How to Get Him Back: 3 Ways to Help Keep on His Mind

When your boyfriend breaks up with you, there are so many emotions flying about and things running in your mind. One of the most common questions that are asked is, "How to get him back?" Accomplishing that goal can be tough because you don't want to chase after him, looking desperate and completely needy. However, all you want is to stay in his mind. Yet, how can you do this?

There are several ways you can stay on his mind. When you utilize these steps, you are helping your cause and yourself. You want to stay on his mind in a positive manner.

- The first and most important tip to know is to not talk to him

Yes, you read correctly. Do not speak with your ex boyfriend for about a month. Contact that keeps being initiated only brings on more problems and issues to an already painful wound. Leave him be for that month so both of you can cool down and step back from the relationship. By giving him this time away, you make him miss you. Remember that absence does make the heart grow fonder but this can't occur if you are always in his face. By being away, he'll second guess himself about why he dumped you.

- The second thing you should be doing is work on your appearance

Try something different like a new hairstyle. Buy some clothes compliment your curves. If you don't like the way you look because of your weight, go on a diet, join a gym or maybe do both. If you hate the way you look when you smile, it's time to you're your teeth whitened or go to a dentist. Those annoying things that you never thought about when you were with your boyfriend will gnaw away at you. The goal is to look hot and get his attention again.

- The third thing you should do is get out there and gets a social life

This is especially true if you want your ex to be jealous of you. Get together with some friends and get social again. Grab some attention from other men. You don't have to date them seriously but you need to feel attractive and having a good time. Partying may be the last thing you really want to do but you can't sit around, feeling sorry for yourself. Besides you want your ex to see you looking like the breakup didn't affect you.

It may be a trick to get your ex boyfriend back but it works. Once he sees or hears about you looking your best and how you have been doing, it'll be in his mind in no time. He'll wonder why you aren't missing him. If you are getting plenty of attention from other men, the chances of him giving you some attention too is there. Dating is good but you don't have to be serious. If your ex gets wind of it, he'll get naturally jealous. All of this will make you feel better about yourself too.

What his impression will be is that you are moving on without him and he wasn't everything he thought he was in the relationship. That may sound cruel but the trick is to get him to think about you and giving the relationship a second go round. Besides you were hurt when he broke up with you right? So the end justifies the means. You'll make him crazy thinking about you while you worked on fixing yourself and your confidence.

Will you be moving on if you go through with this all? There is that possibility. Wouldn't it be nice to have him come back to you, begging for another chance and then you have the power of deciding if it's even worth it. You no longer have to ask yourself "how to get him back" but "do I even want him back?"

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