Why Solid References Are Important

Many people assume that reference checks are simply a way for potential employers to verify that qualified applicants are not lying on their application or resume. However, many companies treat reference checks as an important part of the decision making process when it comes to hiring a new employee.

The Importance of Choosing Good References

When you put a person down as a reference on a job application or resume, it is important that you choose a person who knows how you work. Typically, it can help to choose a person who was a former co-worker, boss, or teacher to put down as a reference. Former co-workers and bosses can discuss your strong points as a worker, while former teachers or professors can discuss your diligence as a student. When you put someone down as a reference, you need to choose people who will highlight your strong points. You need to choose people who will talk you up to your potential employer. While your resume or application may seem solid, a good reference could be what it takes to get you the job.

Be Honest with Your References

Before you put a person down as a reference, discuss what is on your application or resume. You do not want to put down information on your application or resume that does not match up with what your references may say about you. For example, if you put your former boss down as a reference, discuss what your job duties were during your time as his employee. Always be honest with your references, as well as with the information you put on your application or resume.

Keeping Your References Updated

During the job hunting process, you should always keep your references up-to-date on your job search. If you land an interview with a company, let your references know they could potentially receive a call from the company. Always tell the people you are using as references that you are giving out their information. When you prepare your references, it makes it easier for those people to set aside time and discuss your strong points with your potential employer. Preparing your references also helps avoid any surprises when a company calls to ask about you. If your references are caught off guard, they may not know what to say about you or may not be willing to act as your reference.

Always stay in contact with your references. During your job search, your references may change jobs, telephone numbers, and addresses. You need to keep this information updated to ensure that you put the right information on applications, as well as your resume.

Job hunting is never easy. While a stellar resume or application can get the attention of a hiring manager, the information may not be enough to truly gauge what type of worker you are. Having solid references for your reference check can help hiring managers get a better understanding of who you are as a person, as well as who you are as an employee.

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