Why Would Anyone Want To Learn To Speak French?

As communication and travel continue to connect the global community, the desire to learn to speak French or any other popular language makes sense for a variety of reasons. The world may not be shrinking physically, but it certainly seems smaller in terms of accessibility and opportunity. Studying French is a good choice because this language is considered to be the second most influential and most commonly taught language in the world. It is also the third most spoken non-English language.

For Americans, studying French has value in the business world because France is the second leading investor in the United States. Both countries share businesses and subsidiaries that employ thousands of workers and encourage interaction across the Atlantic. The man or woman who can speak and understand French definitely has increased marketability in the world of international commerce.

The concept of learning several foreign languages does not come easily to most Americans, but it is not unusual for Europeans to speak three or four languages and understand a few more. Only in America, have schools been reluctant to burden their students with intensive foreign language study. However, that attitude is changing, especially as the rest of the world continues to move into American markets and compete for employment there.

Not all language students want to study French to improve their resumes. For some people, learning French also speaks to becoming more culturally affluent. Historically, French is one of the Romance languages, and as such, it is closely associated to culture, design, cuisine, dance, music, theatre and the art world. Think of the great French chefs, the famous French designers of haute couture, brand-name perfumes, brilliant operas and other societal influences that are rooted firmly in the colorful language of France.

For those who plan to travel abroad to visit or to relocate, learning to speak the native language can be a real advantage. While it is true that English is understood in many places of the world including France, speaking the native language of a country shows respect and appreciation to one's hosts. Certainly, any opportunity to spread American goodwill is worth some effort.

Properly understanding the French language also involves grasping the culture and history that created it. This is an education in itself. What started as a simple effort to speak and understand another language can blossom into an appreciation for the contributions France has made to the world. Among others, French is the largest language donor of foreign words to the English language. For that reason alone, a common bond might exist.

Studies show that studying a foreign language can enhance cognitive brain activity. Problem-solving skills and memorization ability are strengthened. There also appears to be a correlation with mathematical development. It may seem strange, but those who study French will invariably improve their awareness and understanding of their own native language in the process.

Contrary to popular advertisements, one cannot become fluent in French or any other foreign language overnight. The average person will require six months to five years depending upon natural abilities. Immersing oneself in the French culture and language can speed up the process significantly. It is possible to learn to speak French, and the process as well as the accomplishment can be an enriching adventure.

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