You Can Learn To Speak French

If you are interested in French culture, you will want to learn to speak French. Although you can find gadgets and online services that will translate French into your native language for you, there's no substitute for being able to conduct an actual conversation in the language.

You may be motivated to learn French because you have a new boyfriend or girlfriend from France, and you want to make an effort to communicate better. Schools often require students to learn a new language as a condition for graduation, and French is an ideal choice if you need to fulfill such a requirement. Another popular reason to learn the language is that you are planning to take a vacation in France, or your company requires you to take a business trip there. Learning French will also help you exercise your brain, as you build up your vocabulary and grammar skills.

If you have a new friend or significant other who is a native French speaker, imagine how delighted he or she will be to discover that you are making an effort to speak in French, instead of requiring all conversations and text messages to be in English. Learning to speak someone else's language is an excellent method of solidifying the relationship. He or she may also be encouraged to attain better English skills.

You will miss so much if you take a vacation or a business trip to France without learning to speak their language. Imagine having to type in every phrase you want to say into a translation device, or thumbing through a French phrase book when you want to order a meal or get directions to a landmark in Paris. Take some time to at least learn some basic French phrases so you can get around more smoothly.

Your appreciation of French culture will be enhanced if you manage to learn the language. Instead of reading translations of poetry, plays or novels, you can experience these texts exactly as their authors intended. Translations will never give you the subtle nuances, meaning and wordplay that you will find in the original material.

You can learn to speak French in a variety of ways. If you prefer a structured method, it might be best for you to enroll in a French language class that meets regularly, such as for one hour every day, or a few hours several times per week. Your French instructor will give you assignments and have you practice conversations with your fellow classmates. The school will probably also have a language laboratory, where you can listen to recordings of native French speakers and then repeat what they say to help you improve your accent. You can also find French language learning software to play on your computer or an app for your cell phone. Some people prefer to study independently, using recordings that they can listen to while they commute, along with books and study guides that they follow at their own pace. Another option is to hire a private tutor, who can give you focused attention and help you practice your conversational skills.

Although it may take you a few weeks before you get the hang of speaking basic French, you will continue to improve as long as you put in some effort on a regular basis, practicing your reading, writing and conversational skills.

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