Ways to Improve U.S. Intelligence: Intelligence Training and Intelligence Management

No recent issue (aside from 9/11 itself) underscores the importance of good intelligence as does the Iraq Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) issue. The WMD question was largely answered by intelligence; technical intelligence to be specific. However, technical intelligence is known to be based on extrapolations. Technical analysis synthesizes a number of intelligence bits and creates a larger picture based on those smaller bits. There can be a real problem when the bits and pieces involved in a technical analysis never really touch ground, in a sense, and the conclusion is not verified by other means. Needless to say a greater critical examination of technical analysis will likely be part of future programs in intelligence training.

Flawed interpretation of technical intelligence is not the end of intelligence, however. One can contrast the difficulties with technical intelligence leading up to the Iraq war with the success made by Human Intelligence (HUMINT) during the Iraq war and realize that HUMINT is an area to cultivate. Similarly, interpretation of regional and area factors (often gained by HUMINT) proved accurate in identifying a number of nuances of the Iraq war. For instance, intelligence assessments accurately described the Iraqi style of fighting, and they accurately interpreted the tribal and ethnic divisions that worsened after the fall of the Iraqi government.

Just because intelligence missed a threat or was not even tracking one does not mean that intelligence services are inept. It is widely accepted that the large number of targets makes it unlikely that intelligence can successfully address all of them. However, the opposite is also true as many threats have been addressed with intelligence. In fact, there are many threats that are appropriately addressed that likely go unnoticed by the public.

Because of the value intelligence offers in understanding threats and planning a course of action, it is important that decision makers have good useable intelligence. This means bridging the gap that often exists between policy and decision makers and the intelligence. To continue with the Iraq example, policymakers did not make appropriate use of the available information. Indeed, the policymakers acted on technical—and wrong—intelligence and did not immediately attend to the intelligence that correctly foreshadowed what Iraq would look like after the Iraqi government fell.

The Iraq example provides a good base from which to discuss the need for good intelligence training. The technical analysis leading up to the war was considered biased in many ways. It is instructive that policymakers emphasized such biased intelligence. Conceivably, what was missing from the situation at the time was intelligence management. Intelligence management could have been an asset when the technical analyses were being prepared because such oversight may have called for more context by which to understand the Iraqi weapons program. Similarly, intelligence management could have played a critical role in translating the technical analyses and other intelligence to decision makers to facilitate proper understanding of the intelligence, and, by extension, proper national security decisions.

The problems seen in the intelligence community can be remedied by intelligence training. Extensive and ongoing training can be valuable across the range of intelligence jobs, from HUMINT operations to the managerial level. Such training can facilitate appropriate decisions that impact national security.

Dan Sommer works for Henley-Putnam University, a leading educational institution in the field of Strategic Security. For more info on Henley-Putnam University, intelligence training, intelligence management, call 888-852-8746 or visit us online at http://www.Henley-Putnam.edu

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Contemporary Argentine History: Mothers Of The Plaza De Mayo

While attending Spanish classes in Buenos Aires, you will likely encounter the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo. This group is composed of women who lost their children during the Dirty War of 1976-1983. The Dirty War was dark period in Argentine history, during which the country's military dictatorship kidnapped and killed many people.

One of the goals of the mothers in this organization is to find their lost children and reunite with them. They initially gathered in the Plaza de Mayo, and that is how their organization got its name.

The first demonstrations took place in 1977. Later that year, one of the original founders of the organization, Azucena Villaflor de De Vincenti, disappeared. She had been searching for her son and daughter-in-law for 6 months. Sadly, she was taken from her home by armed forces and sent to a concentration camp. In 2005, her body was identified. Three other founders of the movement have disappeared as well. If you attend Spanish school in Argentina, you can easily visit the landmark at the center of the Plaza de Mayo where Azucena Villaflor de De Vincenti's ashes are buried.

Even today, the mothers continue to gather every Thursday afternoon. Students who sign up for Spanish classes in Buenos Aires often see these women walking around in the Plaza de Mayo with white headscarves. On these scarves they embroider the names of their children.

During the Dirty War, government agents abducted many people. Quite a large number of these people were not only abducted, but also killed. There is some controversy about how many people are missing. According to the military in Argentina, 9000 kidnapped people are still missing. The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo feel that number is far higher. In fact, they believe that about 30,000 people are missing. A government commission has released facts indicating that the number is closer to 11,000. Regardless of the exact number of missing people, the Dirty War was clearly a travesty.

Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo have since split into two factions. One is the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo Founding Line. This part of the organization works on establishing legislation to help recover remains of deceased individuals. They also seek to prosecute ex-government officials. Currently, you can see this group march every Thursday.

Another faction called the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo Association is more political. They do not accept help from the government and instead seek for the government to take the blame for this tragic situation. They want to see the country's political culture change dramatically.

When you attend Spanish school in Argentina, you can conveniently visit the university, bookstore, library and cultural center that were put together to honor the memory of the people who disappeared. Often famous leaders visit this center when going to Buenos Aires. A variety of programs offer various services to the community including free education and health care. These memorials are powerful tributes to the men and women that were killed during the Dirty War. This is a sad part of Argentina's history, and it is one that is worth recognizing.

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What Is The Right Help Making A Resume?

Is writing a professional resume that will impress employers important for you? Before you can accomplish this goal, you need to find out what the best help making a resume really is.

The truth is that the best help you can get for writing a resume is an online resume builder. There are a variety of reasons that this is the best help to be found anywhere for writing an attention grabbing resume.

The most vital reasons are as follows:

1. Less time consuming - Writing a resume from scratch can take a lot of time. Not everyone has hours to spend writing a resume these days.

Utilizing a resume builder makes the entire process a lot less time consuming because you can easily write a good resume in just a few short minutes. That way you can spend your time applying for the jobs you want to be hired for.

2. Writing process made simpler - There are many people that fear writing a resume or they get writers block with they attempt it. With a resume builder you will not have these problems anymore.

The resume maker provides you with tools to use like resume samples or templates. Plus, you are given step by step instructions and easy formatting.

3. Write as many different resumes as you may need - Do you need to apply for a couple of different types of jobs? Then this is the right tool to use to accomplish that goal within minutes.

Using a resume makers lets you write as many resumes as you need in a short time frame. You can select job specific templates for each one and know that you are writing a great resume for each particular type of job.

This will provide you with a much better chance of being hired for any job you apply for.

4. Save each resume you write in a secure area - You do not want to write a resume once, only to have to go back and rewrite it when you need it again, do you? Of course you do not and the resume makers gives you a safe and secure place to keep any resume you write now or in the future.

These are the top reasons that a resume builder is definitely the best help making a resume these days. You have to decide if you will utilize a resume builder or try and handle the writing process completely on your own, but remember that it is imperative to write an attention grabbing resume and a resume maker really does make that easier and less time consuming for anyone.

If you enjoyed this article by Jeff Schuman please visit our resume website today. You will find a resume builder, useful information to help you learn how to make a resume and any resume template or resume samples you need so you can be confident that you are writing it correctly. http://www.theresumebuilder.com

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What Are The Requirements For Becoming an ESL-Certified Teacher?

There is no such thing as a universal language, but if there were, it would probably be English. Our language is taught in schools the world over, and it is more often than not the common denominator when people from differing nations need to communicate with each other while conducting business. International business people and travelers who learned English when they were younger have a strong need to brush up on their skills (if you have any doubt, just try to recall the French you learned in high school). Anyone who loves teaching and international travel should know that teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) is a great way to earn a living both abroad and at home, and there are many ESL teacher certification programs that can help them qualify for this fun and satisfying work.

There are a few ways that someone who is interested can get an ESL certification, and the best method for you depends on where you want to teach. If you want to teach in the U.S. you will need to have at least a bachelor's degree through a college or university, and get your teacher certification or ESL endorsement either concurrently or post-degree. This is usually a two-year program, but there is a lot of experiential classroom time. If you have the time and money, this is a good (if expensive) way to go, as it will qualify you to teach ESL anywhere in the world.

If you want to teach abroad, the qualifications are different. Different schools in different countries have different rules, and in some (rare) cases, you might be able to land a job just by being a native English speaker. However, most of the better (and more competitive) jobs require at least a college degree, and prospective employers greatly prefer that you have completed some sort of teacher certification (known as either TESOL or TEFL) or significant classroom experience.

