Research Based Innovation Programme For European Students And Teachers

A Research Based Innovation programme is being held for all students and teachers from within the European community. This programme is known as Comenius Programme.

The group of students that this programme intends to bring together is mainly those who are in the age group of 14 to 19 years and teachers who are having extensive experience in their teaching profession. The European countries that are listed to participate in the Comenius programme are Sweden, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland and Romania.

The Comenius programme has been named after educationist Jan Amos Comenius (1592 - 1670), who was known to be the father of new education. The programme has 2 main goals:

1- The first objective of the programme is to train and educate all European community students & teachers about the cultures, languages and values of Europe. And the second main objective of the programme is

2- To build and help all those attending the programme to become a better citizen of their country and to improve their personality development and discuss matters relating to future employment for students.

The programme also addresses students to give more importance and interest in learning science as it has been seen that students are giving less priority to subjects like science as compared to other subjects.

It is mandatory that students and teachers while traveling to attend the Comenius programme take Visitors Travel Health Insurance which covers hospital expenses, doctor fees, prescription expenses in case of any untoward accident that might occur during their trip. Nobody usually thinks about these additional expenses which might just come as a shock to many travelers during their overseas tour. The insurance premium is very low which works out to just $26 for a one month's cover for a medical insurance cover of $50,000/-. The calculation is based on a traveler whose age is 18 years of age.

If you wish to know more about the Educationist Comenius programme, you can visit their website . You will get an idea about the whole programme and how this programme helps all the European students and teachers in total.

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