Touch Typing for Kids

Most of us would agree that touch typing is an important skill that need to be learned particularly when computer keyboard is frequently used nowadays. Therefore, it is imperative for kids to pick up touch typing skill. Knowing how to type without looking at the keyboard would help kids to be more efficient in completing their school assignments.

Touch typing for kids teaches them to type efficiently without needing to look at the keyboard. Children who grasp touch typing will be familiar with the keyboard keys location due to muscle memory.

There are many software applications that teaches children to learn touch typing. For example, BBC has a website that offers touch typing games for kids. The website is easy to use and kids-friendly as it is designed with a lot of cartoons and suits and is very engaging to the kids.

Typing for kids is important especially when they are in primary. Kids should be able to type while in primary school. Touch typing for kids are usually arranged in a sequence from basic level and slowly advances in higher levels.

So far, the problems that the kids face while using programs that teaches touch typing for kids are the accent. This a minor problem as kids have the ability to adapt faster than adults and they usually do not have any problems once they get comfortable with the program.

The website, offered by BBC and Senselang typing is free to use online. It is designed in sequence of its level and teaches touch typing for kids as young as 7 years old. Since computers are getting very common and many kids are already using it, it is important that they learn touch typing as it can help them write faster compared to the traditional way of using the pen and paper.

Touch typing for kids are fun-filled method of teaching kids to type without looking at their keyboard. It is filled with a lot of games that indirectly help kids to learn. Touch typing for kids programs are also filled with a lot of songs making it lively and fun to learn.

Besides all the lessons that seemed more like play than work, there are also worksheets to test out the kids skills to ensure that they are learning and improving.

A teacher who teaches touch typing for kids should be aware of the correct sitting posture and allow the kids to take a rest in between classes. Things that the teachers should remember includes reminding the kids to rest when they feel tired, check the positioning of the kids sitting and their eye level to the monitor, remind the kids to stay away from using the mouse too much to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome, or any other sprain on the wrist, back and neck.

Basically, these are the health safety that ensures the kids learn in a safe environment.

There are many typing software for kids available which are designed for touch typing. One of the examples is the BBC touch typing website. Others include typing gloves that provides a pair of gloves marked with the alphabets for the kids to wear and learn. Another famous typing tutor is KAZ touch typing software which is widely used in the United Kingdom.

Website programs will require the kids to go online while programs such as mavis beacons typing software that needs installation on the computer enable kids to learn without the presence of the internet.

Touch typing for kids is important nowadays in view of the frequent use of computer keyboards. Download trial version of Kaz Typing software for free at

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