Six Valuable Points To Know About Helicopter Training

Things to learn about helicopter training include fundamental requirements, objectives, flight programs, cost, training schedule, and exploration.

The prerequisites for helicopter training in the United States are standardized based on the kind of flying permit a person wants. There is training for business helicopter flying, private helicopter flying, and plane flying - these licenses can be obtained after the completion of all requirements. Forty is the lowest number of hours needed for helicopter training, but generally, a helicopter pilot student would spend about 80 hours. And on top of the minimum number of training hours, students are also required to get a third-class medical accreditation.

Primary requirements

A student in helicopter flying is needed to complete 40 hours of flying time, which includes 10 hours of flying the craft alone. And in addition to the completion of those forty hours of flying period, the student should also pass a written assessment, and also a practical test or check ride. It takes approximately 4 to 8 months for a regular pilot to accomplish the various ratings, such as private, instrument, business, CFI and CFII.


Identify early the objectives you wish to complete and the specifications you'll have to meet in your helicopter training. The training for commercial helicopter pilots has higher requirements than those for needed to work for an exclusive helicopter firm. Meanwhile, helicopter training for an exclusive pilot will have only the primary requirements.

Flight programs

Finding a flight program or school which will meet your personal objectives requires you to research experience and also qualifications of several flight schools, along with the teachers at those schools. You need to figure out ahead of time the specified time period that required for a trainee to obtain a license in that program. The training for helicopter flying depends on the possible pilot's time and available funds, along with the schedule of the flight school. Pick the three best flight schools you can find. And then, spend a good amount of time asking students, teachers, and also pilots for their opinions and also suggestions prior to making a final decision.


The charge for the license and training will set you back about 20,000 dollars. Generally, during training, a possible helicopter pilot should shell out approximately 275 dollars for each hour. In addition, ground lessons, flight supplies, text book, healthcare assessments, examinations and fees for trainers will also cost approximately 1,000 dollars.

Training schedule

When choosing a flight school, be sure to pick one which has a satisfactory number of teachers so delays in training can be lessened. You must also determine beforehand a sensible plan for studying, flying, and taking the tests.


Find time to discover the several types of helicopters that are normally utilized for trainings. A couple of the most typical civilian helicopters are the Robinson 22 and also the Schweizer 300. Interview a number of flight school trainers on the advantages and drawbacks of the available helicopters that'll be utilized for the training periods.

Only students who are above sixteen years old are eligible to train to fly helicopters.

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