The Benefits Of Using A Differential Gas Pressure Transducer

Differential gas pressure transducers are used to measure the differences in gas pressure on equipment. The transducer translates gas pressure variations into an electric signal, which can be monitored by professionals. Maintaining a proper gas pressure is essential for controlling critical, sensitive and precise processes.

Industrial Gas Operations

Industries that use gas - natural gas pipelines, engine cylinders and medical equipment - require close monitoring of the pressure. Maintaining a specific rate of gas flowing through a system is essential for the proper functioning of equipment, machines and processes. The differential gas pressure transducer compares various rates to provide a measurable, verifiable record of the force used to move the gas.

Maintaining the proper gas pressure is required for effectiveness in many physical, chemical and medical processes. Gas pressure is measured in force per unit area. In the UK, the term used for gas pressure is "technical atmosphere," abbreviated as AT. The technical atmosphere corresponds to the gauge pressure under 10 metres of water.

Medical Equipment Pressure Transducers

Medicine requires very precise measurements. Pressure readings must be accurate when delivering gases - like oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide - to patients. The differential gas pressure transducer is used to monitor medical equipment to ensure that patients are receiving the proper treatment.

Surgical procedures demand extreme accuracy. If a vacuum is required for a surgical process, then a pressure transducer may be needed. The best pressure transducers can measure both positive and negative values.

Different Types of Differential Gas Pressure Transducers

Determine the accepted linear pressure range for the gas used in your operation to figure out which transducer is needed. The primary types of pressure transducer electrical output are 4-20mA, amplified voltage and millivolt.

The 4-20mA pressure transducer (also called a pressure transmitter), works best in environments with significant electrical noise when signals are transmitted long distances.

The amplified voltage pressure transducer functions better with unregulated power supplies since it has a higher output. It works well in more industrial environments.

Millivolt pressure transducers are one of the most affordable and should be used with regulated power supplies. These require an environment that is more electrically quiet.

More Information About Catheter Tip Pressure Transducers

The catheter tip pressure transducers have sensing diaphragms made of robust metal, which are mounted inside flexible and soft silicone rubber. They also incorporate directly deposited resistive strain gauges. The transducers have good frequency response, are ideal for all types of urological applications and compatible with different types of monitors.

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