30 Effective Phrases to Captivate Your Man's Heart

The words you use have power. It can inspire and captivate a man and make him notice you. What are the words you can use to effectively get a man's attention?

Just like women like to be praised and enjoyed being pampered especially told that they are capable and beautiful or have a nice and attractive face? They feel happy whenever they receive such compliments from men. The same goes for men. What do men like to hear from women?

If you're a smart woman, will you choose to compliment a man or say things to hurt his ego? Will you say things to make him feel lousy or say words to make him feel reassured that he is good and admired? Confidence is everything that makes a happy man. Men will naturally look at you differently from other women and pay attention to you more.

Effective words will captivate a man and remember to use them more often and you see the difference! Here's a list of effective phrases you can use to captivate his heart.

1. When can we meet again?
2. I can really trust in you
3. How do you know all this? I'm so impressed
4. I've never met any man like you before
5. I like who I am when I'm with you
6. I feel honored to know you
7. You're really so humorous!
8. You look wonderful/great with your new hair look
9. Are you really still single?
10. I like confident guys like you
11. Hey, you have special talent
12. I believe you can make it
13. I believe in you when you tell me...
14. You sure can do it
15. You have such a great idea
16. You are so different from other men
17. I love the way you look at things
18. You are good at doing things like that
19. Tell me more. I love to hear what you think
20. I'm happy when I'm with you
21. I agree what you said
22. You're great/amazing guy
23. I'm speechless
24. I like your jokes
25. I love to be with you
26. Thank you
27. Its really nice talking with you
28. You got a nice car
29. You make me laugh
30. You got a nice smile

It is hard to believe that some ordinary women just have the ability to melt a man's heart. Learn the secret to captivate a man's heart, go appeal to their needs and desires, using simple phrases or compliments can surely bring a smile on his face.

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