There are several schools that offer certification for teaching abroad, and the options range from four-week intensive training to online courses. No matter which you choose, keep in mind that it is always a good idea to get as much experience in front of a classroom as possible, so if you have none, you might want to make sure that actual teaching time is part of your curriculum.

Whichever road you choose, you can rest assured that teachers of the English language will always be in demand no matter where you may go in the world.

Author Stephen Daniels highly recommends http://www.teach.us for those seeking the best jobs in the education field. They offer ESL teacher certification programs and Master of Arts and Master of Science degrees via alternative education programs, so students can continue to work in their chosen fields as they study simultaneously for their higher degrees.

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Getting Back Together: 5 Signs to Look Out For In Your Ex

When you have been dumped and you still think of getting back together with your ex, it can be rather hard to deal with when those feelings aren't being reciprocated. This is especially true for women. A woman who has been deeply in love with their boyfriend may have a hard time getting past the notion of the relationship being over.

It may be hard for them to see their ex out in public or with other people. Yet, women (and men too) need to realize that breakups happen all the time with a reconciliation not far behind. Thus, this time away makes the relationship and feelings stronger than before. Should you wish to get back together with your ex, you need to understand that while you may be confused, he is too.

However, if you need some assurances that he still cares for and wants to be with you, there are 5 things you need to look for.

Love Sign Number (1) - Friends?

Does your ex say he still would like to be friends with you? This often means there is still a torch being carried for you. Don't ever take a "let's just be friends" speech wrong. It's actually a positive sign. Use this time to better yourself and make yourself be someone worthy in his eyes.

Love Sign Number (2) - Constant Contact?

Do you still get a phone call from your ex? Does your cell phone keep getting text messages from him? Do you get regular email asking about your day? If so, this is a sign they still think of you. It doesn't even have to be anything more than a hello, goodbye message. Just something enough to hear your voice and let you know they are still there for you.

Love Sign Number (3) - Speaks Emotions?

You still talk on a constant basis but he constantly tells you he misses you. This is another sign that he still wants to be with you. He may as well miss that closeness you shared with one another and he may reconsider the breakup and realized just how much you mean to him.

Love Sign Number (4) - Dating Questions?

Does he ask if you are seeing anyone? This could be a sign that he may be evaluating where he stands in your life. The best thing you can do is to tell him the truth. If you aren't seeing someone, then tell him that. Don't try to make him jealous with a pretend boyfriend. By doing this it can have the opposite effect than what you really thinking. They may pull away completely if you are happy.

Love Sign Number (5) - Actions and Demeanor?

When you two are having a friendly conversation in person, does your ex seem nervous or anxious? If so, he may be trying to keep his feelings in check whenever you are around. The best thing for you to do is make him feel at ease. If you feel the same way, go ahead and let him know. Thinking of getting back again? If you want another chance at the relationship, one of you has to open up your heart and put it on your sleeve.

If you still want your ex back, it's important to think each move you do through carefully. Most women and men have no idea how to act around one another after a breakup. Thus, it ruins the chances of getting back together.

Don't leave getting your ex back to fate, instead watch this video that will help turn your hopes into reality, so take action and learn an extremely unconventional method that will make your ex powerless to resist you. Go straight to http://ex-back.com

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4 Positive Signs Your Ex Still Loves You

Sometimes people who initiate a breakup don't do it because they are out of love with that person, it's because they may need a break. However, how can you tell if they actually still love you? Have you seen your ex with someone else? Whenever they see you or hear your name, does it seem like they just don't care?

Sometimes it can be a bit difficult to discern if your ex still wants you especially if they did the breaking up. What they feel, what they say… it really doesn't matter. How people act can be different from how they actually feel. However, if you want actual clues to find out if your ex still has feelings for you, there are 4 signs to keep a look out for.

(1) Keeps in Constant Contact

Okay, so you have broken up but they are still calling or texting you. Is there a reason to that contact or is it just an excuse to talk to you? By keeping in constant contact with you, it's a sign they really aren't ready to let the relationship or you go.

(2) Always Around

If your ex still wants to see you, they may show up anywhere you go. However, it'll all look like coincidence to you until they do it everyday, everywhere. Then you'll know for sure it's being done on purpose.

(3) Holding On to Material Items

Did you and your ex give things to one another? If so, are they holding onto these things? Do they still have photos of you in their wallet/purse? This is a tell-tale sign of still being in love with you.

(4) Impressions

Does it seem like your ex is bragging about their life and how well it's going without you in it? Are they looking better or working out more? If so, they may be trying to impress you with these changes or attitudes. Believe it or not, they want you to get and stay interested in them once again.

These are 4 good signs that your ex still has feelings for you. But the question is… do you? Sometimes it's hard to distinguish your feelings in stressful times but would you like to give the relationship a second chance? If so, don't come across as needy because while they may be dropping hints of wanting reconciliation, they can get turned off just as easily with this emotion. Remember to cool things off for a time, sort through your feelings and make a decision then.

There's a lot you can do to learn how to stop a break up. However, you must first begin with the first step. Here are two steps for you to begin with: with the right foot, remind you to never stop making an effort on your relationship; and with the left foot, tell yourself to just keep trying. Here's a FREE video teaching you how to make the first move, visit http://www.themagicofmakingup.com

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3 Elements You Need to Have for Boot Camps

Items you need to possess for boot camps include physical exercise, intelligence and skills, as well as the perfect attitude.

Any person may apply to army boot camps; nonetheless, only the determined few can finish the training. Army boot camps involve know-how about the military and also substantial physical activity. Aside from having the right attitude, a candidate must have other characteristics to be successful in this specific training.

Physical exercise

Training in army Boot Camps entail day-to-day rigorous physical activity, challenge and confidence programs, and a field training physical exercise, that lasts for 2 complete weeks. Thus, obviously, one needs to be very healthy if one wants to finish this army training. While being extremely physically fit is not required, being able to complete the Army Health And Fitness Examination before getting to "basic" will offer a recruit with a huge advantage. It is because, a healthy individual will be better able to take on any kind of challenge thrown his way, like those that are difficult for most trainees. Male applicants who are 17 to 21 years old must be able to do at least 53 sit-ups in two minutes, do forty two push-ups in just two minutes and run for two miles in no more than 15 minutes and also fifty four seconds. Ladies must run for 2 miles in less than 18 minutes and 54 seconds, do 19 push-ups, and 53 sit-ups. When a recruit is capable of doing greater than the standard physical training, he'll definitely obtain nothing but an excellent benefit for himself.

Intelligence as well as skills

An understanding of the skills which one need to acquire is another important aspect that a recruit must prepare for. Although a recruit will normally have no way of obtaining training on how claymore mines, radios, weapons, camouflage as well as concealment are handled and also operated, among other standard army skills, there are ways that he can enhance his knowledge of these subjects. For one thing, field manuals for these various skills and tools can be obtained on the web at no cost. Moreover, there are relevant books that can be bought in stores, as well as through the Internet. Knowledge of the data they contain can help a recruit in providing aid to other members within his platoon who're having a hard time, and so benefit the whole platoon. Drill sergeants would be kinder to those individuals who have initiative, demonstrate leadership skills, and assist other members to reach the standards.

Right attitude

If a person wants to go through army training, he must also have the appropriate attitude, which is to deal with all problems head-on and never give up whatever is thrown at him or her. A recruit undergoes a self-assessment process upon enlistment to determine whether being in the military is what he really desires, prior to being sent for army training. Even though most trainees will reexamine their reasons behind having recruited after the first difficult weeks of training, only those who don't see the worth in the training will actually give up. Training which constantly pushes the trainee's stamina, mentally, physically and emotionally, will undoubtedly improve the abilities, self-confidence and also attitude of the trainee as a soldier.

Along with surmounting obstacles one at a time in training camp, find ways to relieve the stress and anxiety associated with training so you can gain more energy and endurance to become even more successful.

Written by Patricia Strasser. If you'd like to know more about Boot Camps, check out http://www.bootcamps.com

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Exploring Nursing Education Options

The health care field is one of the fastest growing in the world, and it's not hard to see why. Most Western countries, particularly the U.S., have an aging population. This trend will continue for at least the next three or four decades. With so many jobs in the health care field, the biggest question is what is the best way to enter it? For many people, the answer is a nursing education. 

There are several ways to go about obtaining a nursing education. The three most common are to become either a CNA (certified nursing assistant), LPN (licensed practical nurse), or RN (registered nurse). All three have their advantages and disadvantages, so let's take a closer look at each.


