Four Notable Military Academies Having Summer Courses

Military academies which offer summer courses include the following: U.S. Army Cadet Corps Military Adventure Camp, Camden Military Academy, Freedom Alliance Military Leadership Academy, and also the United States Service Academy.

Summer time military schools are educational facilities that offer courses to students during their summer break. These types of educational facilities concentrate on physical training and developing whatever intellectual and behavioral skills the students may actually have. Students are trained with team building competencies through exercises which strengthen their confidence, with the utmost goal of building leadership abilities among the students.

U.S. Army Cadet Corps Military Adventure Camp

The Military Adventure Camp, that's commanded by the U.S. Army Cadet Corps, provides a course in fundamental cadet training in the summer months. Students need to take and finish this program before they could proceed to more complex programs. This course is not a disciplinary camp for the challenged youths; rather, members volunteer to take part in the program. It's a training ground for youngsters who've a desire to be a member of the army or those who desire a challenge. Students are required by the U.S. Army Cadet Corps to participate in marching, bodily training, rappelling, going to classes, martial arts, and also marksmanship. Students will also acquire expertise in the fundamentals of drills and ceremonies in the U.S. Army, its etiquette, as well as its background and the rank structure.

Camden Military Academy

Another military school which provides summer sessions is Camden Military Academy. This particular institution caters to boys who're needing academic development, as well as physical activity. Classes are held during weekdays with breaks for mealtimes and study hall periods. Outdoor activities are offered on the weekends. These kinds of outdoor activities are comprised of camping, hiking, sailing, paintball, diving, and marksmanship, and the like. Registration is limited to guys in the sixth through twelfth grades, and every camp lasts from two to five weeks. Boarding is also available to students for five to seven days per week.

Freedom Alliance Military Leadership Academy

Freedom Alliance Military Leadership Academy is an institution for senior high school students during the summer. The program lasts for a couple of weeks. It challenges students both physically and mentally and, at the same time, teaches leadership principles. Some of the features of the course include historical sites tours, military base trips, along with a trip of Washington, D.C. The educational activities in this specific program focus on American Military history, as well as emergency situations of the global military, to boost the students' critical thinking skills as well as decision-making capabilities.

United States Service Academy

The United States Service Academy features a basic and also leadership camp accessible in the summertime. Students participate in activities and also classroom teaching at West Point, where they're offered food and sleeping quarters at the famous Thayer Hotel and stay in four-adjoining-room rooms. The activities provided by the United States Service Academy are composed of trips to the United States Military Academy, sessions in the classroom, an assessment of cadet fitness, and a course in action paintball. During the program, learners are also taken for a field vacation to the city of New York, where they view several prominent attractions.

Most of these summer military academies have programs that last only two to six weeks.

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