4 Things To Consider When Scouting For A Helicopter Training School

Points you should consider when scouting for a helicopter training school include ascertaining if it is really for you, knowing the cost of the training, checking the experience of the instructors, and finding out the types of helicopters utilized in the training sessions.

The capability to fly a helicopter will not only grant you bragging rights over most others, but will also provide you with a marketable skill that many corporations find desirable. However, knowing to fly a helicopter and getting a commercial helicopter pilot license is not easy. There is a lot you have to consider when pursuing that dream.

Determine if the training is really for you

Flying a helicopter is not for everyone. This is because one has to have substantial commitment, talent, time, and money to finish the training. If you don't have all the requirements, then you will just be wasting time and money. For example, you may have enough money to pay for the training; but if you do not have the commitment to learn all you need to know, then you will clearly just be wasting the money you have already paid. You need to do some heart-searching to ascertain if you are willing to undergo the strenuous training, to confirm that you have the time for it, and to make sure that you have enough money to pay for it. It is much better to ascertain these things early before you waste lots of time and money.

Know the cost of the training

Training to fly a helicopter is not inexpensive. It may cost you a considerable amount of money-- between one hundred dollars to 250 dollars per hour. While you may only be required to finish 40 hours when acquiring a certificate, commercial helicopter pilots could be required to complete up to 300 hours of flying time, depending on their recruiter. Some schools ask you to pay in increments, while others will ask for a lump sum. Thus, you need to select a helicopter school with rates that will fit your budget; even if that budget will come from personal savings, loans, financial aid, or a job.

Determine the background of the instructors

The instructor who will teach you is crucial in your learning to fly a helicopter. Since the teacher will share with you his own expertise and experience, you have to find someone who is really skilled and will provide you with a solid foundation. Besides that, you can also be assured that your life will be in good hands if the instructor has significant experience, knowledge and skills. You might also have to choose a school with several available teachers so that you have many choices.

Know the kinds of helicopters utilized in the training

It is also very important to determine the kinds of helicopters a particular school will use for the training. If there is a specific company that you have currently been eyeing to apply to once you get your license, the kind of helicopter that you train on must be the same that company uses.

You should know that you have to be at least sixteen years of age before you can be accepted by any helicopter training school.

Written by Patricia Strasser. You can learn more about helicopter school by visiting http://www.civichelicopters.com/en/flight-training.html

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