The CNA position is by far the easiest one in the nursing field to obtain. In fact, in most cases you are not even required to attend a nursing school. All that is usually required is about 3 weeks of training and a certification. Once training is complete and you are certified, you begin with a starting pay of about $10 to $15 an hour.

For many people, the CNA position is a stepping stone to becoming an actual nurse. This can be accomplished in one of two ways; you can either go straight to LPN school right after becoming a CNA, or you can work as a CNA for a while (around a year or so) and apply that experience toward a 'fast track' LPN program.


The LPN position is a very stable and well-paying position that requires only about two years of nursing education after completion of high school. For a lot of people, the LPN career is very appealing because it strikes a good balance between an important and lucrative career with only a couple years at a nursing school. Those completing an LPN program can expect to start out earning somewhere in the low to mid five figures plus benefits. And, if you're ambitious and want to continue on toward becoming an RN, you can do so by going to school part-time while earning a nice living working as an LPN.


The RN is the pinnacle of the nursing world. The next step up from here would be medical school. The RN is the supervisor over the LPNs and CNAs, so this is a position with greater responsibility and can sometimes become more stressful. But with that added responsibility is a nice pay increase over an LPN. There are a couple ways to become an RN; obtain a two year associate degree from a nursing school, or a four year bachelor's degree in nursing. As mentioned above, many who are already LPNs choose to further their nursing education by going on to become RNs. The advantage to having LPN experience is it allows you to more easily supervise the LPNs that will work under you, because you will have a better idea of what should be expected of them.
Description: The health care field is becoming more and more popular because of the abundance of good paying jobs, and one of the best ways into this field is through a nursing education. Here are some of the most common ways to enter the nursing field.

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5 Tell-Tale Signs Your Ex Still Loves You

If you have broken up with your ex but still having feelings for your ex, how can you tell if they still love you? There's actually 5 tell-tale signs to look for if you want to know for sure if they really love you.

(1) Checks Up On You -

Have you noticed that your ex hasn't stopped calling just to see how you've been? Does it seem like they think of you quite often? People who are thinking of their ex significant other will call so the other person will know feelings for their ex are still there inside them.

(2) Friends but Invitations -

Do you have an ex who keeps asking you if you'd like to join him or her to do something? Do they say this is just as friends? It may be true in some cases. However, when feelings are still there, invitations generally mean they are comfortable with the breakup and want to see you still.

(3) Presents at the Holidays -

You never expect an ex to get you a present, right? The only time this will happen is when your ex still has a thing for you. You'll get a present or card for your birthday and/or holidays. You can tell by these actions that your ex is still pining away for you. Basically, they are still having feelings of love for you.

(4) Friends Tell You Your Ex Asks About You -

Another tell-tale signs your ex is thinking about you is by asking your friends about you and your life. In fact, they may be curious to see who you are dating and what you have been doing with your time. If friends tell you about their curiosity, chances are your ex is still thinking and cares about you.

(5) They Still Do Things Like They Used To For You -

Is your ex still doing things for you out of the goodness of their heart? Do they remind you about events in your life such as family birthdays? Do they still remind you about things that should be done? If so, the chances are the feelings is still there. Why would they bother otherwise?

Should you be noticing these signs, then it's a sure bet that your ex still wants you back. The thing is: if you are still in love with your ex, you shouldn't squander time but work on getting your ex back.

Don't leave getting your ex back to fate, instead watch this video that will help turn your hopes into reality, so take action and learn an extremely unconventional method that will make your ex powerless to resist you. Go straight to http://ex-back.com

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Utilize A Resume Builder Online To Write An Attention Grabbing Resume

You need to write a resume that will help you get a job, right? If you want to write a resume that will be an attention grabber with all employers, then you need to utilize a resume builder online.

There are many reasons why an online resume maker is going to help you write a resume that will grab the attention of all employers that see it. Understanding these reasons will help you see that a builder online is definitely the smart tool to use for completing your own resume.

The following are the reasons to be aware of today so you can write the attention grabbing resume you want to write.

1. Job specific templates - All of the good resume makers will give you many job specific templates to select from. This makes sure that the resume you complete is right for the type of job you are applying to get hire for.

2. Formatting done for you - The correct format is one of the most important aspects of writing a great resume. The resume maker will already have the right format set up for you so all you have to do is add your details in to the software and from there the rest will be handled for you.

3. Takes away writers block and fear - There are a lot of people that fear writing a resume and others that get big time writers block when attempting it. With a resume maker you will not need to worry about either one of these stopping you because the builder gives you step by step instructions so you know what you are doing every step of the way.

4. Saves time - Using a resume maker is definitely going to save you time because all of the hard work of setting everything up correctly has been accomplished for you already. You just add in your details and end up with a good complete resume in minutes.

5. Write as many different resumes as you need in a short time - When you apply for various jobs you have to use different resumes. A resume maker makes this simple to accomplish in just a few minutes online.

These are the reasons why you need to use a resume builder online if you really are serious about being able to write an attention grabbing resume of your own. You have to make this final decision on your own, but remember these reasons as you select what to do so you can make sure that the resume you do write really is going to be effective for getting you the interview you want.

If you enjoyed this article by Jeff Schuman, take time to come by and check out our resume website today. You will find a resume builder, useful information to help you learn how to make a resume and any resume template or resume samples you need so you can be confident that you are writing it correctly. http://www.theresumebuilder.com

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30 Effective Phrases to Captivate Your Man's Heart

The words you use have power. It can inspire and captivate a man and make him notice you. What are the words you can use to effectively get a man's attention?

Just like women like to be praised and enjoyed being pampered especially told that they are capable and beautiful or have a nice and attractive face? They feel happy whenever they receive such compliments from men. The same goes for men. What do men like to hear from women?

If you're a smart woman, will you choose to compliment a man or say things to hurt his ego? Will you say things to make him feel lousy or say words to make him feel reassured that he is good and admired? Confidence is everything that makes a happy man. Men will naturally look at you differently from other women and pay attention to you more.

Effective words will captivate a man and remember to use them more often and you see the difference! Here's a list of effective phrases you can use to captivate his heart.

1. When can we meet again?
2. I can really trust in you
3. How do you know all this? I'm so impressed
4. I've never met any man like you before
5. I like who I am when I'm with you
6. I feel honored to know you
7. You're really so humorous!
8. You look wonderful/great with your new hair look
9. Are you really still single?
10. I like confident guys like you
11. Hey, you have special talent
12. I believe you can make it
13. I believe in you when you tell me...
14. You sure can do it
15. You have such a great idea
16. You are so different from other men
17. I love the way you look at things
18. You are good at doing things like that
19. Tell me more. I love to hear what you think
20. I'm happy when I'm with you
21. I agree what you said
22. You're great/amazing guy
23. I'm speechless
24. I like your jokes
25. I love to be with you
26. Thank you
27. Its really nice talking with you
28. You got a nice car
29. You make me laugh
30. You got a nice smile

It is hard to believe that some ordinary women just have the ability to melt a man's heart. Learn the secret to captivate a man's heart, go appeal to their needs and desires, using simple phrases or compliments can surely bring a smile on his face.

You have the power within you to make a man fall in love with you. Don't leave your future to fate or wait for him to find you. Find out the love strategies on how to make a man desire you more and deeper. You will feel much more confident when you visit http://www.datingcues.com/dating-tips-for-women.html

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Moving On After A Break Up

Copyright (c) 2011 Chris J Roberts

Moving on after a relationship break up is not easy for some. Psychologists say that going through a relationship breakup, is like going through the grieving process. Well if you compare the two, you can see a number of similarities. In both cases, you are loosing someone you loved and psychologically, your mind is not willing to let them go. So you can get over a bad break up using similar principles like grieving.

It's important to learn how relationships turn sour, and how to recognize the symptoms. Then you need to take on board some useful advice for managing break ups, such as support groups and keeping a positive mind. People who are mourning use the same advice to get over their loss. Firstly you need to understand that break ups are a part of life and also part of relationships. Relationships end all the time. If you hadn't broken up with someone before, you probably wouldn't have experienced the intense feelings that you felt with the partner you are breaking up with now. Think as well of the future; you won't be able to share unique experiences and feelings with a future partner if you don't get over and move on after the break up

Types of Break Ups

Not all break ups are the same. Different break ups may create different emotions such as, deep sadness and depression, anger or maybe even belief. Here are the three different classifications:

(1) You're the one who's breaking up - This type of break up is obviously the easiest and it will give you little, if no trouble at all to get over. The decision will make you feel better, fresher than being in the relationship.

