Calling Your Ex When Drunk - Does It Help?

It's difficult going through a breakup for sure. However, you should know that it isn't hopeless if you are sincere to get him or her back. Like most things that you do in life, you need a strategy. Follow that strategy to the tee but make sure you avoid some serious mistakes such as drunk dialing. Calling your ex while you're drunk is the worst thing you can do and you'll wonder why you ever did it in the first place.

It may seem like the pain of it all is too much to hand on your own. However, you do not need drugs or alcohol to deal with that pain. Remember, it is a temporary fix that could have some serious long term implications. You have to stay level headed so you don't make mistakes that will risk jeopardizing your chance to get your ex back. The biggest mistake of all breakup mistakes is drunk dialing.

When does drunk dialing usually occur? It happens mostly at night, during the overnight hours. This is when your loneliness feeling hits home and you can't stand the loss any longer. Calling up your ex can be even worse when you have ingested drugs or drank alcohol. As the stimulants go through your body, you begin to think of why you should call your ex. You think the call wouldn't hurt. As time passes, this bad idea is a good idea in your mind only.

However, you go ahead and dial his or her number. As the dial tone turns to a ring, you realize you don't know what to say. It goes to voicemail and what do you say…everything you should not say. You ramble on about how much you miss your ex. Thinking what you said will be enough, you hang the phone up, not feeling any much better than before you made the call.

When will you realize you made this call? It's typically in the morning after the effects of the drugs and alcohol had worn off. Suddenly a light bulb in your head goes on and you realize how big of a fool you look making that phone call.

However, this problem of calling your ex while you are drunk is quite common. All you need to do is to control your emotions and feelings. Firstly, sober up and realize that life is not like what you see in movies. Appearing desperate and pathetic makes you a big-turnoff! If you want a chance to get your ex back, get yourself into healthy activities and be positive, instead of drinking yourself drunk.

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