How To Deal With Getting Over A Girl After Break Up?

Breaking up in any relationship is hard and especially when your breakup is with a girl friend it is very tough how to get over an ex from your heart and soul. Everything around you is dull and meaningless and you find solace only when you are isolated from the world round you which keeps reminding you of your beloved every second.

The best way to get over her thoughts from your mind is to face the true facts honestly and sincerely. You can never forget or get over your ex by just keeping her off your mind which is very difficult. You have to look at her thoughts right in the eye and access your feelings towards her. Slowly see how much she has occupied your life and accept the emptiness she has left behind and then try to see how liberated you are now that she has left you for good. You will be surprised to see how much you had been bonded and life itself was a great misery when she was around. Constant fear of breakup would have driven you crazy and you could have compromised many times just to make it work for you and her. But now you are a free bird who has dropped all bondage and is free for life.

Once you realize relationship is a bondage you will accept and move on and enjoy your new found freedom. The future is full of pleasant surprises and innumerous possibilities. You might find a better girl or just decide to stay cool and away from any serious relationship. The complete choice to rule your world is yours whereas your girl friend ruled your world previously.

When you face the reality and analyze the situation you will find a long lasting solution but then when you just push back her feelings then and there it is sure to backfire and you will one day find yourself hopelessly in need of her and her relationship. Facing the truth understanding the facts and analyzing the events and make you a better matured person who is brave to walk out as well as he walked in into a relationship.

It is not important why she left you and thus don't try to find a feasible answer. Even if you get an answer you will still be miserable and feel even worse and will still have more doubts to clear and many questions to ask. She on her part might have 1001 reasons to call it quits, while you still have just one reason to stay together and that is love. So face the reality, understand the truth and move on in your life which will find greener pastures and many happy moments without her.

Just think of all the happy moments you can spend without fretting and fuming on someone who had always given you a lot of tension and headache. Don't compromise with someone who treated you so badly and made you look like a fool in leaving you for no good reason. Rather live on and show that your relationship with her or the breakup didn't really affect you. Look out for new friends, enjoy your aloneness, think of other ways to engage and keep you happy. Get over your ex and live the life you deserve.

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