Discover How To Achieve A Tiling NVQ

If you are serious about becoming a professional tiler, then you will need to achieve a tiling NVQ qualification.

Many reputable tiling training providers prove an eight week package of learning that will incorporate the teaching of various techniques in order to prepare you to work within the industry and ultimately achieve the NVQ.

An eight week course will contain teaching related to standard domestic requirements as well as education about more complex projects such as installing wet rooms and decorative aspects such as geometric tiling.

Trainees will benefit from gaining a solid understanding of how to prepare every possible wall and floor background through learning plastering and rendering techniques.

Starting an eight week course will take you through every stage of tiling so that initially begin to understand the basics before moving on from a novice to become a fully competent tiler that is able to complete any potential project.

In just eight weeks, you will notice quick progression from understanding how to use basic plain ceramic tiles through to learning how to perform complex mosaics on Victorian pathways with decorative tiles.

As you progress through the stages of this course, we will cover aspects of tiling as basic as the use of standard 6" white ceramic tiles, right through to tiling with mosaics and eventually laying something as complex as Victorian pathways.

All professional tiling courses will focus on how to keep tiling projects as clean as possible as well as concentrating on personal protective equipment and general health and safety.

One important area of the course which will prepare you to work as a professional tiler will be how to quote for different types of projects and how to place orders for the appropriate materials and tools.

Before you rush into signing up to a tiling course you must make certain that a centre is approved for NVQ assessment otherwise you will not be able to gain the necessary qualifications that demonstrate your competence.

You must expect to provide your own clothing and protective footwear but all reputable centres will provide students with the most up-to-date tiling tools and materials in order to replicate a real-life experience.

If you already have a job in another profession but want to train to become a tiler, you will want to take this NVQ course at weekends so do some research to see which centres are able to offer this structure of learning.

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