Get Past Painful Memories - Here's How

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When people get divorced, often times they want to get past the painful memories and relive those days they had before they were married. Unfortunately, it does not work that way. You can't get back what you had.

You don't want to forget the good times you had with your ex spouse including the birth of your children, their birthdays and whatever else was good about the marriage. However, you can ease the pain you feel without forgetting.

You can change how you look at events including hurtful ones by harnessing a natural mental skill. Thus change the pain into a shrug or turn it into a laugh. Remember that some memories will last your lifetime. While some are good while others not so much. It may be difficult to remember those good times as well. Sometimes all you want to do is move forward with your life.

For anyone going through a divorce, this is true. Divorces are difficult but keep a hold of those wonderful memories. Change the ones you find painful into better memories. Should you have plenty of bad memories, time can heal wounds and you can change them then. This doesn't mean rewriting the past. It means you change how you view them. Since the memories are so fresh, it's best to change them now.

If you are getting divorced after years of marriage, you know there were ups and downs to the marriage. It's vital to keep those good memories to keep a positive outlook on life and in your attitude. When a divorce is occurring, everything in your surroundings will seem familiar. Be sure you can meet head on the feelings that come with the memories.

Sometimes it is best to find an outlet or "an anchor" that helps you to cope with the things that make you remember those days. Try to think of something funny. Perhaps a friend who could crack a joke and make you smile or maybe a funny movie that made you laugh hysterically. Keep that in your mind continuously.

That's not to say those memories can't come back. They can and should. You can be in the middle of something one day and the feeling is there thus bringing back the memories of what once was. As long as you can control those feelings, you can feel comfortable with having those memories.

Don't forget that no matter how hard you try, those memories will be in the back of your mind. However, if you get past some of those negative feelings, you have to work past them. Get over your past relationship fast. There are some techniques you can use that can help.

Try to make as many new good memories as possible. You still have a life so be joyous about this fact. Go on and enjoy life, no matter what the enjoyment is as long as it is positive and not negative like drugs and alcohol. Don't keep out those good memories just because you are no longer together. Doing this only allows you think about it more thus this causes you undue pain.

Utilizing these techniques, you'll discover more ways that will help you deal with the reality that the past is just that… the past. That all you have to look forward to is the future.

Try to remember that when one door closes, another one opens. This includes divorces. Move past what has hurt and think about the wonderful things that could be lying in your future. It's time to get past the painful memories.

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