What Is A Luer Fitting Pressure Tranducer?

A pressure transducer, often referred to as a pressure sensor or pressure indicator, is available in many different designs and materials.

There is a variety of technological fields that utilize a pressure transducer to generate a signal based on the amount of pressure applied, and the cost of the different types of transducers varies depending upon what materials are used in the manufacture process, the size of the transducer, and the pressure range required.

Pressure transducers are often combined with other technological advances to produce more specialized transducers. One example is the Luer Fitting Pressure Transducer.

Luer Taper Technology of Luer Fitting Pressure Transducers

The Luer Fitting Pressure Transducer employs the advances of a Luer taper to provide a more secure connection between the male and female components of the transducer.

When Was Luer Taper Technology Developed?

The Luer taper technology was developed in the 19th century and can be used for either metal or plastic connections in a variety of situations and applications, mainly clinical use.

By combining this unique technology with a high-quality pressure transducer materials such as titanium, professionals are able to use Luer Fitting Pressure Transducers to measure physiological pressures while ensuring a continuous and secure connection through the Luer Lock connection.

Types of Connections on Luer Fitting Pressure Transducers

Each Luer Fitting Pressure Transducer consists of a male and female end. The connection of the male end is tapered down to match the standard female fittings that are available for use and includes a captive lock to complete the connection.

Additionally, there is a tremendous range of uses for pressure transducers, and because of this, the size, weight, and cost of a Luer Fitting Pressure Transducer can vary. However, a transducer weighing as little as 4 grams can operate a variety of pressure amplifiers, and combined with the security of the Luer lock, the Luer Fitting Pressure Transducer provides superior product results and increased confidence on the reliability of those results and testing.

Types of Luer Fitting Pressure Transducers

Luer Fitting Pressure Transducers are available in a variety of sizes, materials, and uses. By specifying the amplifier type or connector to be used in each application, the Luer Fitting Pressure Transducer can be customized to meet any range of pressure ampliers and adapts easily to a variety of environments and uses. Additionally, because the Luer lock provides a secure connection to the durable pressure transducer, the likelihood of false test results is reduced.

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