Should Teachers Be Tweeters?

Teachers have enough to worry about in the normal classroom, let alone the prospect of a digital classroom. The digital platforms have taken over our lives, but everybody needs to know how it can help them in a positive manner. If you are a teacher, here you can understand why Twitter is important to you.

It is a worrying time when you consider opening an account and showing your views off to the world, but you wouldn't believe the potential knock-on it has in terms of your career. While it is true that many students are on channels like Facebook, far fewer actually use Twitter so don't be worried about bumping into them on there.

Twitter has built its reputation on being a network that more people use for professional reasons, and this means that finding ideas, news and tips is very simple. Still not sure? Take a look at our top five reasons for being a tweeter to see if we can change your mind.

- Communication - It can be tough to share concise, informative and interesting snippets but Twitter helps this. Consigned to just 140 characters, it is the great chance to discipline yourself and express professional updates that people will actually read.

- Learning - Whatever we may think about our ability, new things are learnt by every one daily. By keeping abreast of the education matters and news that are relevant to you, you can continue your learning while also spreading the knowledge that you have between thousands of teachers every single day.

- Updates - When it comes to learning, there will always be updates that you need to read and follow to ensure that you know what is going on. Many different people have many different ideas about the world of education, and Twitter is a great way to get involved and engage with people who know what is happening.

- Ideas - Whether you're unsure how to plan for your next lesson, have a problem child that you can't understand or are ready to find a new teaching job, then being on Twitter can open you up to communities immediately.

- Reflection - The people who are most successful in life are the ones who reflect on what they have done and try to figure out ways of doing it better. Improvement is crucial, and you can increase awareness of how to better yourself by being involved within the world of hashtags and other symbols.

Finding the best Denver Montessori school can't be found using Twitter, so while it has its plus points always know the limitations -

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