(2) The partner decided to break up - This is the hardest type of break up, since the other part chose to break up and you are left to pick up the pieces. This is the main subject of this article.

(3) Both parties decide - This happens when the parties have mutually agreed to go their separate ways. This is the best and the rarest type of break up, where the individuals care about the feelings of the other and they reason and openly discuss.

Knowing what type of break up you're going through, will help you come to terms with the idea and will help you in starting to get over it. It's not so plain sailing, since you may over and over again, go through the uncertainty and you may ask yourself why the two of you are apart.

How to Move On

Once you come to terms with the fact that break ups happen in life and that they will happen to you, then you can move on to the golden rule of break ups: Declare to yourself the belief that it's necessary to get over him the person who broke up with you. Unfortunately a good number of people resist the break up, and resist getting over the person. It happens way too often Even worse than resisting getting over the person, where one part of you wants to move on while the other is still holding on, is that some people are not aware of this conflict that is going on in their mind. This conflict may leave you drained mentally and emotionally and you won't be in full control of your thoughts.

Always know what you want - getting over the break up and ask yourself why you are so resistant at moving on. Ask yourself what makes you attracted to this person, what you really like about him that makes him so special and why can't you get over him? This way you will clarify your emotions and get to know yourself better. Once your mind is clear, you will get a sense of direction for your life. You will know exactly what you want and you won't have any more second thoughts.

If you have a choice of going to a Greek island or Spain for a holiday, and you can't make up your mind because you want to visit both places, you will end up not visiting either one of them!

If you haven't made up your mind about what you want from life, you won't achieve anything but a feeling of frustration. You will feel unsure of yourself, since you will constantly investigate your feelings to try to understand your true desire. So before taking the plunge and getting involved in another relationship, try understand your feeling first...Gather information about yourself from your family and friends and most importantly from yourself. When you are satisfied that you know yourself as well as your dreams and aspirations well, then move on and never look back again.

Learn how to get over a guy so you can move on with your life. Don't dwell in the past. Visit http://www.howtogetoveryourexnow.com to get more free information on how you can heal a broken heart as quickly as you can.

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International Student Insurance Helps Maintain Focus On Important Things

International student health insurance is one factor that a student needs to consider when enrolling for a course abroad. International student insurance might be the first time you encounter medical insurance, depending on where you are from. However, it need not be a complicated affair.

Before you can start classes, you will be asked for details of your international student health insurance. At that stage, it might feel like it is easier to go with the plan offered by the college. However, it is not the sole international student insurance, and students can purchase international student health insurance from other sources as well. Students must, however, arrange to send proof of insurance to the college.

International student health insurance plans typically cover all illnesses and conditions that cannot be treated by the student health center, or in case of emergency. International student insurance usually pays for all treatment, be it outpatient or hospitalization, diagnostics, prescriptions, physiotherapy, chiropractor charges, and any treatment that is deemed medically necessary.

If you suffer from a mental disorder or substance dependence to the extent that it requires treatment, your international student health insurance plan will cover such expenses. Some international student insurance plans also cover the student's trips to the home country, so that the student is continuously covered by international student health insurance.

Your international student health insurance will not cover expenses related to treatment for pre-existing conditions (as defined by your particular plan) and dental and optical care. If the treatment is for cosmetic purposes, or experimental in nature, you will not be covered. However, termination due to other reasons is not covered.

Students can choose from various options for the international student health insurance maximum coverage amount and deductibles. The premium payable will depend on these choices. Both comprehensive and fixed benefits international student insurance plans are available, and the student can choose the plan that suits him most.

Purchasing international student health insurance online can be a hassle-free experience. Different/Various available plans can be compared and the international student insurance that best suits individual needs can be paid for through check, money order, or credit card.

It is not necessary to purchase international student health insurance only after arrival in to the United States. If you decide to switch colleges midway through your course, you will still be covered, as plans generally offer national coverage. In a country with high healthcare costs, especially for a student from another country, international student health insurance can be a life-saver.

Erica Bailey frequently writes about international student health insurance. Visit : http://www.internationalstudenthealthinsurance.net

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A Guide On Teaching English Abroad

All over the globe, there is a great demand for people who can teach English as a second language. Many individuals have experienced the benefits of teaching English in an overseas country. The advantages of helping other people gain knowledge of the English language at the same time as immersing yourself in another country's life| will make any uneasiness you may feel concerning packing up and flying to a different country quickly fade away.

One of the greatest aspects to living as well as teaching English abroad is the level of experiences and observations you will benefit from as you learn from another vibrant culture. Spending time with the local people along with learning about their history, culture, in addition to the traditions, is the most effective way to experience a culture and its people. The knowledge you will acquire is enormous. You will be taking part in every day local events which will involve interacting with locals and you will shop, tour the country, and see all of the sights. As well, you will gain knowledge about how people live, work, and play. You will also be exposed local and national celebrations, holidays, art and culture, artisans, festivals, and more. You will also be able to taste the local cuisine. Teaching English overseas is a terrific way to have fun and learn about another culture.

Another great benefit of teaching overseas is earning an income while living in a foreign land. English teachers will often teach in the mornings or afternoons and the other part of the day is theirs to do what they want. There is time take in all of the local activities and attractions. Traveling and teaching in another country will allow you to meet people from all over the world. The teachers you meet will become great friends that you keep in contact with for a long time. Experiencing new countries and their people will result in great personal growth. You will appreciate other cultures and their traditions and you become a more rounded individual with more confidence and skills. You will overcome any challenges and learn new skills which will look great on a resume. English language teachers feel proud as they observe their students learning the English language. It is a personally rewarding experience to assist others in learning the English language.

It is not a difficult task to become an English language teacher in a foreign country. Teaching English as a Second Language Certificate (TESL) is required but you do not always need a university degree although it will help you get a better teaching job. TEFL/TESL certification courses and programs are available. Teaching English abroad is a fantastic way to make money while living in a foreign country. Paid teaching positions allow you to earn an income while seeing the world. Teaching the English language in a foreign country is a rewarding career that is definitely worth exploring. When you teach English abroad you will make a lifetime of great memories.

Provider of online TESOL education with latest techniques and strategies for teaching English. Get your TEFL certificate and TESOL certificate with us and start your new career. For details, visit http://www.ontesol.com

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Powerful Reasons Why Resume Builders Make Writing A Resume Simple

Did you know that resume builders will make writing a resume of your own very simple? Majority of people do not realize this, but there are some powerful reasons why a resume maker is imperative to use.

Once you learn these reasons, you will see why you never want to begin the resume writing process without a good resume online builder. Here are the reasons that are the most imperative for you to learn about now.

1. Step by step process - A good builder for resumes will always give you a step by step writing process. The first step will be to choose a specific template that is right for the type of job you will be applying for.

The next step will be to fill in the blanks with your work experience and personal information. The template is designed so that you only need to add in your information and then it will be placed in to the correct order for you, depending on the type of template you decide to use.

The builder you are using will tell you what should and should not be placed into different areas of the template so you can be sure it is all correct and professional when it is completed.

2. Fear is taken out of the writing process - Too many people fear writing their own resume, but with a good resume maker the fear can be taken out of the writing process. With the step by step process and the templates you can use, there is nothing left to fear because you can always be confident that your final resume will be correct and will get you the results you are aiming to achieve.

3. Highlight your skills and work experience for each type of job - One thing that many people do not think about when writing a resume is that they need one that is specific to every type of job they will be applying for. The jobs are different, so why would you use a general resume for the various types of jobs?

If you really want to get hired for a particular job, you have to write a job specific resume for it. The templates will let you easily achieve this and the resume maker will let you create as many resumes as you need that are job specific within a few short minutes.

Now that you are aware of how resume builders makes writing a resume a much simpler task, you need to find a good builder you can utilize now. The sooner you have a professional resume builder to use during the writing process the sooner you will have the job you really need and want.

