if something goes wrong, don't contact me, as my articles for one's amusement only. For the daring, the following are some tips on dumpster diving:

A first consideration is - when are the debtor's garbage cans filled, and when are their trash receptacles collected? After you learn that, make sure that playing with someone else's garbage is legal at the debtor's jurisdiction. Do not trespass onto anyone's private property. Wait until after the trash receptacles are on a city street. In some places, people must bring their trash to a remote central site.

A shortcut that has been used before, is to contact directly the garbage vehicle driver or the worker driving shotgun with them, and give them the address of your debtor, and offer them money to bring you the debtor's garbage to you; around the corner, in exchange for cash. The amount of money depends on many things, $60 to $120 is perhaps typical.

Using this shortcut, one can easily transport your judgment debtor's trash to an examination zone. This shortcut is a lot more difficult in cities with automated garbage collection mechanisms. When the garbage worker will go for this, it is the easiest way to inspect trash.

If that shortcut won't work, then one has to do this themselves, or pay someone who will. Remember that when the contents of the garbage is being picked up by any service other than the city - for example, a private garbage company, you may be robbing their property. Once garbage is placed in their receptacle, it is their property.

A simpler shortcut, would be to figure out which garbage company the debtor subscribes to. Then you may contact the company and ask which day they work that street. You could check the situation out on your first pass, then you will learn which color trash bags they use. On the next garbage date, one could appear soon, or right before the garbage truck comes along their street.

These days, lots of cities have separate garbage and recycling receptacles. The great part is sometimes very valuable hints will be in the (usually cleaner) recycling bin. The bad part is that two cans are usually twice the headache. Also, recycling paperwork is rarely in bags, and may have to be picked out by hand.

While many people use plastic bags to place their trash in, and ties the plastic bags shut, and then puts the bags in their trash receptacle; not all do. If they do not use bags, and only icky and loose garbage in the garbage receptacle which isn't inside plastic bags, that is a lot more time intensive, a big hassle, and extra messy.

People who have dived in dumpsters, advise that one brings your flashlight. One use is to separate documents from newspapers and advertisements.

If the judgment debtor garbage is bagged, there are two ways to proceed; you may change the judgment debtor's garbage bags or don't. Some of those that dive in dumpsters do not change the bags they take, figuring that many folks wouldn't notice that their trash is gone, and when they did, not because of their official garbage person.

An alternative option used if garbage bags are replaced, is to take another customer's garbage (perhaps on the next block) who has the same color garbage bags as your debtor. The trash bags get moved from one trash receptacle, and used to replace the bags in the debtor's garbage receptacle. That way if the absent bags get noticed, the confused person won't be your judgment debtor.

If the garbage is in bags, and you change the bags, bring at least six bags of replacement recycling material. When you do not know the color trash bags the judgment debtor uses, bring both colors. The reason to bring both bag colors, is to match the color of the bags inside the garbage can. The recycling material can be crushed newspapers (perhaps one of the final uses for newspapers). The mission is to quickly swap your bags for their bags.

A good vehicle to use when diving in dumpsters is a pick-up truck. After your dumpster dive, you could put the tailgate down, and sort the garbage on the tailgate. When done, you could use a garden hose to wash the back of the truck. An alternative way to go is to use a floor, covered with a tarp, drop cloth, or a plastic sheet. Professional dumpster divers wear a low-cost dust mask, V-Force gloves and goggles. Divers use tongs, and have big spoons and forks handy. When sorting, they place actual trash into a new trash bag, and the stuff to save into other clean bags.

Some divers place a bit of Vicks Vapor Rub cream under their nose, to help reduce the fragrance of the trash. A can of bug spray can be useful. For those that dumpster divers, may your debtor's paper shredders be broken, and may all of your judgment debtors have working garbage disposals.

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Handy Tips On Pruning Rose Bushes

Pruning is an essential step in the maintenance of rose bushes and the growing of fruit trees as well. Pruning is a type of maintenance that is utilized to selectively remove certain parts of a tree or a plant to effect improvements in its growth, yield and form.

Pruning is done to remove any dead or dying branches and leaves so that the plant can divert its nutritional resources to other healthier parts of the plant, flowers and fruit. Trimming can be used to thin out crowded branches and remove competing ones so as to expose the lower branches of the plant to more sunlight and air. Pruning is also an active way of controlling the shape of the plant as it determines where branching will occur. Pruning rose bushes and fruit trees are very important to their proper development, shape and vigor.

Pruning is much more than just cutting branches here and there; rather, it is a real science where the technique, tools and the timing directly influence the end result. Pruning methods differ for every species and the procedures for pruning rose bushes are relatively different from those for pruning of fruit trees. It is important to use the right tools, such as a pruning shear rather than a hedge shear as it is necessary to produce a precise cut that does not damage the surface cells and make the plant susceptible to disease.

Timing and frequency of pruning are significant factors that also vary from plant to plant. Even though fruit trees and rose bushes need to be pruned only once or twice a year, the exact timing will differ according to the particular tree. A general rule of thumb is to prune during late winter or early spring before new growth starts. It should not be done after new growth in spring as this can squander accumulated nutrients and result in dwarfing of the bush. Although some trees are pruned after an early blooming in summer, it is important to do this earlier so that the new growth is not harmed by the winter frost. Some fruit trees such as apricots can be pruned in the earlier parts of spring.

