Choosing The Right Tutor For A Successful Learning Experience

Choosing a tutor may almost be compared to selecting the right marriage partner. Compatibility can be as important as knowledge and experience in the subject the tutor will cover.

While having personalities that match can make the relationship more comfortable, that does not mean being buddies. The tutor is there to help the student overcome hurdles in comprehension of the subject, not to become a pal.

Experience Counts

Having a teachers' certificate does not necessarily indicate the quality of tutoring ability. While some teacher's do well conveying information in the classroom, this may not extend to a one-on-one basis. Some graduate students can sometimes make excellent tutors. Having proof of previous success as a tutor in the subject area to be taught should be supplied by a letter of recommendation. If not available, the tutor should at least prove expertise in a demonstration of ability to tutor and knowledge about the subject.


It is not the responsibility of a tutor to do homework or fulfill assignments for the client. The student should understand that this is not the reason for using the expertise of the tutor. However suggestions of how to study for them in order to produce quality work in a classroom setting should be welcomed.

Tailoring Tutoring to the Individual Student

Each student has a different ability and learning style. This is why at times classroom teaching makes it difficult for some to absorb information that is presented in a room full of classmates and distractions. The tutor should be able to relate to the student's particular way of relating to the material being taught and work that into the presentation of the material.

Taking Time to Help the Student Learn

While it takes patience on the part of the tutor to make sure the student fully comprehends what is being taught, it should be expected. If there are signs of impatience, it may be time to find another tutor.

Motivation or Discouragement

The attitude of the tutor toward teaching the individual student can make the difference between motivating or discouraging progress. A good tutor will be enthused about the subject and convey that in tutoring sessions. If the tutor appears bored at any time, the student should look for someone else who is excited about the subject being taught and the progress being made.

Keeping it Legal

It is prudent to have a legal contract when hiring a tutor, whether as an individual or through a tutoring agency. Everything promised to the student should be spelled out in writing to make sure it includes such items as a free period to ascertain whether or not the tutor and student are compatible, any charges that have not been explained, the cost of sessions missed by the student. Anything not understood should be discussed.

No matter whether the client is a student still in school or someone just wanting to learn more about a particular subject, having the right tutor can provide a long lasting and satisfying experience.

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