Train To Be A Solar Electrical Engineer

If you are looking for a career with a bright future, you may like to start training to become a solar panel installer.

An essential part of the British government's environmental policy is the promotion of renewable energy with an increased focus on encouraging more domestic and commercial properties to install solar panels.

Solar photovoltaic (PV) technology turns energy from the sun that shines onto the panel's cells into electricity, which is then used to run appliances without emitting any greenhouse gas.

In order to be able to install a solar panel, an electrical engineer should have achieved the appropriate qualification that demonstrates their competence in working with such technology.

Industry body City & Guilds has introduced the 2399-11 Solar Photovoltaic Installers Course which is aimed at qualified electricians who already posses an appropriate electrical NVQ or an equivalent qualification that provides evidence of competence.

City & Guilds provide of accredited qualifications in Britain and many employees in the construction industry will only hire solar engineers if they have a certificate of achievement from them.

Gaining this qualification will enable engineers to declare their competence in the field of solar PV systems and take advantage of the growing number of employment opportunities in the market.

Anyone looking to start training to become a solar engineer should also have achieved the City & Guilds 2382 which demonstrates knowledge of the seventeenth edition of the IEE Wiring Regulations.

The 2399 solar electrical qualification has been designed to provide students with skills and knowledge of photovoltaic systems and their related regulations and code of practice.

Students can achieve the qualification by completing a five day course that will provide the necessary training and assessment that will make certain that they are able to install small scale grid connected domestic photovoltaic systems.

There is a seven day version of the course which will covers the original materials plus two additional units that relate to the service of PV equipment, which is an option for engineers who want to offer a programme of maintenance.

Studying on these courses is a combination of both classroom and practical assessment with all students required to wear safety boots but any other necessary equipment should be provided by the training centre.

These solar PV courses can cost hundreds of pounds so students must make certain that they choose the best training centre possible with the latest, cutting-edge renewable technology.

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