Bartending Salaries And Bartender Wages From Around The World

Bartending salaries differ around the globe. Depending on where you're bartending, there can be a pretty big difference in the amount of money you'll be taking home at the end of the night. In some countries, like Canada and the U.S, tipping is customary. In other countries, it may get you an incredulous look followed by someone running behind you trying to give you back your change.

Note: If the bartending salaries / bartending wages don't have a USD amount listed after them, it means that the US dollar amount is almost the same.

Here's what kind of bartending salaries or bartender wages you can expect in each of the following countries:

The Tipping Countries
In North America, the customary tip amount is 15% of the total bill before any taxes. This is a general rule of thumb and people can and will tip anywhere from 0% all the way to 300% and above. The amount of money a bartender makes depends on a variety of factors. Generally speaking, people tend to tip more in upscale venues. So, bartenders can expect to make more money in a posh martini lounge than they can in a neighbourhood pub. In addition to the fact that the customers tend to be more affluent in upscale establishments, the average bill is usually higher, which in turn, brings in higher tips.

If you work in a nightclub, you can expect to make more than if you work in a lounge or tavern. Of course, this is not always the case - there are nightclubs that aren't too busy or staff too many people per shift. But generally speaking, a busy nightclub will bring in more money than a busy pub - hour by hour - and the higher traffic equates to higher tips.

Bartending in Canada definitely has its benefits. As one of the few countries where tipping is customary, bartenders can make a LOT of money. Canada has two separate minimum wages - one for hospitality workers like waiters and bartenders, and one for every other job. These two wages are different because people in the hospitality industry get tips so they make a lower minimum wage than non-hospitality workers. The hourly wage across Canada for bartenders is between $8 and $10 CDN. With tips, bartenders can expect to make anywhere from $15 / hour to over $100 / hour.

United States
Bartender wages in the States work a little differently than in Canada. Although the country does have a minimum hourly bartending wage of around $8, bars are allowed by law to pay their bartenders less as long as their tips bring their hourly rate up to or over $8. Most bartenders make more than enough in tips to compensate for the low minimum bartending wage.

The Non-Tipping Countries
Although things are changing a bit here and there, overall don't expect tips if you plan on bartending in England, Ireland or Australia. The hourly wage is generally higher in these countries for bartenders than it is in North America which somewhat compensates for the lack of tips (but not quite). Again, if you're bartending in an upscale establishment, you may get the odd tip here and there. In some places, however, it's seen as offensive to leave a tip rather than simply buying the bartender a drink.

Bartending wages tend to be the same through all the counties, hovering around the £6 / hour ($10 USD) mark.

Ireland, like England, has the same bartending wage through all of its counties - around €9 / hour ($12 USD). There is however, a bit of a difference when bartending in Ireland - if it's your first year working, you'll only be entitled to 80% of the above wage and 90% in your second year of working.

Bartending wages vary slightly between the states and territories here. Generally, bartenders get paid between $18 to $20 AUS per hour - but that's during the week. They have special rates on the weekends where bartending wages jump about a dollar on Saturdays and another dollar or two on Sundays.

Even though bartending salaries differ throughout the world, whether you're getting tips or not, it's just a fun job to be doing. You're basically getting paid to be a part of the party and you're the centre of attention. Bartending can be a very cool way to travel around the world and see and experience many different cultures. Bartending is one of those professions that cross all borders - bartenders are needed in almost every country in the world. So, pack up your bartending tools, book that ticket and start on your adventure as a global bartender.

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