If you enjoyed this article by Jeff Schuman please visit our resume website today. You will find a resume builder, useful information to help you learn how to make a resume and any resume template or resume samples you need so you can be confident that you are writing it correctly. http://www.theresumebuilder.com

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Chile's Mapuche People: History

If you plan to study Spanish in Chile or Argentina, you may want to learn a little bit about the Mapuche people. This indigenous group lives in both Chile and Argentina. According to 2002 estimates, there are about 604,000 individuals in Chile and 300,000 in Argentina, making the Mapuche one of Latin America's largest indigenous groups.

The earliest history of the Mapuche people is still unclear. Some experts believe that their language is related to the Penutian languages in North America, while others believe it is similar to languages spoken in the Andes. Even though the Mapuche lacked a formal government structure, they were impressively able to resist subjugation by the Incan Empire on many occasions.

The Mapuche were also able to repel Spanish conquests in the 16th century. In fact, they seemed to keep the Europeans from returning to certain areas until the late 19th century. The Mapuche used the natural barrier of the Bio-Bio River to remain isolated from the Europeans. This resistance lasted about 300 years and is referred to as The War of Arauco. In the middle of the 17th century, the rulers of Chile and the Mapuche people created a peace treaty.

By the late 1880s, Chile had developed a very large army with the latest military equipment. The Mapuche were overwhelmed. The leaders from the Chilean government forced some of the Mapuche leaders to sign a treaty and agree that they were to be absorbed into Chile. As a result, there were hard times for the Mapuche people including starvation and disease. Their population dropped significantly. Plus, their agricultural and trading economies were destroyed, leaving many Mapuche men and women in poverty. Unfortunately, the poverty has remained until this day.

Sadly, the Mapuche are looked down on as the lowest social class in Chile. They did not fare well under Pinochet's rule, as their land was privatized and sold to businesses and foreigners. Pinochet also refused to admit that they were indigenous people.

Quite a large number of Mapuche moved into cities in recent years. In an attempt to assimilate into modern Chilean society, many Mapuche even changed their last names. A high number of Mapuche moved to Santiago hoping to find work, but found it was difficult for them to find jobs and be accepted into mainstream life.

The Mapuche have made huge strides in regaining their land and trying to get recognition as a protected indigenous people. They did have some success with the Indigenous Act in 1993, which prohibited indigenous people from being forcibly moved from their land. As a result of this legislation, the government must now offer the people a similar piece of land and the Mapuche must accept the terms of the arrangement before they can be moved. Further, the Mapudungun language and culture was officially recognized under this law.

The formation of the CONADI (Corporación Nacional de Desarollo Indígena) also benefited the Mapuche. Under this state authority, the cultural identity of the people is respected and Mapuche land is to be protected.

When you study Spanish in Chile, you may have the opportunity to meet Mapuche people, especially if you spend time in Santiago. You may even see protests take place. In October 2011, thousands of Mapuche people marched to protest the treatment of their people. While this may not be something that you expected when you signed up to attend Spanish school in Chile, the Mapuche and the ongoing fight for their rights is quite important to understand.

ECELA Viña del Mar is a Spanish school in Chile that provides cultural lessons and activities in addition to the language course. For more information on how to study Spanish in Chile => http://www.ecela.com/loc_vina.php

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Want Him Back - Are You Making These 3 Big Mistakes?

When your boyfriend dumps you, it's not unusual for you to feel like he made an error in judgment. The loneliness that you feel is quite excruciating and all you want is to have him back in your life.

If You Want Him Back in Your Life, it's Easier than you Know -

First thing you need to do is accept that what you are trying to accomplish will take time, patience and effort. Relationships don't fail because of nothing. Something was amiss that he needed and wasn't getting. He left you to find what he needed.

If you can find out what it was and use that to your advantage, you are beginning the process of winning him back. Even if you find out what was the problem, you can't just put on the charm, flip your hair and get him back. It's going to take much more than that now.

Now that your attitude to achieve your goal, you need to know the following 3 big mistakes to avoid:

(1) Not Giving Him the Space He Needed

First, thing you need to remember is that he dumped you so he obviously needed some space. Do not go out deliberately to find or call him to get near him. You want to stay away from him so he can have the time to miss you. Your ex can't miss you if you are always around. The chances he'll feel lonely are good just like you are feeling it too. If you think showering him with a lot of affection is good then just remember that you are achieving the exact opposite. It'll drive him further away from your ultimate goal.

(2) Let Him Have No Peace by Being Needy

Does this mean you completely ignore him too? No, if you must see or talk to each other due to circumstances then are civil with one another. However, do not get into any personal discussions. If you want a chance to get him back, make sure that he misses you by not letting him see you all the time.

It doesn't matter if the breakup was hasty or made over time; give you a month for no contact. If you broke up during a fight, what he feels afterwards may make him regret that decision. He may come back but if he doesn't then give yourself and him that month away.

(3) Not Improving on Your Confidence and Self-Esteem

While you are away from him, lives like you don't have a problem with him being gone. Live life independently. If he thinks you are doing well without him, it will make him want you again.

If you want to capture his attention, look good every time. This means your physical appearance and how you relate to other people. If you have an imperfection, fix it and then flaunt yourself. Go out with friends and have a good time. As time passes, you'll find yourself having a good time without the need of forcing it. In this way, it helps easing the pain.

Make sure you go with friends where mutual friends of you and your ex hang out. If he finds out that you are getting all this attention from other men, it is likely to drive him nuts and he'll have second thoughts of you wanting him back. It doesn't have to crawl back to you for you to be stuck in his mind. However, do not contact him until that month is up.

If you are having relationship trouble or you have broken up with the man in your life and you want to get him back. Go visit http://www.getmymanbacksystem.com - There are information to help you get started on the right path to get back together again.

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South American Cultural Backgrounds: Jewish History in Argentina

When most people think of cities with large populations of Jews, they think of Tel Aviv, New York City, Los Angeles, and Jerusalem. Many people do not realize that there is also a significant Jewish population in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In fact, there are more Jews in Argentina than in any other Latin American country. If you are interested in Jewish culture and heritage, you will find that you can learn a great deal about the religion and its people when you attend Spanish school in Argentina.

During the Spanish inquisition, Jews fled persecution. Many of them ended up in Argentina and called themselves "conversos" or "Secret Jews." In the middle of the 19th century, more European Jews moved into Argentina. Later in the century, Jews who were looking to get away from pogroms in Russia made their way to Argentina. One of the reasons that this Latin American country was so popular among Jews is that its immigration policy was very open. In the early 1900s, about 13,000 Jews came to Argentina each and every year.

Unfortunately, during the time of the Nazis, the Argentinean government enacted some regulations that did not allow many Jews to immigrate. When Juan Peron came into power, he initially sympathized with the Axis Powers and said he admired Mussolini. Ultimately, however, Peron signed a declaration of war against the Nazis. Jews were once again able to immigrate. They were even permitted to run for public office under Peron's leadership.

If you learn Spanish in Buenos Aires, you will find that the city has a lively Jewish community that dates back to 1862. The first synagogue opened its doors in 1875. Other large population centers for Jews in Argentina are Cordoba and Rosario. While many Jews live in the city, there are also Jewish agricultural communities.

Currently, according to estimates, there are about 250,000 Jews living in Argentina. This is the 7th largest concentration of Jews in the world. Most of these people came from Western Europe after the late 1800's. Approximately 85 percent of the Jews in Argentina today are Ashkenazi Jews and about 15 percent are considered Sephardi Jews. Further, most Jews are either Conservative or Orthodox. It is interesting to note that only a small percentage of Jewish people in Argentina consider themselves Reform Jews.

If you learn Spanish in Buenos Aires, you might want to schedule a Jewish tour of the historical parts of the city. You will find Jewish schools, butchers, supermarkets, bakeries, and synagogues. Other interesting landmarks you can visit when you attend Spanish school in Argentina include the Latin American Rabbinical Seminary and the Holocaust Shoa Museum. Touring these areas will undoubtedly open your eyes to exactly how integrated the Jewish culture is within the country.

Latin Immersion offers Spanish classes in Buenos Aires. Aside from studying the world's third most spoken language, students exerience the local culture as they learn Spanish in Argentina. More information => http://www.latinimmersion.com/spanish-language-course-argentina-buenos-aires.php

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Do Not Make Resume Building Harder Than It Has To Be

Does writing a resume of your own scare you? This happens to a lot of people because everyone makes resume building harder than it needs to be.

There is no reason that writing a resume for yourself has to be difficult. There are a number of tools and resources available on the internet these days to help you that the entire process can be easily simplified.

