How To Learn French Online

The best way to learn French, or any other language, is to spend as much time as possible communicating with a native speaker. However, this is better said than done when the French language learner does not live in a country where French is predominantly spoken. However, the Internet has made it much easier to find a French speaker to learn French online with.

Online Conversations

Through the Internet, people from around the world can communicate through webcam, VoIP, text-based communication and a variety of other mediums. Many French speakers would love to learn English or another language and would be willing to help English speakers learn French online.

Many companies and websites will offer to pair French language learners up with native speakers. People can communicate with one another through text and voice chat. Some companies have pen-pal services where users can either send electronic messages or even send actual letters. There are also conversational partner services. Many foreigners living in another country can be set up with native speakers who are willing to meet and have conversations in both languages.

Being able to see the partner that you communicate with can be helpful because a large portion of communication is actually non-verbal. Therefore, much can be lost when two people try to communicate electronically over the Internet. However, the Internet makes it easy and efficient for people to get in contact with each other.

Some foreign language services are entirely free and simply allow users to search for other foreign language speakers themselves. Other services charge a fee, but often provide more assistance in the process.

Online courses

Finding a conversational partner can be very useful, but when having conversations, many non-native speakers do not think to cover certain aspects of the language, such as proper grammar or conversational topics that are likely to occur for a traveling non-native speaker that aren't likely to occur in a conversation, such as when the traveler needs to ask a waiter questions in a restaurant. Also, conversational partners will not know the most effective teaching techniques. For this reason, an online foreign language instructor can be very helpful.

Individual foreign language instructors or online French courses will have a more comprehensive curriculum. Some courses are taught using the immersion technique, which means that all of the content is in the foreign language. In order to understand the content and communicate with the instructor, students must learn the language.

Supplemental resources

There are also a large number of free French resources online that will help supplement the process of learning French online. While these supplementary tools cannot replace actual immersion in a French-speaking culture and face-to-face conversations with a native French speaker, they can help people memorize certain French words and phrases as a way to speed up the process of learning French.

Online supplementary tools include podcasts, videos, flashcards, quizzes and other innovative learning tools. These tools make it possible for French learners to hear the correct pronunciation of French words and also help French language learners save time by only studying those words and language rules that they do not remember.

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