BBC Touch Typing

In this world, speed is of the essence. As such, one of the ways in which you can learn how to do things quickly would be by typing as fast as you can. The BBC Dance Mat Typing is one of the easiest ways for your children to learn how to touch type. If you are uncertain what touch typing actually is, basically it is the fastest way for someone to type on the keyboard. How is this done?

With touch typing, you are actually using your memory and positioning skills to move your fingers around the keyboard while typing coherent words and sentences. Once you get the hang of touch typing, you will find that your fingers are literally flying across the keyboard and you will marvel at how the words seem to flow out onto your computer screen.

On any keyboard, you will notice that the F and J keys have slight bumps on them. The newer keyboards might have the same keys raised up slightly higher than the other keys. These keys belong to the home row - otherwise known as the row in the middle - and it is this method which helps users remember and recognise the positioning of all the other letters on the keyboard.

While you and I might find it difficult to get into the touch typing craze, your children have the advantage of learning it from a young age due to interactive programs like the BBC Dance Mat Typing. Wherever you are, you will be able to access this wonderful program. A computer which supports Flash animation and an internet connection is all you need to start learning touch typing.

Your kids can then log onto the program and commence learning touch typing in the funniest way. The BBC has definitely designed this program with children in mind because there are many different cartoons and animations which makes it easier for the children to follow the different activities and lessons.

The interactive features of BBC Dance Mat Typing program is always one of the things that people love. Thus, unlike watching television, your children will be stimulated while going through the lessons. It is almost like being in a virtual classroom because there will be songs and even prompts emitted by your computer if your child has accidentally pressed on the wrong key. There is also support by the virtual characters in the program which can be seen at the end of each lesson.

If you are keen to pick up touch typing, you could also give it a go. The program is designed with different grades and levels in mind so that even adults can try out the different activities and lessons. Basically you would be going through the different rows and each level upgrade would of course teach you a more difficult lesson. Soon you will find that you are starting to touch type with no problems at all! It is certainly an interesting way of learning something different and new.

You just need to look for the Dance Mat Typing program after you have logged onto the BBC website. If you are worried that your child might be spending time surfing on the Internet instead of trying out his touch typing skills, you can always download the program straight onto your computer.

Would you like your kids to pick up touch typing skill? Check out more about BBC Touch Typing at for this valuable free program tnat your kids can access it online.

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