The Growth Of The Amazon Empire - A Case Study (for the sake of time, Amazon, henceforth) has certainly come a very long way since Jeff Bezos first introduced his company back in 1995. When it was first released, it was just an online bookstore who's goal was to offer more books than any other physical bookstore could ever hope to offer. Things have changed a lot since 1995, and in 2012, Amazon still offers books, but they offer much, much more than that now.

The Amazon website is a haven for anything that you want to purchase. If you can't find the item that you are looking for anywhere else, you can find it on Amazon. Customer service is fast and efficient. Items that are purchased early in the business day are always sent out that same day, and communication via email is great to let you know where your item is at, and if there is a delay or not. Most recently, Amazon has introduced a new service to their website, called Amazon Prime. They offer an expedited shipping service for members, as well as many other great benefits, such as borrowing books for your Kindle right from the online store. All of this is given for a generous monthly price that truly cannot be beat. In addition, shoppers also benefit from regularly released Amazon promo codes, which further discount already competitive prices.

In 2007, Amazon dove into the E-reader field, and launched a new product called the Kindle. Since 2007, Kindles have changed a lot. They still do the same things that did back when they were first released, but each year Amazon makes tweaks and changes to make their Kindle products better.

Kindle Fire was released recently, as a tablet that lets people read books, go online, watch movies, and play games, all in one device and in full color. Kindle Fire has already generated a ton of sales, and things look very good for the future of Amazon's little tablet.

In the 17 years that Amazon has been around, they have grown exponentially. Growing from a simple online bookstore, they now offer everything that you can think of. If you can't find what you are looking for anywhere else, Amazon will always be here to offer that item to you, at a great price. With E-readers, and now a tablet, it is clear to see that Amazon plans to continue to attract new customers with a wide variety of things to offer their potential buyers. How is this? Because they are Amazon, and they offer everything, from a to z, and they do it with a smile placed on every box that comes from them.

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