Get Over A Break Up: 3 Tips to Turn Pain Into Hope

Did you know that a terrible breakup can stop your life from moving forward? Everything in your life goes downhill because you feel lost, lonesome and betrayed by the one person that you thought would always be there for you. Those things you didn't let bother you before have a tendency to make you feel sad and depressed. You may feel like there is no end to your depression and pain. However, there are 3 pieces of helpful advice that will help you get over a break up and allow you to turn your pain into happiness and come out on top.

Get over a break up (1) - When you go through a breakup, the emotions that you are feeling can vary greatly from confusion to anger to sadness and to depression. Those feelings can make you feel like hurting the person who caused you this sort of pain… your ex. However, if you want the chance to get your ex back, then the best thing for both of you is to have no contact for a period of a month. It may be hard to do but its quite positive for a number of reasons.

Get over a break up (2) - Remember that the feelings you are going through are normal. The thing to remember as well is not to let them control you. It can be easy to do: letting your emotions get the best of you and control your every thought and move. If you don't want to dig yourself out of a hole then turn to friends for support. They can keep you from feeling even more depressed. Remember it's not shameful to ask for help when you need it most. You can also stay active and social to keep from feeling like you are in a rut.

Get over a break up (3) - Try to keep yourself busy. That's the best medicine to minimizing the damaging effects of loneliness. Keep yourself busy with all sorts of productive activities. You can also build back up your self-confidence so that you don't do anything stupid that ruins your chances of getting back together with your ex. Go out with your best friend and have a good time even if the good time has to be forced. Over time, you may find yourself having fun on your own.

While these 3 pieces of advice are just some helpful suggestions, they are a start to help any broken hearted person get over a break up, find a way to get their life back and turn their pain into hope and back to normal life again.

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