Song Lyrics On Your Motivational Poster

There is a lot of negative press surrounding the young generation at the moment. Unfortunately, a large percentage of this generation has been categorised into the same group, when the reality is that is only the minority, just like any generation, that are actually causing trouble.

Finding one single way to motivate a whole generation is not easy. However, when you think about it, there is only one option and that is music. Here, we will explore why motivating the younger generation using song lyrics can be beneficial.

Why Music is the Only Option

It would be hard to find one person in the western world that did not like at least one genre of music. When you take into account the mainstream music that the younger generation listens to you can eliminate several genres. When listening to music, sometimes the beat of the song does not matter, the lyrics can be enough to make a song one that can motivate. With this in mind, modern motivational poster sites now enable key lyrics to be saved onto a poster that can be viewed daily as a reminder of the emotions and sentiments that a song has for an indivual.

Motivation Through Song Lyrics

If you ask the younger generation what are their favourite songs, then you will realise that the same titles come up over and over. If you were to study the songs that appear the most times, you will be able to see a direct link between motivational lyrics and how high the song appears.

One of the most motivational songs of all time is the Eye of the Tiger by Survivor (the theme tune to the third Rocky film.) Even though it was written a long time ago, it is still played today in order to motivate people. This is something that more artists need to take into account today. All it requires is one artist to write one song to have the same effect that Eye of the Tiger did.

Open to Interpretation

Positive song lyrics get through to people on both a conscious and subconscious level. If you really enjoy the lyrics of a song, you will soon start to pick them up. Furthermore, even though the lyrics were written to mean something, they are open to interpretation from the listener, which means that two people could take two different meanings from the same lyric. However, if the lyrics are positive, this can only be a good thing. If some of the lyrics mean something, what better way than to see them everyday on a motivational poster in your bedroom, lounge or workplace.

The Power of the Song is Hidden

It is important to remember that the motivation a song can offer the listener is not always instant. As mentioned before, some of the motivation that songs offer will only be picked up subconsciously.

It is almost impossible to gain any positive motivation from a song that has negative lyrics. However, songs that have been written with optimistic and motivational lyrics can only have a good effect on those who listen to them. Motivating a whole generation is out of the question, but lets celebrate those songs that have positive lyrics and don't be afraid to look at them everyday on your own inspiartional poster.

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