Recommended Electrical Qualifications In 2012

Training centres across Britain have received notification from City & Guilds regarding an extension to current end registrations dates of certain electrical qualifications.

The C&G 2357 - Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Installing Electrotechnical Systems and Equipment was introduced in 2011 and was supposed to replace the existing C&G 2330 at levels 2 and 3.

For a number of reasons, electrical trainees will be able to register on the 2330 qualifications until 31st January 2013 and can take them as an alternative to the C&G 2357.

Due to these changes, there has been confusion amongst many electrical trainees about what qualifications they should take with training providers in order to enter the industry.

All reputable training providers will continue to promote the new suite of qualifications developed by Summit Skills (2357, 6187, 6188 and 6189) as providing the primary route to employment within the various building services markets.

It is clear, however, from this last year that the favourite training option for adult learners looking to get into the electrical industry is still the technical certificate, C&G 2330 levels 2 and 3 supported by 17th Edition and Inspection & Testing and followed up with the level 3 NVQ.

It is very important that any learners who currently achieve only the current technical certificates (or any newly developed replacement qualifications) will not be recognised as fully competent within the industry until they are able to achieve the NVQ or the Performance Units provided within the QCF qualifications.

Reputable training centres will continue to make sure learners are aware of this and City & Guilds is currently exploring ways of overseeing this but for reputable training centres this is not a problem as they can provide assessors for the purposes of achieving the current NVQ - C&G 2356 and when this is no longer available, learners can transfer their C&G 2330 units over to the new QCF qualification, C&G 2357 and achieve the Performance Units that way.

So despite all of the changes and delays, reputable training centres will have it covered and whatever avenue you want to go down to qualify as an electrician, whatever electrical course you want to do, a good quality training provider should be able to accommodate you.

If you are not sure about the reputation of a training centre, it is advisable that you visit their facilities in person in order to see what level of teaching they provide their current students.

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