HMP Jobs

If you're looking for work within the public sector, working in one of Her Majesty's Prisons can be an incredibly rewarding experience. There's a vast array of HMP jobs, ranging from helping to rehabilitate offenders to performing the essential administrative duties that help prisons to operate effectively. HMP jobs aren't just about rehabilitating offenders, they're also about reinforcing security and increasing public safety, by monitoring inmates who could pose a threat to the general public.


Administrative duties are a necessity to ensure that a prison is run smoothly and efficiently. Administrators within the education department of a prison are expected to provide an effective administration service and be responsible for some office management.

Organisation and IT skills are usually an essential skill along with some level of experience within an administrative role. Some positions require GCSE's in mathematics/English depending on the responsibilities of the role.

Thorough background checks are often run on potential administrators and CRB checks may need to be carried out if the position you've applied for involves dealing with young offenders who are under the age of 18.


Tutoring within a prison can be one of the most rewarding HMP jobs. Tutoring and training opportunities help to rehabilitate offenders and prepare them for a new life outside of prison. Many sessions cover the teaching of hands-on trades such as; catering, mechanics, carpentry and painting and decorating. Providing tutoring sessions for inmates can help to better their prospects of finding employment when released from prison which in turn, can reduce the likelihood of them returning to prison.

Previous teaching experience is always a preference and often, a specific qualification related to teaching will be required depending on the role. The ability to empathise with offenders is an unwritten personal quality requirement as each offender will need different levels of attention and care in order for the subject training to be successful. Tutoring within a prison can be an extremely rewarding role as you're safeguarding society whilst giving offenders another chance to make the right choices in life.

There are many positions within the public sector, and HMP jobs are ideal for anyone who rises well to challenges. Many prison workers say that no two days are the same - with both testing and rewarding experiences. Many colleges work with recruitment companies to provide education and tutoring for offenders to help with their rehabilitation and reduce the chance of them reoffending. If you're looking for a rewarding job with an attractive salary then look no further than HMP jobs.

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