How To Become A Multi-Skilled Tradesman

In today's current financial climate there is increased demand for tradespeople to be multi-skilled so it is important that they have the appropriate qualifications.

There are many multi-skill training packages available for people in the trades industry which cover numerous specific subjects that will provide students with a wider range of knowledge in those areas.

Standard multi skills packages usually include training in areas such as tiling, plastering, bricklaying and plumbing but some centres allow students to compile their own structure of learning to suit their requirements.

Multi-skills packages usually cost in excess of one thousand pounds due to the level of training on offer but prices may vary on the type of disciplines selected so you should always ask a training centre to cost your unique package.

The most flexible trades training centres are able to provide these multi-skills courses on a weekend or evenings, which is ideal for people who have commitments during the week such as nine-to-five jobs.

It is important to ensure that the training centre that you select is accredited by City & Guilds and CAA Assessment Centre because then you will be able to achieve a qualification that will demonstrate your multi-skills talents.

Once you have attained a nationally recognised qualification showing your competence in a multitude of trades, you will become more employable as you will be able to provide numerous jobs without having to outsource.

Being multi-skilled saves money for both yourself and your customers because firstly you do not have to share your profits with anyone else and secondly there will be no need to employ additional tradespeople.

A typical multi-skills qualification will take approximately seven weeks to complete and will enable you to cover three specific subjects in enough detail to gain a City & Guilds award.

During the qualification course, you will be required to demonstrate your competence in each area by building a portfolio of your work as you progress through your training.

Once you have passed all of the appropriate assessments and examinations you will be given the City & Guilds 6218 Diploma, which will confirm your qualification as a multi-skilled tradesman.

Alternatively, if you do not need a qualification and are just looking for courses that will give you the abilities to complete jobs around the house for DIY purposes, there are also amateur multi-skills courses available.

For these amateur courses, there is not need to have had any previous experience so they are open to trainees of all levels.

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