An Introduction To EMG Electrode Catheters

There is a wide range of durable and flexible catheters now available to individuals in need; some are silicone while others are made of rubber. The mounted sensory device can be altered for any number of unique circumstance that relate to the individual's needs.

The mechanics involved include an end-mounted sensor imbedded in an isolated shell that measures corresponding pressures. Because the transducer is very small, the area allows for supreme frequency responses from the device. The titanium shell fits in to all standard luer lock fittings, which of course come with a luer captive lock nut. Amazingly, this transducer weighs under 4mg and is easily used with a range of amplifiers to measure pressure.

Electrode Catheter Specifications

In just one portion of the electrode catheter, specifically at the distal location, there are at least two conductive panels. The panels are disposed of lengthwise in a marginally fixed radial area, which lies under the axis through the centre portion of the catheter.

While of course catheters are in fact available in an abundant variety of specifications, it is also possible to manufacture them according to diameter, length, and location of the electrode. When necessary, the catheter might be specific to unitary or multiple lumen variations.

Other Pressure Transducers

Pressure transducers are often combined with other technological advances to produce more specialized transducers. One example is the Luer Fitting Pressure Transducer.

With the right choice among the specifications, these kinds of catheters contain applications in both upper and lower GI tracts. In addition, urine leak detection is improved when the proper catheter is in place. At one time, this specific range of catheters had been specifically marked with a variety of part numbers, which not only corresponded to the amount of electrodes involved, but also identified the pressure sensors.

Sterilisation of Transducers

Sterilisation is by means of cold aqueous solutions of detergicide (e.g. Cidex) or by ethylene oxide gas. Do not use sodium hypochlorite solution.

Catheter Serial Numbers

For the purposes of re-ordering, many catheter manufacturers issue a specific serial number that is located on the connector label. This, ideally, can identify the variety of parameters that are described above. The latest catheters have been marked with specific product code variations. When looking for the available apparatus that has been described in science journal and the like, there has to be enough detail to be supplied so identifications can be made according to the right specifications.

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