How to Win Him Back? Effective Rules to Reel Him Back

Do you believe that your ex breaking up with you was a bad idea? Do you believe that both of you should be together and spend the rest of your life with one another? You don't want to look desperate when you ask him to give you another chance. Would you be surprised to learn that there is something you can do about this? How to win him back? If you want him back, you don't have to say anything because he'll come back on his own.

(1) No Contact with Your Ex

When you breakup with your ex, break off any contact for about a month. This means you stop communication with them by text message, no e-mails, phone calls and you can't be in the same places he is in.

Why is this so important? Remember the phrase, "absence makes the heart grow fonder"? If you are always around, he won't be able to miss you. How to win him back to you again? You have to keep away from him in order for him to miss you. That's your first devious way to get him back in your arms.

Physical and Emotional Makeovers

Once the breakup occurs, start working on your physical and emotional appearances. It may seem vain but its one good way in reeling your ex back and make him to notice you once again. It may be evil to trick them in this way but if you want to get back on your ex's mind, it is the way to go.

(2) Physical Appearance - If you don't like the way you are, do something about it. Get a new hair style or hair color. Buy some new clothes or shoes. If you don't like how much you weigh, then start losing those weights. You don't have to be a knockout, just find what brings out your best qualities and run with it.

(3) Emotional Appearance - Once you have gotten your new looks squared away, get out with some friends on the town. Sure, you may still be reeling from the breakup pain but he doesn't have to know this. In fact, go out and have some fun. Start getting the attention of other men. You need to feel attractive again. Your man will be jealous in return.

These 3 things are very effective in getting what you want dearly… to win him back. If he sees you as if you are moving on, he'll wonder why he ever let you go. If he comes back on his own, you know you want to win him back and would work your best to treasure him more. If not, then use this month to heal and get on with your life.

Remember that you want to get your man back into your life. Pleading and begging to take you back will not work for you. For more information, visit

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