A Breakdown Of Nursing Salaries By Specialty

While there is no such thing as a truly recession-proof industry, nursing is a career that seems to always be in demand. With the "baby boomers" approaching the age where they will need more medical and nursing care, it's a safe bet that demand for nurses will stay strong and probably increase over the next several decades. In a market economy, higher demand means higher compensation, so the average salary for nurses is high and getting higher. Students who have decided to pursue nursing studies have got to be excited about their prospects, but with so many specialties to choose from, how does one know which type of nursing is right for them? Below is a brief survey of the average nursing salaries by specialty to help with that choice.

Hospital Nurse

Nurses who work in general medical care facilities and in hospitals have the highest concentration. The average salary for nurses in those types of facilities is $32.99 per hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. There are, of course variations within departments and specialties. Emergency room nurses tend to be at the high end of the scale while basic staff nurses tend to be lower. For nurses in specialty hospitals (cancer treatment centers, etc.), the average salary is higher ($35.23), but for those in outpatient care centers, it is lower ($32.47).

Doctors Offices

With comparisons to other facilities, doctors pay surprisingly well and are a likely employer for nurses. The average salary for nurses in a doctor's office is $33.91 per hour, but this figure could be skewed by the fact that doctor's offices generally have less turnover, so nurses stay long enough to see their salaries rise.

Nursing Care Facilities

Another place that employs a lot of nurses are nursing care facilities. The average nursing salary for those working in this type of institution is $28.84 per hour, according to BLS. The specialties for this type of nursing are a little more limited, with the options being staff nurse, treatment nurse (which usually pays about the same), case manager or registry nurse (both of which pay a bit more).

Travel Nurse

If you are pursuing nursing studies and you like to travel, home health care may be right for you. The average pay is $30.70, but there is usually also compensation for mileage. Hospice nursing often falls under the heading of home health and usually pays similarly.

This should give you a general idea of average nursing salaries by specialty, but if you have a particular area of interest, you should definitely take some time to research the salary for each nursing specialty.

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