You just need to understand how to achieve this goal. The best way to accomplish simplifying the writing process is by using a free online resume builder.

A resume builder is designed to do all of the formatting and set up of the resume for you so all you need to do is to fill in the blanks. You will be given resume samples, job specific templates and step by step instructions.

The good resume builders will also give you keyword suggestions to help you impress employers. Along with a secure place to store your resumes so you do not have to rewrite them each time you need it to apply for a job.

One last thing you will get from the good resume makers online is help in finding a job. They will have a database of employers that will always be searching through the resumes on their site.

This is going to make your job search simpler and a lot less time consuming because you can have employers coming to you about their offer for a job. Though it is always smart for you to also apply for jobs on your own so you have the best chance possible of getting a job as soon as you can; instead of just relying on employers to contact you.

If using a resume builder online is not how you want to use to complete your resume, then you can just take advantage of samples or templates online.

Both of these are going to allow you to see exactly how your resume should look once it is completed. That will also take the guesswork out of the writing process.

Just be sure you use a job specific template is this is how you decide to go so you can be confident that you will be providing any employer the right format. Otherwise, using the wrong format can hurt your chances of getting an interview.

As you can see, there is no reason why resume building needs to be so difficult for any person. With the help of the internet and all of the tools and resources available online, you can easily write an impressive resume without any difficulty at all if you are smart and utilize these tools and resources.

Did you get help from this article by Jeff Schuman? Don't miss your chance to visit our resume builder website today where you can find an online resume builder to help you write an impressive resume. You will also find a lot of useful information about creating a resume of your own. http://www.TheResumeBuilder.net

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Who Should Be Using A Professional Resume Builder?

Have you been considering using a professional resume builder to help you write your own resume, but are not sure who should really use a resume maker to achieve this goal. Then you need to find out that it is smart for anyone to use an online resume builder for completing a resume for yourself.

It does not matter if you are new to the work force or if you are a seasoned professional that has had a number of jobs. Working a job, after you have been hired for it is the easy part.

The hard part is being granted an interview for a job and then getting hired for it. This is a scary process for anyone to go through, but knowing you have an impressive and professional resume will give you a lot more confidence and make it less scary.

The resume builder ensures that anyone that uses it will have a resume that really will impress any employer you give it to. Now, your information that is put in to the resume is what is going to impress employers, so be sure to use the information that is relevant to the specific job you are applying for.

The resume maker will make it simple for you by allowing you to use templates that are job specific. They will also do the formatting for you so that all you need to do is to fill in the blanks with your information.

Then the resume maker will take over from there and make sure the resume is set up in a very professional manner. So, any person that is looking to impress an employer with your resume really needs to be smart and utilize a resume maker.

Besides making the writing process less scary for you, it will also save you a lot of time. Time that you can spend applying for the types of jobs you want and having interviews and not just trying to figure out how to write the best resume you can.

Your time needs to be spent giving employers an impressive resume and a resume builder on the internet is the simplest way to write a professional resume in a short amount of time so you can get the job you want and need in as short a time as possible.

Now that you know who should utilize a professional resume builder, you just need to be smart and take advantage of this resume help now so you can write an impressive resume in no time. The sooner you are able to get the resume completed the sooner you will have the job you want so you can get back to the work force and not have to worry about resumes for a while anymore.

If you enjoyed this article by Jeff Schuman please visit our resume builder website today where you can find an online resume builder to help you write an impressive resume. You will also find a lot of useful information about creating a resume of your own. http://www.TheResumeBuilder.net

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Teaching English as a Second Language

Today, more people are now taking classes in English as a second language. Those who take English as a second language programs will do so if they are recent immigrants to a country where English is the main language spoken, or they are residents in a country where English is not there native language so they take classes to learn the language. There are good reasons to learn to learn English language. By doing so, people can open the doors to new job opportunities, assists them with becoming part of their new native English speaking country, and it helps them communicate with native English speakers, read English magazines and book, and watch television and movies that are in English. For people who would like to help people communicate and write in English. There are numerous advantages to teaching English as a second language.

Recent immigrants to Canada must show they have English language skills by taking a language proficiency test. This exam is sanctioned by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and it is called the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). The test is designed for those who want to live and work in a country where English is the communication language. For people who want to teach English as a Second Language, they can obtain a TESL Diploma. They can take a course which can be a couple of hundred hour program. Teachers who obtain this TESL diploma can teach English as a second language in Canada and/in another country. The program is accepted by TESL Ontario and TESL Canada.

For non native English speakers who want certification as an English language speaker, they have to take the IELTS test. The IELTS test is used all over the world to gauge one's capability communicate in English in the four language skills, writing, reading, listening, and speaking. Thousands of schools, government agencies, faculties, and professional organizations accept IELTS scores. This test is vital for the non native English immigrant who wants to attend university or college programs that require English language communication skills

English language teachers help new immigrants learn the English language and these teachers can travel overseas to teach English in non native English speaking countries. Teaching English as a Second Language Certificate (TESL) program usually takes about 100 hours to complete. TEFL certifications or TESL certifications helps teachers obtain better jobs and give them more career options. There is ESL schools offering TESL training programs to help people become qualified to take the TESL test. An English language teacher plays an important role in assisting non native English speakers to learn the English language. A teacher who has experience teaching the English language abroad will experience fun of traveling, living, and teaching English in a foreign country. As well, he or she will learn new life skills and they will learn how to live and work and appreciate in a foreign environment. There are many benefits to working as a native English language teacher which makes it a terrific career choice

Provider of online TESOL education with latest techniques and strategies for teaching English. Get your TEFL certificate and TESOL certificate with us and start your new career. For details, visit http://www.ontesol.com

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An Outdoor Playground Could Be The Answer

An outdoor playground is a great fun way to fill an outdoor space and make you a tidy income. If you are not a business minded person then hey, imagine you fun you can have with your family and friends in a space otherwise not being used. This does not have to be expensive at all; we have all seen the crazy golf or mini golf courses whilst on holiday.

Or perhaps mini golf is not your thing and you have a spare bit of cash. Well then the answer to hours and hours of family fun can be waiting for you in a few cheap second hand go karts. This need not be expensive as there are many second hand go carts available all the time and easy to find.

And if neither of these float your boat then what about a baseball done, yes your very own. Just imagine getting u late on your day off and burning some calories hitting base balls to your hearts content. Not only great fun but a great exercise too, for the whole family.

A lot of us have a spare piece of land just sitting there awaiting a brilliant idea like this. The least work would have to be the go cart track. You need the bare minimum for this, just pick up your second hand go carts, or brand new if you have the cash.

Once the lanes are marked out you are pretty much ready to go. Some people will stack tires around the outside for those little unseen crashes but of course these are not entirely essential. If you do decide to use recycled tires then they too are not hard to find at all.

Many companies throw their unwanted tires away so asking politely may just get you as many as you need completely free of cost. Just remember to hire a van or truck as you will not get many in the back of a car. You can just imagine the fun right now, family laughing and screaming, everybody impatiently waiting for their turn and of course that bit of wasted land is no more, bonus.

The next easiest solution is the golf course, mini of course not the full eighteen holes, unless you have an estate not being used at the moment. Design this on paper first or if your not much of a designer then I am sure one will not be too tasking to find. Once designed you are ready for some manual work so grab your shovel and lose those extra pounds you have been meaning to for a long time now.

A mini golf course does not have to be complicated at all, some concrete and a good imagination will sort this out in no time at all. And if you have a bit of cash lying around then of course you have to treat yourself to a baseball dome in your own garden for you and your mates on a weekend, sorry I mean you and your family of course. And if the wife accuses you of just being a big kid then why not open it to the public and treat her to a holiday in the sun with the spare cash from your outdoor playground.

Canadian company offering a large group of family entertainment Toronto attractions. Visit our indoor playgrounds GTA, bowling alleys, go karting, batting cages and ask us for birthday party ideas.

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The Value Of A Person With An Anti Terrorism Degree Or A Counterterrorism Degree

In the midst of what has happened recently, the immense value from someone with an anti terrorism degree or a degree in counter terrorism should become all the more apparent. Recently, as you may know, a complex set of events transpired in which an order originating with a covert group with the Iranian government filtered down through several intermediaries and finally ended with a supposed Mexican cartel hitman, all in a plot to attempt to kill a Saudi Arabian diplomat on American soil. These events truly show that we are not out of the woods yet when it comes to terrorism. There are still entities out there with the desire and the resources to conduct a terrorist attack on American soil. This should raise the awareness of all the people in this country that if there exists those out in the world that want to attack the U.S., then there must be a better force which is prepared to stop them.

