Embarking On A Job In Merchandising Fashion

Studying and gaining the skills involved with merchandising fashion will open up doors to many different kinds of jobs within the industry. Competition in this industry is rife, and students come up against tough odds but those who make it, tend to, "make it big". For a creative individual, there can be nothing more rewarding and enjoyable than getting a job in this field of creative work, which entails being able to make important decisions regarding everything from sourcing and buying pieces, to displaying and marketing them in-store.

Students who attend a school of fashion merchandising will learn the skill involved with attending fashion shows on behalf of a particular client. They will also choose outfits from the ramp which match the look and feel of the brand they represent. Shows become more than just entertainment but an important part of a merchandiser's career. Developing any eye for pieces which will appeal to a certain market is imperative to their success.

Companies in this industry may develop concepts for clothing pieces they would like to design and have manufactured. The merchandiser's job is to source the right materials while taking considerations like their target market and their budget into account. They will also negotiate with suppliers on behalf of their clients and make all-important deals with manufacturers. They therefore have to have strong interpersonal and communication skills.

Merchandisers have to have extensive knowledge about the industry's current and most popular trends. They need to know what goes on behind the scenes in the clothing retail industry and how it operates. They will use their knowledge for forecasting purposes. This will entail predicting what the trends will be in the near future, how the price of clothing will change over time and which marketing trends should be followed to drive sales forward.

Fashion and merchandising are two concepts which rely heavily upon each other. This is why merchandisers need to know everything there is to know about the industry and be adept at developing creative concepts. Furthermore they also need to be business-minded individuals, with knowledge on how to grasp good business opportunities with both hands.

Fashion education will also equip students on a theoretical level, with the skills they need to learn in order to analyze markets and trends. This is an integral part of any job in this field and will play a big role in final decision-making processes. These decisions will relate to how much budget will be allocated to certain style groups, how they will be presented, how challenges can be faced within the retail environment and how best to spend the advertising budget.

Many students who attend a fashion school choose to begin their career by practicing their skills in a retail environment. There they will be challenged with tasks such as how products should be displayed and how each store should be managed. They will play key roles in designing store layouts to creating the optimum environment for shopping.

Any job entailing merchandising fashion extends from the actual manufacture of clothing pieces to the point where the outfit is displayed on shop rails. The skills required are therefore extensive. For aspiring merchandisers, many different kinds of jobs become available in this industry on an annual basis.

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