I Love My Silhouette Cameo

The Silhouette Cameo is a fun tool that can make you a more valuable crafter and also make your buddies jealous of your skills. It functions in conjunction with the Silhouette studio program which allows you to create anything that you are able to consider. It is incredibly user friendly and anybody can easily learn it in simply a couple of moments, but it is not simplistic. It has features that extremely advanced individuals can easily appreciate. This makes the Silhouette a craft tool for all. The reality is that the Silhouette Cameo is not simply for crafters, it is even good for small organizations. Have you ever had to make a sign for your company such as a sign for the door or a sign for the wall? You can do it with the Cameo.

The Cameo functions just like a laser printer. It has a cutting blade as an alternative to ink, so you design a little something in the program afterwards send it to be cut. Then a little blade descends and cuts just where you prefer it to, reproducing the image on the screen.

The greatest thing to cut with it is vinyl which has an adhesive backing on it. When you cut on vinyl, you are able to then peel off the excess vinyl and you've an image or a saying that can be applied to any surface since it's sticky. You are able to decorate the car with your beloved sports group, or stick figures of you as well as the kids. You can easily create garage sale signs. You can place adorable as well as trendy expressions above the door. There is no limit to the opportunities that you can develop with vinyl.

You can easily also cut paper, so for those of you that like to scrapbook, you can take your favorite scrapbook paper and cut out various designs for layering as well as whatever else you are able to envision.

The Silhouette Cameo is a tool that anyone can easily appreciate from old to young, and males ladies as well as children alike. It is tons of fun for the entire household. Whether you make use of it for company or pleasure, you are sure to have years of high quality usage out of this outstanding little machine. I wish you delight in the Silhouette Cameo as much as I delight in mine.

http://expressionsvinyl.com/silhouette/silhouette-cameo.html The Silhouette Cameo is actually an entertaining device that any crafter should have in their collection. The convenience of this exceptional tool is well past its meager price tag. It can easily enhance productivity in the office, make crafting even more relaxing, and bring the whole family all together in a way that no other craft device can. It is enjoyed by all at work and at home.

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