Secrets And Tips To Learn French Fast

Learning French can help boost a person's job opportunities and romantic prospects. In addition to being considered one of the most romantic languages in the world, French is also used in many countries around the world, opening up vast new markets for people fluent in the language. While learning any new language can be daunting, French isn't really that difficult for native English speakers to pick up. People who want to learn French fast use a combination of methods and tricks that increase vocabulary, improve speaking skills and enhance listening ability all at once.

Getting a good grasp on the basics is key to mastering French quickly. Start by learning 10 to 20 new words each day, concentrating on high-frequency words, not those that are infrequently used. Use flashcards, or a flashcard program on your computer, to quickly pick up new words. Learning whole phrases and sentences also helps. Buy a good basic phrasebook and memorize all the simple phrases in the book. This is a good way to get started really speaking French quickly without getting lost in the intricacies of grammar.

Listening skills are especially important for learners of French because the sounds in the language often seem to blend into each other. Fortunately, there are plenty of French-language movies, television programs and radio shows available to help French learners practice their listening skills. For listening comprehension, the key is how much time the student spends listening to native speakers, not the specific program. Listening to a wide variety of news reports, fun programs and recorded lessons is one way to keep interest up and get exposure to how real French speakers talk. Movies and television shows are especially good for improving listening comprehension because the viewer can often guess the meaning of unknown words from the context of what is going on in the show.

In general, concentrating on the speaking and listening parts of French is more beneficial to rapid learning than concentrating on reading and writing French. Once a French student is a decent speaker, he or she can concentrate on reading and writing to further improve fluency.

To become truly fluent in French, it is imperative to speak the language. Immersion in French is the fastest way to gain true fluency, so joining a French conversation group or traveling to France may be necessary. A private tutor or conversation partner can also help someone learn French fast because the one-on-one interaction provides quick feedback for both listening and speaking skills. Before meeting with a tutor or conversation group, it is a good idea to practice a few phrases and words that are likely to come up during the conversation. This primes the brain for the conversation session as well as boosting confidence. It is also a good idea to take notes during a French conversation and pick out five to ten new words or phrases from the conversation to concentrate on memorizing. Learning a few new things each conversation can help speed up language learning and improve French comprehension for the next conversation session.

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