The reason that this case in particular should highlight the value of those individuals who have their anti terrorism degree or a counterterrorism degree is the far-reaching implications of what happened here. In the successful subversion of this attempted attack, men and women from multiple government agencies all over the world came together and stopped another senseless act of terrorism. So why is it so important that these men and women have an anti terrorism degree or a counterterrorism degree? A good education in a highly demanded field is the perfect complement to on the job, real world experiences. It allows the agents in various organizations to have a similar background and a cohesive understanding of the big picture. They realize how all the agencies work together to form a nearly impenetrable shield around this country that will stop any plot against this great country in its tracks.

If you have the deeply rooted desire and the strength or character that it takes to become someone who can help to prevent terrorist attacks, then maybe you should look into getting your degree either in anti terrorism or counter terrorism. This field of study is always in high demand and what better way to serve your country than to assist in keeping it safe from those who wish to cause it harm. If you are interested in pursuing this type of career, now may be the best time to do so. Not only is there a huge need for men and women with this type of specialty, but now with online courses and universities doing whatever they can to accommodate working professionals and military members, it's easier than ever to obtain these types of degrees. Additionally, more higher education institutions than ever are expanding their academic repertoire to include these types of studies. Many of them have experienced faculty members who can not only teach you what you need to know, but also guide your journey into a career within this field. The future and the safety of this country are in your hands, what do you plan to do about it?

Dan Sommer works for Henley-Putnam University, a leading educational institution in the field of Strategic Security. For more info on Henley-Putnam University, anti terrorism degree, counterterrorism degree, call 888-852-8746 or visit us online at http://www.Henley-Putnam.edu

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4 Unique Self-discipline Rules At Boarding Schools

Before you decide to enroll your kid at a boarding school, you will need to ensure that the rules and regulations would suit your kid's personality. Boarding schools possess strict rules on time schedules, schoolwork, proper behavior, and also misdemeanor.

Modern day parents are sometimes flooded by a wide variety of education options when their precious kids arrive at the schooling age. Boarding schools are among the typical alternatives for parents who opt for independent, but organized education. Here are some basic regulations at common boarding schools:

Time schedules

One particular distinct difference that your kid will experience at boarding school will surely be the strict adherence to time schedules. There is no question that, in the boarding school program, students are expected to adhere to the set schedule which determines time allotment of their daily activities. This is one of the methods that boarding schools enforce self-discipline in their students. One good thing from this is that young people learn the virtue of punctuality from the beginning. In addition, it will also teach your child the value of planning your entire day well and not wasting time. Kids also learn from a tender age the way to be systematic and also organized in their daily activities because there are set times to get up, moment for lights off, time for studies, and also time for recreational activities.


Boarding schools are popular for their rigid adherence to a strong focus on academic pursuits. Students are expected not only to focus but also offer their very best performance in their studies. As the learners invest a big chunk of their time in classes, they quickly learn to prioritize studies over some other work. Professors have also high expectations for their learners, and a lot of concentration is prized on great academic performance. Nevertheless, pupils also obtain a holistic method of education since they have plenty of time slots allocated for sports as well as outdoor recreation. Boarding schools focus on an equilibrium between both schoolwork as well as sporting activities, so parents do not need to worry that their children are at a downside compared to kids from other public or private schools.

Appropriate Conduct

Great conduct as well as proper conduct are no question something that is seriously stressed upon at boarding school. Children are trained from the first day about the importance of abiding by the school regulations and to comport themselves with the dignity that's expected from any pupil of the school. Aside from that, they learn how to carry themselves in public areas in order to reflect their polished bearing as well as boarding school education.


Because of breaking any school rules, kids who go to boarding schools are given pretty strict disciplinary action. This can range from the normal after class detention, to further essays, and a teacher-parent meeting based on the severity of the misdemeanor. This is a vital step to ensure that students take discipline very seriously and not keep pushing the limits. As a result of this, children who go to boarding schools are often more organized than their public-schooled counterparts.

While the initial separation may be hard, parents should bear in mind that there are many advantages of enlisting their own child in a boarding school. However, do ensure that the environment suits your child before enrolling them since this is to be for the long term.

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Reasons Free Simple Resume Templates Are A Needed Tool When Creating A Resume

Is writing a resume for yourself a task that you have to do in the near future? Before you begin writing a resume it is smart for you to learn why free simple resume templates are a very essential tool to use for creating your resume.

One reason is because templates make the whole process simpler for anyone. Too many people do not understand the first thing about how to write a resume that will help you impress employers and get any interview you want.

The template will make writing your resume very easy and will take the guess work out of the whole process. You will not need to worry about where to put the information, what order to put it in or what format to use because the template will take care of all of this for you.

One thing that you need to learn is that you can easily locate job specific templates that will ensure your completed resume is perfect for the career field you are trying to get a job in. That way you know when you hand any employer your resume they will like how it looks.

The personal information you put in to your resume is what will impress them and make them want to give you an interview, but the way it is presented in the resume is also very imperative. The templates will ensure that you always have a great resume to use for any type of job you want so you know you have the best chance at getting your interview.

Another reason a template is an essential tool for writing a professional resume is because it is very affordable for anyone to use. There are a lot of people that will spend a lot of cash on hiring someone else to write the resume for them.

There is no need for that when templates make it easy for any person to write an impressive resume, even if this is your first time to write one. You will be able to save yourself a lot of money by taking on the job of writing your resume yourself.

Plus, this will be a skill that you can use for the rest of your life and use whenever you find yourself in need of another job. That is a skill that every person should have because it can be a life saver when the time is needed to write a resume, which usually happens more than one in anyone's life.

With all of these reasons in your mind about why free simple resume templates are a smart idea for anyone to use when creating their own resume, you now have a decision to make. Do you use templates to make writing your resume easier on you or do you take your chances on your own and hope you can write a resume that will get you the results you are aiming for, an interview?

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The History Of The RNLI

The start

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution was founded in 1824, but went under the name of The National Institution for the Preservation of Life from Shipwreck. It was the brainchild of Sir William Hillary, who was very much aware of the dangers of the sea to both crews and vessels, living as he did on the Isle of Man, where many ships were wrecked along the Manx coastline. He had the dream of a national lifeboat service manned by trained crews.

The Admiralty were not too enthusiastic about his idea, but undeterred, he appealed to some more generous philanthropists and enlisted the help of two members of parliament, George Hibbert and Thomas Wilson. At the age of 60 he took part in a rescue, as commander of the lifeboat, which went to the aid of the packet St. George, in the entrance of Douglas Harbour. The whole crew of the lifeboat including Sir William were washed overboard, but fortunately everyone aboard the packet was rescued with no loss of life.

In 1854 the name was changed to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

Lionel Lukin was a coachbuilder, living in Westminster. He had the idea of converting a Norway yawl to increase its buoyancy. He fitted a cork belt, watertight containers, cork blocks and an iron keel and patented his design as the "unimmergible boat".

At the same time, a certain William Wouldhave, a parish clerk from South Shields, was fascinated with the design of the wooden dipper, which was used to take water from a well. He found that no matter how it was placed in the water, it always righted itself. Surely this design could be used for a self-righting boat. He entered his design in the Lawe House competition in 1789. This was run by a private club known as the Gentlemen of Lawe House. They offered a 2-guinea prize for the "best-designed life-preserving craft". His model, which won the competition, was a double ended boat made of tin and was to have air cells to give it extra buoyancy. It can still be viewed in the National Maritime Museum, but it was not until the 1840s that the self righting design was deployed.

Entering the same competition was a local boatbuilder by the name of Henry Greathead. He was commissioned to build "the first lifeboat", which he named The Original. This vessel was 10m long and 3m wide with a high bow and stern, where there were cases filled with cork for buoyancy. There was a crew of 12 who were provided with cork jackets and she was powered by oars, entering service in 1790 and saving hundreds of lives. 31 more boats were built to this design, all extremely successful. The name "life-boat" was now highly popular and synonymous with saving lives at sea.