Accurate pruning procedures can greatly influence the health, quality and produce of your plants and trees. It can help your fruit trees produce high-quality large fruit instead of a number of small ones. It is completely mandatory while growing roses in order to increase the yield and quality of your blooms.

Getting the best of your plants in garden, it is necessary to follow all steps. Please visit when to prune fruit trees and see also pruning cherry trees.

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Some Excellent Gift Items for an Army Graduate

Gift ideas for an army graduate involve a digicam, objects with a military symbol on them, a cellphone, a watch, and an e-book reader.

Graduations from military schools always demand a large gathering because of the great achievement it symbolizes. But, because objects of military men are strictly limited, selecting a gift item could be a big problem. Check out this article to get a few amazing presents for a military graduate.


A camera that's slim and light in weight can help keep bonds of families intact when a son, brother, spouse, or a sister need to go away for deployment. The receiver of the gift item can take photographs of the family while he is still at home and can look at these photos at the camp whenever he misses his loved ones. Similarly, he can also take pictures of his life in the army and present these to his family once he gets back home. Ensure that you incorporate a memory card for the camera, if it requires one, as well as some spare power packs.

Things having military emblem on them

A cadet who just finished from a military school could not be more pleased with himself. You could support the way he feels and demonstrate that you're pleased with him by providing him gift items with military emblems on them. There are lots of items that carry the military emblem, like coffee mugs, sweatshirts, jogging pants, blankets or duffel bags. These kinds of army emblems can be of the Navy, Marine, Air-force, or Army. Select a few different objects and give it as a gift set.


A cellular phone is very helpful if deployed in another country. A cellphone having different types of capabilities, including mp3, stereo, camera, and access to the internet, will help him lessen homesickness and might even provide him a little entertainment. You might want to take care of the bill for approximately 1 year, so he could call home anytime and not worry about the bill. Because the first year is the adjustment moment, the cellphone could help much in easing the difficulty of missing loved ones who're far away. Inquire from the mobile phone service provider if internet access is still possible in your kid's location, so he could also have access to his emails, among other things.


A wristwatch for an army graduate is truly a traditional gift because of the various advantages it could offer to the user. One watch in particular that most army men would truly enjoy is the scuba diving watch which includes certain functions which provide the user details with every dive. Wrist watches which have a built-in compass and a dual time zone are also awesome watch gifts for the graduate. You can find also watches with military symbols on them. Select one that suits the user's military career. Additionally, ensure that you determine the needs of the gift receiver, and choose an item based on those needs.

Electronic book reader

For a military book lover, an electronic book reader will be greatly appreciated. E-book readers are not only handy, but they also have a big capacity to keep various electronic books. The receiver only needs to download his choice of books before deployment.

It is important that you check first if a particular gift item could be brought into the military premises. This is so it won't be left behind or confiscated.

Written by Patricia Strasser. Understand more about military schools by going to

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Anyone Can Learn French Online

Technology has brought many changes to society. It has made the global world seem smaller. The distances between the people of one country and another can now be bridged simply by pulling up a web page and typing in a phrase in one language to have it spit back out in another. The grammar is not always perfect and sometimes the context is a little off, but the general idea is there. Anyone can now say anything in every language conceivable by translation software. But sometimes that is not enough. The internet is a portal that has many doors. Behind one of these doors is a chance for everyone to trade in their Starbucks for a delicate porcelain espresso cup and cover their highlights with a beret because anyone can learn French online.

Language has been described as a side effect of culture. The words used to describe objects, actions, and feelings are directly related to the people themselves. To learn a new language is to experience a different way of looking at the world; even if it is just a small part of the world. For example in French loved ones often refer to one another as flea or cabbage to convey endearment. A French expression that means something like "Oh my goodness" literally translates into "Oh the cow." Knowing someone's language is essential for understanding both what they say as well as what they mean.

Many people have not tried learning a language beyond the scope of a degree requirement. They remember hours of tedious verb conjugations and translation assignments. But outside of the classroom it does not have to be that way. Out here in the real world ex-students old and young can learn how they feel comfortable: in their own homes in their spare time. Online programs are usually centered around conversational French. Teachers designed these programs to teach someone how to speak a different language the same way they learned to speak their own. The students first learn to replace English words with similar French vocabulary, and as the courses progress replacing the words progress to include entire thoughts and eventually whole conversations.

The internet provides an excellent medium for learning French. The learner sets their own pace and their own focus. If one person has a difficult time with their french "R" sound, but someone else has perfect pronunciation and an inability to remember how to say "Thank you," both of those people can work on their difficulties separately without holding each other back or fear of group embarrassment. The pace of online French lessons are set by no one but the indiviual.

It does not matter how a person comes to the decision to learn a new language: a second honeymoon to Paris, crossing off an entry on a bucket list, or simply curiosity. Fulfilling the wish to lean a languange can be easy. Anyone may access the wonders of France. Anyone who has a little extra time, an internet connection, and the desire can learn French online.

Need an easy-to-follow course that helps you learn French online! Check out my site and find out how you can try it for 6 days without spending a dime.

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