Top Tips For Being A Successful Student

We all go through school, and we all end differently once it has concluded. The majority of us look back and wonder why we didn't put that extra 10% in to be a model, successful student. But, it's not as black and white as that, is it?

You need to know what you should do to hold this title. On a yearly basis, this seems to be something that is becoming clearer to all and sundry. Everyone is different; their makeup and mind sets are never the same. When finding the list for a successful student, there are a list of key ingredient staples that you need to think about. These are:

- Participation - The best way for us to learn is to experience it, and with this in mind, classroom participation is an integral part of this. They need to get involved in activities - ask questions, offer solutions and be honest when they don't understand something. As the cliché goes: "someone who asks a question is stupid for five minutes, someone who doesn't ask is stupid forever." This is, of course, difficult for students due to the peer pressure but participation is integral to growth.

- Attention - It's a fact that people need to be attentive to learn what they are doing or to do a good job. They should always be looking to improve learning and be aware of exactly what it is that is happening around them. Don't read or talk when you're supposed to be listening.

- Active - Students shouldn't let time go to waste, the twiddling of thumbs is never a viable option. Always do work outside the classroom and complete homework properly. While in lessons, be sure to be active.

- Effort - Always remember that the grades aren't what determines a successful or unsuccessful student; it's about getting out what you put in. Some students don't need to be studying as hard as others, but if you put in the effort to reach your goals then that means that you are a success. While some think that grades are the be all and end all of life, the truth is that if the end of school gets you to where you want to be then that means a student is a success.

- Enthusiasm - Of course, this is difficult but with a mix of interesting lessons and a desire to learn this is when you will find the key ingredients to successful students. They need to strive to be better.

These are five things to always consider when looking for what makes a student successful. There are, of course, more and this means that you should never stop moving forward as a student and always look for improvements.

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