A Counter Terrorism Degree Online Will Help When Seeking Counter Terrorism Careers

A high demand exists for people trained in counter terrorism. Aside from the observation that the U.S. is engaged in a struggle against global terrorism, evidence suggests that terrorism is ongoing and will be a continued problem in the world. That fact, that global terrorism is going to be a continued problem, calls for people trained in counter terrorism and other related areas. For students thinking about a future career, or for working professionals looking to change careers or add to their existing work routine, counter terrorism careers are a realistic and rewarding option.

The National Counter Terrorism Center (2011) suggests that there were over 11,500 terrorist attacks in 72 countries last year. The results of those attacks were 13,200 deaths and an estimated 50,000 victims. Those numbers are staggering and point to the problem of worldwide terrorism. Further, the NCTC (2011) suggests that terrorist attacks rose by 5% last year, an indication that many terrorist groups are still in operation even though there is an ongoing war against them.

Two important observations can be made from that data. First is the sobering fact that terrorist attacks increased rather than decreased in 2010. Obviously, the objective of the U.S. and other allied governments is to reduce the number of terrorist attacks, with the overarching goal being the witnessing of a complete cessation of terrorist attacks. In order to reduce terrorist attacks, more people may be needed in critical counter terrorism roles. . Indeed, a larger force is likely going to be needed to address a problem that spans the globe. Further, more people with specialized training will be needed to fill roles that require such specialized education and training. That leads to the second important observation made from the NCTC (2011) data—educated people are needed.

People educated in the area of counter terrorism and related fields are needed to win the fight against terrorism. This means that a person with a counter terrorism degree would be specially fitted to serve in important counter terrorism roles. A person with a counter terrorism degree can immediately step into counter terrorism careers and begin work with a proficiency of the trade that reflects higher level education. The fact that a counter terrorism degree is available speaks to the burgeoning maturity of the field, a maturity that did not exist ten years ago. Because a person can learn the knowledge and the tradecraft of counter terrorism from a university, the person does not have to make the same mistakes as someone without university level training. They certainly will not make the same mistakes that people in the profession made ten years ago because they did not have a developed knowledge base to apply.

University level training in counter terrorism is important, but such training is not always available as many universities do not offer such degree programs. It is possible, however, to find a school that specializes in counter terrorism training and attain a degree from that institution. In fact, it is possible to earn a counter terrorism degree online. One can earn their counter terrorism degree online from a university that takes counter terrorism and related fields seriously. Earning a counter terrorism degree online from such a university provides a high degree of assurance that the person will receive a solid education and the knowledge they need to support their search for counter terrorism careers.

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