Why The Time Is Now To Learn A Trade Skill

The Chancellor's Autumn Statement might have made grim reading for many in the UK, but there was quite a lot of good news for skilled contractors.

George Osborne announced a major infrastructure investment plan which will mean plenty of new work for people working in a wide variety of trades - another good reason to consider investing in training courses.

The point of the infrastructure plan is to help boost the economy by creating loads of new jobs for skilled workers and making the UK a better place for businesses to operate.

But why is infrastructure so important? Well, the main reason is that having a good infrastructure can help businesses to be more efficient, productive and profitable:

•Good rail and road links mean products can be delivered more quickly and cheaply

•High speed internet can make office workers more productive

•Good schools mean businesses can find educated staff

According to government officials, investing in infrastructure could help boost Britain's economy and create thousands more jobs for skilled tradesmen.

The highlights of the government's infrastructure investment plan include:

•£20 billion of private investment

•Local government being given more control over the infrastructure of their area

•More than £1 billion to cut congestion and improve the roads

•£600 million to build 100 new Free Schools

•A boost for home builders through a new scheme which will help people buy a new build with only a 5% deposit.

On top of these infrastructure plans the Chancellor announced another great scheme for builders; a new £400 million investment fund which will help get stalled building projects back up and running.

With all this money to be spent the construction industry is going to be seeing a lot of major new projects. And when there are major new projects in the pipeline, construction companies will need to find people to do the work. So, it's a great time for people interested in training to become tradesmen.

It looks like exciting times ahead if you're in the construction industry, but things don't looks so rosy for people working in the public sector.

If you are interested in switching careers and learning a trade is a great way to get the qualifications you'll need.

Qualifications in plumbing, electrical installation and gas engineering are important to achieve if you want to stand a chance of gaining employment in the construction industry so it is vital that you undertake the best possible journey of learning.

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