5 Ways to Get Over from a Broken Heart

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How does a broken heart occur? It occurs when a person has a low self esteem and has been let down by the high expectations they had. When a person gives another person total control of their happiness only to have that person leave later on, the pain that it causes can be devastating. When two people meet and one of the persons weaves their lives and future around the other, it can be horrible if that person fails to measure up to how they see them.

So how can you get over from a broken heart? There are five ways to do this.

Take Time Out - Remember that you need time to yourself as much as with someone. However, if the relationship has ended keep yourself out of their way. Until the pain of it all wears off, it's best to not even be friends. Once you feel better, if you feel like doing being friends again, and then do so. When you are most susceptible is the best time to stay away from them.

Accept Blame - Remember that the end of a relationship is never one-sided. Yet, it's easy to blame the person who broke up with you because you are hurting. However, the quicker you understand your part in the failed relationship, the less grief you end up having. Thus the healing process can begin through sympathy and consideration.

Love Yourself - How can you love anyone if you don't first love yourself? Make sure you give yourself love at the time you need it most. That's when you feel unattractive and not needed. Try to nurture yourself to heal that broken heart quicker and by doing this will make your mind stop thinking about your ex who cause the pain and put all its thoughts on you instead. Try to rebuild your sense of worth and your value.

Accept the Situation - Remember that relationships come and go. The cycle of pain and pleasure is a part life's little lessons that everyone needs to go through to grow. Once you realize all this, then you get to the forgiveness process. Try to remember that with every positive, there is always a negative. Try to think of it this way: the love you have is to nurture you while the pain makes you grow to face the obstacles that head your way. If you have vengeance in your heart, you only prolong your agony. Try to learn those lives' lesion quickly so that you don't miss the opportunity of someone more worthy of your time come along.

Move On - Give yourself the daily reminder that one instance does not gauge the rest of your survival. While one person thinks you are one thing, another person can totally think that's negative. You are not any more invaluable than the person who dumped you. Look past the negatives and see the positive. Perhaps the relationship wasn't worth being together in the first place though you probably can't see that during the initial breakup. Love yourself past their feelings. Who cares what they think in the end? Look straight ahead and move on. Forget the past but don't forget to learn from your mistakes. In the end, you'll be glad you can overcome it.

If you want to move on, utilize these five steps to see you through the tough times and move on with your life now.

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