5 Benefits of Having Access to an Educational Stock Footage Library

One of the top assets to have access to as a video producer for topics with an educational slant is an educational stock footage library. The wide variety of clips available in the library will make your job significantly easier because you can use stock footage for many minutes of your video. There are large libraries of educational stock footage available on the internet. Consider these five benefits when evaluating whether a library of educational video content is worth your money.

1. Enhance Learning Experience

When you are making videos or slideshows, using stock footage can enhance the educational experience by exposing viewers to video clips taken in different times and places. In today's digital age, viewers expect to see relevant videos, not just images of someone giving a lecture or slides of words. Including these clips from the library ensures that the videos you produce are fun and interesting, holding the attention of viewers and teaching them about the topics covered in the videos.

2. Search for Relevant Clips

Rather than having to commission video clips or film them yourself, you can just search the stock footage library for clips that are relevant for the videos you are making. You can view the clips right away and choose from a few to find the best educational video content for your project.

3. Access to Past Videos

In addition to maintaining many timeless video clips about nature, science, geography, and other similar topics, educational stock footage libraries also have videos from the past. These historical clips are ones you cannot duplicate, so the only way to get them is by having access to stock videos. Some of the best types of videos include war footage, presidential speeches, and news stories covering some of the major events in recent history.

4. Easy to Gain Rights

Whereas getting rights to reuse most video found online is a nightmare, the website that provides the stock footage library handles the licensing and rights for those videos. When you subscribe and pay the relevant fees, you can be sure that you are using the footage legally and will not be subject to costly lawsuits about the footage.

5. Keep Budget Low

Paying to use stock footage will almost always be less expensive than shooting your own comparable footage. If you use the content regularly the fees you pay to have access to the educational stock footage library will quickly pay for themselves. They also help you have more time to work on gaining clients and selling videos, not just shooting and editing them. Using royalty free footage is another way to reduce content fees.

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