In 1851 James Beeching and James Peake produced a design named the Beeching-Peake self-righting lifeboat. It became the standard model for the fleet of the newly named Royal National Lifeboat Institution, but it was not until 1890 that the first motorised lifeboat came on the scene. Named the Duke of Northumberland, it was steam powered, but during the 20th century petrol and diesel power were adopted.

Today's fleet

Today the RNLI operates 332 lifeboats at 235 lifeboat stations and 112 boats in the relief fleet. There are 3 classes of inshore lifeboats, the Atlantic B class, the D class and the more recent E class. They carry crews of between 2 and 4, operating near the shore and are able to navigate in shallow water and close to cliffs. They have speeds of 25-40 knots. There are 5 classes of all-weather motor life boats operating further out to sea. The Tamar is the latest design, introduced in 2005. It joined the existing fleet of the Severn, Trent, Tyne and Mersey. These boats weigh more than 40 tonnes, with twin 1250hp engines, enabling them to travel at speeds of up to 25 knots and have an operational range of 250 miles between refuelling. There are also 4 hovercrafts, introduced in 2002, which carry a crew of 2-4 and can reach 30 knots. These are used on mud flats and river estuaries. There is also the Arancia, an inflatable, which carries a crew of 2 and can travel at 22 knots. This was added to the fleet in 2001.

The crew

The 4,600 crew members of the lifeboats are almost all volunteers and include over 300 women. They come from all walks of life and are dedicated to giving up their time to carry out rescues and save lives. They carry pagers which they will respond to at a moment's notice, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and are expected to launch the lifeboat in ten minutes! That is some commitment!! They will frequently be in situations which will test their skill, strength and courage to the utmost, but because of their dedication and passion, more than 139,000 lives have been saved since 1824 and there have been numerous stories of bravery in the face of danger.

Who are they?

A typical lifeboat crew will include:

COXSWAIN - in charge of the lifeboat and in command when at sea. Responsible for launching and ensuring the safety of the crew. His duty is to safeguard and rescue any whose lives are in danger. At the end of each rescue he makes sure that the boat and equipment is in order and ready for service. Most are volunteers, although there are a few full-time coxswains and there may be a deputy to stand in if the coxswain is not available.

MECHANIC - responsible for maintaining the engines and all the machinery at a lifeboat station. His detailed maintenance programme will ensure that every piece of machinery is checked and maintained regularly, while on shore and also at sea. There is also an assistant mechanic.

HELMSMAN - a volunteer, in charge of the inshore lifeboat during the launch, at sea and at the end of each rescue. He is also responsible for the safety of the crew.

HOVERCRAFT COMMANDER - a volunteer in charge of the inshore rescue hovercraft. He has the same duties as the helmsman at an inshore lifeboat station.

CREW MEMBERS - On all weather and inshore lifeboats, these are all volunteers. Anyone can join the team as long as they are physically fit, can learn the necessary skills and work well as part of the team. They work with the coxswain and helmsman in carrying out all their duties, but must also keep abreast of changes in boats and equipment, by attending regular training programmes in such things as boat handling, radio, first aid, navigation and radar. On an inshore lifeboat there are usually 3 crew members and 6 on an all weather boat, including the coxswain or helmsman.

There are also Lifeguards, who often save lives in dramatic rescues, but who are mainly concerned with the vital work of preventing accidents. They are employed by the appropriate town or city council, but the RNLI provides their equipment and training. The voluntary Shore Helpers assist with the general running of the Lifeboat stations and the launch and recovery of the lifeboats.

Some statistics

In 2009 an average of 22 people per day were rescued by the RNLI, the lifeboats being launched 223 times during that year, rescuing 8,235 people. The crew and lifeguards have saved in the region of 140,000 lives since the early days in 1824. In summer there will be around 30 - 40 rescues every day.

How do you call a lifeboat?

Throughout the British Isles anyone reporting an accident at sea or a ship in distress must first contact the emergency services by telephone on 999 or 112 (the European and mobile phone emergency number), or by radio. Their call will be redirected to HM Coastguard or the Irish Coast Guard, who co-ordinate air-sea rescue and may call on the RNLI or their own rescue personnel.

The vision - "Train one - Save many".

One has only to read about the purpose, vision and values of the RNLI to realise how selfless, reliable and expert these courageous people are, who put their lives on hold while facing severe danger to save others. It is remarkable to reflect that the life-saving service is manned mainly by volunteers and that it is supported by voluntary donations and legacies. It does not seek funding from central government, but is operated through local teams, centrally directed and resourced. The annual budget is in the region of a staggering £148 million, but the RNLI are experts in the field of fundraising, with over 35,000 volunteers, who organise charity events and rattle tins to raise this enormous sum. Maybe the fact that we are an island based community makes us more aware of the dangers of the sea and gives us a greater commitment to this wonderful organisation.

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Online Resume Builder For Free - Facts You May Not Know, But Have To Learn

Have you been considering using an online resume builder for free, but cannot decide if this is the correct course for you to take to write a resume for yourself? There are some facts about resume builders that you need to learn so you can see why using one to write a resume is the smart decision to make.

Understanding the facts will help you see also why you do not want to write a resume of your own without using a resume maker online. Here are the facts that you need to be made aware of today.

1. Resume builders guide you through the entire resume writing process. That is a big help for any person, especially someone that has never completed a resume before.

You will have step by step instructions that will make it a very simple task to complete. People that have been in the work force for years and have had a few jobs also benefit from using a resume maker online because writing a resume is not something that you always remember how to do.

With the builder, no one will ever have to guess at how to write a professional resume anymore because the whole process is simplified for you with the step by step instructions.

2. Vital tools are given for your use while you write a resume for yourself. All of the good resume makers online will provide you with a number of helpful tools that will make writing an impressive resume simple.

There needs to be job specific templates, samples, easy formatting, a word suggestion tool and other tools to simplify the entire process.

If no tools are given, then think twice about using that particular online resume maker.

3. Resume makers online allow you to save time in a couple of ways. Not only will you save time during the writing of your resume, but you will also save time on writing many resumes.

Writing one resume can be very time consuming without help and a resume maker will cut back on the time you spend writing so you can concentrate instead on applying for jobs. Plus, the resume maker will let you write a few different resumes for numerous types of jobs in just a few short minutes and not a few hours.

It is essential to write a resume that is tailored for a particular type of job because this is going to help you have a much better chance of being given an interview. Using a builder online helps you ensure that any job you apply for you will have the exact resume needed that will be sure to impress the employer you give it to.

Now that you have these facts about an online resume builder for free, you can see why using one is smart for any person. Just remember as you decide whether to use a resume maker or not that writing a resume is not what you want to spend all your time doing, getting a job is and the resume maker makes sure that you are able to write a professional resume quickly so you have the time required to get that job you want.

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Resume Tips For Writing A Resume That Will Make A Big Impression

Writing a resume is one of the most important tasks you will need to complete in your life. The resume is the only way to make a big first impression on any employer and there are some resume tips to make writing an impressive resume easy.

Any person that utilizes the following tips will be able to write an impressive resume in a short time without any difficulty at all.

One: Use an online resume builder - The simplest way to write an impressive resume is to utilize a resume builder on the internet. This will make the entire writing process simpler and a lot less time consuming.

Two: Use the right format for the various resume types - When you are applying for various types of jobs, the employer is going to want a specific resume type. You need to find out what type of resume the employer wants and then write your resume that way.

When you utilize a resume builder, the formatting is going to be done for you. All you will have to do is to fill in the blanks.

If you do not want to use a resume builder on the internet, you can take advantage of resume templates or samples to help you know what your resume should look like for a particular type of resume.

Three: Use a summary in your resume - It is always smart to use a summary in your resume because this will tell the employer the answer to the question, why are you the right person to hire for the job?

Just be sure you are specific and not vague when writing the summary so their question is answered completely and in just a few short sentences. This will make it easy for them to learn what they need to in seconds, which is vital since most employers only spend about 30 to 45 seconds looking at each entire resume they receive.

Four: Do not lie - This is a big mistake and definitely not one you will want to make. If you do lie, be ready to get caught and to need to explain yourself.

Lying on your resume may help you get the job, but you will not keep it for long once the employer realizes they have been duped and trust that they will when you are not able to do the job they ask you to because you do not know how.

These are the resume tips that will help you successfully write a resume that is going to make a big first impression on all employers. When you use these tips, you will be able to write a professional resume in a short amount of time that you will be very confident in and that you know is going to get you the results you are trying to achieve.

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