Nanologgers And Clinical Usage

As part of the ever-expanding health care sector, research and clinical trials are becoming increasingly common. As such, the need for accurate and non-intrusive methods of recording the results of these trials is greater than ever. NanoLoggers are an example of a new, extremely effective technique to accurately monitor these trials while permitting the patient to remain ambulatory.

What is a Nanologger?

NanoLoggers are small units, weighing no more than 85 grams with the battery weight included. They allow the researcher to make use of two, four, or eight channels for the monitoring and recording of relevant medical information. Their light weight makes them ideal for monitoring patients who are ambulatory, especially as the nanologgers are not physically tethered to any fixed monitoring unit.

Ambulatory Recordings

The ability to use nanologgers with ambulatory patients is a tremendous advantage, especially for clinical trials that require the test subjects to engage in a variety of activities. By avoiding the need to keep patients stationary, these ambulatory recorders can contribute to the accuracy of the study. In addition, they can drastically reduce the inconvenience and discomfort some patients might otherwise suffer.

Custom Nanologgers

In addition, a nanologger can be customized for a variety of disciplines, such as urology, oesophageal manometry, or anorectal manometry. This flexibility makes them extremely cost effective for organizations that may be involved in a wide range of clinical studies and trials. Instead of large, single-use telemetry systems, the nanologger can be reconfigured as needed, saving both money and time, even as it simplifies the training process for doctors and nurses alike.

Using a Nanologger

The nanologger also makes it quite easy to transfer and effectively evaluate information. Nanologgers are equipped with a patient isolated USB serial lead, permitting immediate access to the data of the unit. Additionally, the nanologger is provided with a one gigabyte SDcard, which can be conveniently read by internal or external SD/MMC card readers. Once transferred, the information can be examined on most Windows compatible computers.

What Are The Benefits of Using a Nanologger?

Nanologgers are a lightweight, reliable, and convenient alternative to the older fixed telemetry monitoring systems. With the ability to return accurate information while having a minimal impact on the patient's activities, they are ideal for both research and hospital use. As a tool for the modern clinical research facility, the nanologger is an ideal data recording system for both medical professionals and the patients they work with.

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