Receive Counterintelligence Training Important To Homeland Security With Counterintelligence Degrees

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is the lead agency in counterintelligence activities on American soil. Counterintelligence activities include exposing, preventing, and investigating intelligence activities within the country. FBI counterintelligence works hard implementing its security strategy, but it does not work alone. The FBI often teams up or consults with partners within the government and from business.

The FBI Counterintelligence National Strategy is the blueprint from which counterintelligence operations are crafted. Though the strategy is classified, the FBI is clear about its goals. One major goal is to keep weapons of mass destruction, advanced conventional weapons, and related technology from being accessible to enemies of the U.S. Another major goal is to protect the secrets of the U.S. intelligence community.

Additionally, part of the counterintelligence blueprint is to protect the nation's critical assets. Those critical assets include advanced technology from all sectors within the country such as defense, science, and business. And, perhaps the most intuitive part of the counterintelligence blueprint, is to counter the activities of foreign spies.

Counterintelligence serves an integral homeland security mission. The FBI is not alone in its homeland security and counterintelligence efforts. The FBI has a number of strategic partnerships with other government agencies where it shares expertise and resources. It is not uncommon to work closely with business and academia to raise awareness of counterintelligence issues. Indeed, businesses are at risk of economic espionage, and college and university campuses are at risk for a number of threats. Foreign intelligence services look to universities to obtain restricted information or products ( Foreign intelligence services also seek to bypass expensive research and development and to recruit people in sensitive places when they target universities.

One key issue in homeland security and counterintelligence, in particular, is counter proliferation. Counter proliferation is a complicated area that intersects law, diplomacy, and technology, among other areas, and carries very high stakes. While sound counterintelligence training is important in any area, counterintelligence training is particularly important when dealing with counter proliferation. Not only does counter proliferation entail so many different sensitivities (e.g., diplomatic, legal) it also deals with sophisticated equipment. Some equipment tracked by the FBI includes parts of nuclear weapons, night vision goggles, military equipment, and other obscure technology.

In addition to counter proliferation, an area of counterintelligence that receives a great deal of attention is the area of weapons of mass destruction. Issues related to weapons of mass destruction are an extremely important homeland security matter because of the catastrophic potential a single incident carries. The counterintelligence mission when it comes to nuclear, radiological, biological, and chemical weapons is preparedness, counter measures, and investigation.

The complicated nature of counterintelligence work calls for a well trained and educated professional. Counterintelligence training occurs in many ways, one such way being on-the-job through real-life experience. On-the-job training is not the only way to prepare for a career in counterintelligence, however. Great counterintelligence training can be obtained through a counterintelligence degree. A counterintelligence degree can be earned online and it provides the scope and depth or knowledge that will assist in working within this complex field. A counterintelligence degree is a great way to prepare for a career in counterintelligence in specific or homeland security in general.

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