Nursing School Education Can Put You On The Fast Track

In the present world economic condition, more and more people find themselves out of a job. With unemployment expected to hover near double digits, this situation is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. So what's the solution? Find a career that offers good pay and job stability even during a recession. A nursing school education offers just that-a career in nursing, which will insure that you will never be stuck looking for work.

To enter the nursing field, there are generally 3 paths you can take. You can come in as a CNA (certified nursing assistant), an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse), or an RN (Registered Nurse). All 3 paths can take you where you're going, some just a little faster than others.

If you decide to become a CNA, you can start working within about a month or perhaps less. The training and certification is very short, and once completed you can be earning an hourly rate of $10-$15, depending on the area you live. While working as a CNA, your duties will be to assist LPNs and RNs in caring for patients and performing some of the same tasks, but under the supervision of a nurse. This is not a bad way to gain some practical experience in the nursing field while pursuing a higher position.

Going to licensed practical nursing school and becoming an LPN is perhaps the most popular route into the nursing field. The schooling can be completed in under two years and you can earn a starting salary in the mid five figures. LPNs normally work under the supervision of RNs and perform most of the basic tasks of caring for a patient. After completing LPN training and beginning work, many people continue going to school part time working toward becoming an RN. Still others are content with the salary and work of an LPN and decide to stay at that level.

An RN is the highest paid type of nurse and also the one with the most responsibility. In many hospitals and other medical institutions, RNs are in charge of a team of LPNs. They are responsible to keep things organized and make sure all the patients are receiving the care that they need. This can be a very rewarding and sometimes stressful career, but the pay and benefits make it well worthwhile for many people.

Whatever route you decide to take, entering nursing school is a very wise career move. You will always have a job as long as you're able to do the work and you'll almost certainly be paid well above average while having the opportunity to care for others in a rewarding and satisfying profession.

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